Videos + Photos: A Wonderful Night Out With Star Actress Jackie Appiah In London

Last Thursday, I got the chance to hang out with Star Actress Jackie Appiah in London (from 8pm to 1:30am). The over  5 hours hangout with one of Africa’s Best Actress was exceptionally interesting.
Contrary to popular allegation, this was my first time of meeting Jackie Appiah and also the first time I have had a full real push and pull conversation with her.
Though we have in the past exchanged text and BB messages, the only out of the ordinary communication I have had with her until last Thursday was a voice note she once sent. I think what she wanted to say then was too long for the usual typing and as many people do, she also went for the voice option.
From the above, you can quickly deduct that even though I have met several celebrities, meeting Jackie Appiah meant a lot to me, my blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com and my ‘status’ as a celebrity blogger.
And oh yeah, we did not just meet, we had long chit chats over dinner and then proceeded to hang out at her Posh Central London Hilton Hotel where I managed to get answers to some interesting questions.
How the Night Started
We arranged that I pick her up at 7pm from her hotel for dinner but then I got stuck in traffic for an hour. I hate being late but I had no option than to keep beautiful Jackie Appiah waiting. I am not sure what was going through her mind when she had to wait on me for an hour after I had mentioned to her not to be late the previous day.
When I got to her hotel, it took less than two minutes for her to descend down. Before I could turn the engine of my car on, she softly said; ‘guess who is late, I thought I was supposed to finish by 7 and you were meant to be here by 7’. I shamefully laughed over her comment and followed my laughter with an apology.
Our drive to Whitechapel where we dined at a posh Chinese restaurant (name withheld because it is my hide out) was smooth with less traffic.  As usual, finding a place to park at Whitechapel was difficult.
After few minutes of driving around, we managed to park not far from the restaurant. The restaurant was less busy, something I preferred because I wanted to be able to grab some photos and videos for you guys.
The Dinner
After  we sat down, I realized the dim lights were not going to make it possible for me to grab videos.  I also realized that unlike iphones, my ipad did not even have a flash.
It was a dinner and I did not want to ‘scare’ Jackie Appiah with a camera. I wanted her to feel free and comfortable so as I have always done with other celebrities, my ipad was going to steal some interesting shots.
We changed our table several times, hoping to find a place with ‘enough’ light in the restaurant.  Finally, Jackie recommended a table which was direct under a dim bulb. We settled for that table but the ‘blackness’ of  Jackie could not be overcome. Photos and videos  came out very dark.
Guess what, I loosely asked; I thought they said you are bleaching Jackie, how come you are so dark. She answered ‘how can I be bleaching, even on set, they have to put big lights on me to get things clear because of how dark I am’.
We decided to enjoy our dinner and forget the photos and videos. Jackie ‘claims’ to be on strict diet so for a starter, she went for  Tiger Prawns and I went for Vegetable Spring Rolls plus Chicken Satay. Like me, Jackie does not also do alcohol so for drinks, we settled for glasses of Apple Juice.
I managed to convince Jackie (someone who is on diet) to eat some of my Chicken Satay. I think she went for two and said no to the rest.
After she had finished with the Chicken Satay, I jokingly said ‘ I thought you were on diet, why are you eating  Chicken Satay’.  She replied by saying; ‘because I am in the company of a bad influence’.
Immediately after our starter, we called for the main dish. I ordered the usual special fried rice and Jackie decided to stick to her diet plan so she went for a small bowl of soup. This time, I knew she wouldn’t try my rice so I did not even bother to ask her.
Over  dinner, we talked about several things which used to be on GTV when we were young. Jackie told me about how Majid Michel and herself managed to walk from Osu to El-Walk stadium after I mentioned that my friends and I once walked from Labone to Mallam junction.
The two hours of chit chat over food was interesting. I asked millions of questions and Jackie Appiah gladly answered.
The Sat Nav Drama On Our Way Back To Hilton Hotel
Since the lighting in the restaurant at that time of the night made it impossible to get some good videos, we decided to continue our hangout at Jackie’s Hilton Hotel.
For some weird reason, the Sat Nav in my car which took us from Jackie’s Hilton Hotel to the restaurant could not find a returning route. If you have ever driven in Central London before, you will understand how much of a nightmare those one way roads can be.
We kept moving from one end to another for almost 15 minutes until Jackie suggested we ask one of the Black Cab drivers. The first driver did not help much but the second pointed us to the right direction.
You can imagine how relieved I was after I saw that we were less than a mile away from Jackie Appiah’s hotel.
At Hilton Hotel
We got back to Hilton Hotel around midnight. Since Jackie and I have the same addiction-Redbull, we decided to grab two cans for the rest of the night.
At Hilton, we tried sitting outside for our chit chat but then it was too cold so we quickly ran in….We found comfort and sufficient light at the lower floor so we settled in there.
I decided to throw some of the questions you guys sent in via twitter to Jackie and get them recorded.  Even though she dodged some of the daggers I threw at her, she answered most of the questions (Watch Video Below).
By 1:30am, the Redbull could not sustain the fun any longer so we decided to end the night. Remember, I had 70 miles of driving to do in order to get home.
In all, it was a wonderful night…Like everybody; I also had my misconceptions about Jackie Appiah. She proved to me that, she is really a true star, a woman of substance and above all, she is kind and interesting to know on personal level.
She says we will do it again… 🙂
Enjoy the video and photos below 
Food Time…

At Hilton Hotel


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