Videos + Photos: A Wonderful Night Out With Star Actress Jackie Appiah In London

Last Thursday, I got the chance to hang out with Star Actress Jackie Appiah in London (from 8pm to 1:30am). The over  5 hours hangout with one of Africa’s Best Actress was exceptionally interesting.
Contrary to popular allegation, this was my first time of meeting Jackie Appiah and also the first time I have had a full real push and pull conversation with her.
Though we have in the past exchanged text and BB messages, the only out of the ordinary communication I have had with her until last Thursday was a voice note she once sent. I think what she wanted to say then was too long for the usual typing and as many people do, she also went for the voice option.
From the above, you can quickly deduct that even though I have met several celebrities, meeting Jackie Appiah meant a lot to me, my blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com and my ‘status’ as a celebrity blogger.
And oh yeah, we did not just meet, we had long chit chats over dinner and then proceeded to hang out at her Posh Central London Hilton Hotel where I managed to get answers to some interesting questions.
How the Night Started
We arranged that I pick her up at 7pm from her hotel for dinner but then I got stuck in traffic for an hour. I hate being late but I had no option than to keep beautiful Jackie Appiah waiting. I am not sure what was going through her mind when she had to wait on me for an hour after I had mentioned to her not to be late the previous day.
When I got to her hotel, it took less than two minutes for her to descend down. Before I could turn the engine of my car on, she softly said; ‘guess who is late, I thought I was supposed to finish by 7 and you were meant to be here by 7’. I shamefully laughed over her comment and followed my laughter with an apology.
Our drive to Whitechapel where we dined at a posh Chinese restaurant (name withheld because it is my hide out) was smooth with less traffic.  As usual, finding a place to park at Whitechapel was difficult.
After few minutes of driving around, we managed to park not far from the restaurant. The restaurant was less busy, something I preferred because I wanted to be able to grab some photos and videos for you guys.
The Dinner
After  we sat down, I realized the dim lights were not going to make it possible for me to grab videos.  I also realized that unlike iphones, my ipad did not even have a flash.
It was a dinner and I did not want to ‘scare’ Jackie Appiah with a camera. I wanted her to feel free and comfortable so as I have always done with other celebrities, my ipad was going to steal some interesting shots.
We changed our table several times, hoping to find a place with ‘enough’ light in the restaurant.  Finally, Jackie recommended a table which was direct under a dim bulb. We settled for that table but the ‘blackness’ of  Jackie could not be overcome. Photos and videos  came out very dark.
Guess what, I loosely asked; I thought they said you are bleaching Jackie, how come you are so dark. She answered ‘how can I be bleaching, even on set, they have to put big lights on me to get things clear because of how dark I am’.
We decided to enjoy our dinner and forget the photos and videos. Jackie ‘claims’ to be on strict diet so for a starter, she went for  Tiger Prawns and I went for Vegetable Spring Rolls plus Chicken Satay. Like me, Jackie does not also do alcohol so for drinks, we settled for glasses of Apple Juice.
I managed to convince Jackie (someone who is on diet) to eat some of my Chicken Satay. I think she went for two and said no to the rest.
After she had finished with the Chicken Satay, I jokingly said ‘ I thought you were on diet, why are you eating  Chicken Satay’.  She replied by saying; ‘because I am in the company of a bad influence’.
Immediately after our starter, we called for the main dish. I ordered the usual special fried rice and Jackie decided to stick to her diet plan so she went for a small bowl of soup. This time, I knew she wouldn’t try my rice so I did not even bother to ask her.
Over  dinner, we talked about several things which used to be on GTV when we were young. Jackie told me about how Majid Michel and herself managed to walk from Osu to El-Walk stadium after I mentioned that my friends and I once walked from Labone to Mallam junction.
The two hours of chit chat over food was interesting. I asked millions of questions and Jackie Appiah gladly answered.
The Sat Nav Drama On Our Way Back To Hilton Hotel
Since the lighting in the restaurant at that time of the night made it impossible to get some good videos, we decided to continue our hangout at Jackie’s Hilton Hotel.
For some weird reason, the Sat Nav in my car which took us from Jackie’s Hilton Hotel to the restaurant could not find a returning route. If you have ever driven in Central London before, you will understand how much of a nightmare those one way roads can be.
We kept moving from one end to another for almost 15 minutes until Jackie suggested we ask one of the Black Cab drivers. The first driver did not help much but the second pointed us to the right direction.
You can imagine how relieved I was after I saw that we were less than a mile away from Jackie Appiah’s hotel.
At Hilton Hotel
We got back to Hilton Hotel around midnight. Since Jackie and I have the same addiction-Redbull, we decided to grab two cans for the rest of the night.
At Hilton, we tried sitting outside for our chit chat but then it was too cold so we quickly ran in….We found comfort and sufficient light at the lower floor so we settled in there.
I decided to throw some of the questions you guys sent in via twitter to Jackie and get them recorded.  Even though she dodged some of the daggers I threw at her, she answered most of the questions (Watch Video Below).
By 1:30am, the Redbull could not sustain the fun any longer so we decided to end the night. Remember, I had 70 miles of driving to do in order to get home.
In all, it was a wonderful night…Like everybody; I also had my misconceptions about Jackie Appiah. She proved to me that, she is really a true star, a woman of substance and above all, she is kind and interesting to know on personal level.
She says we will do it again… 🙂
Enjoy the video and photos below 
Food Time…

At Hilton Hotel


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  1. At long last I have been WAITING oo ok, let me read and watch and see I’ll be back! HmmmmnChris lookin’ cute in ur pink shirt! Ah Chris u try oo! God has blessed you 

    1. @GoldenGurl, lol her beauty dey be keke, shes in a league of her own, whether u like it or not will be back to watch the video

      1. @Ball so hard miss dior, Jackie is like the Kimk of ghana, her interviews n pics always bring the crazies out to comment, deal with it yall cos she always be pretty n successful.

  2. awww jackie looks so lovely. I love the video and the way Chris and her chatted is like they are buddies so I dont believe you guys have not met before. Maybe this is the time you want us to know but I have always suspected that you guys are buddies and the body language and mannerism confirm that even.
    Good article, videos and photos Chris. Jackie’s  hair is so lovely and on point. Haters will die today lol

  3. daaaaaaaaaaaaaang thats over 80 photos of only one person. do we have to see all that?? plus u have the video too so why all that photos???? daaaaaaaaaaaang!!! anyway i havnt listened to the interview yet but heeell, for once jackie looks her age and adorable. she shld loosened up the good gurl image a lil bit.

  4. LOL…. Chris you’re funny! Though no deep talk, however, this vid kind of gives an interesting image of her (Jackie).

  5. HmmM Chris and Jackie what a combination seems like Chris you both had a good time, although Jackie looks a bit Camera shy unless she was a bit tired but I hate to admit it but you got almost everything on point this time Miss Jackie just try to be less shy next time unless Chris was the one making you shy and by the way Chris hahahah Rule number one never trust your Satnav. Rule number two never go through central london with your car cause with all the traffic hahaha Keep up the good work 

  6. A question to the die hard fans of Jackie, is she still married? 
    Pls dont abuse me with your comments for asking this oooooo, i only want to  know 😉

    1. @B.B, I feel like Chris didn’t ask the questions many of us wanted to know! Like the one you are asking here. But then again she did said no to private questions, kind of lame! 🙂

    2. @B.B,without her ring on for some months ?i doubt she is still married . hmm it were any other person they would have brought up lies ,allegations and all sort of  fabrications cum their own cooked up stories to paint and discredit them. but will keep MUM over ante jackie´s own.

      1. @ato, so what. The others like Jackie do not live in heaven where we cannot access them. They all live in communities with ordinary people like me and you and so we see them and get to know of their daily activities when they are in the country plus how many times have the so called other people come out to deny the so called fabrications /allegations u so talk about? If u are Nadia or her obsessed fan, it doesn’t take much to create a website so do one and turn yourself into an angel or God there so the fools who will believe u as an angel or God do and worship you 24/7 period. Enough of these nonsenses. Jackie has no competition in Ghana and only few can be compared to her in Africa and the world. She is in a class of her own. Talk of grace, talent, beauty, class, kindness, humility u name them.


        2. @Mike, I feel you on that am sure ato wont be able to understand what you said with his local vocabs nonsence boy ato.. is it her fault to be this gorgeous?


  7. GC did have to give us soo many fotos when you have a video also?and why show us all you were eaten and drinking,was that necessary?anyways jackie you look beautiful as always but where is your wedding ring?.

    1. @jessi, Go away with your hate and nonsense, anything Chris has met a celebrity for dinner, he puts up the food and drinks and all so why are you just noticing Jackie’s one? Did he not do the same for John Dumelo, Prince David, Joselyn Dumas and the others?
      Hater has nothing to say so she is talking rubbish as usual

      1. @Lily, who is hating who?who ever you are,i beg drop your comment if you have one and go cool off somewhere oooo?i dont have your time at all,expecially not this day.

        1. @Miyagi, aha who called you here folo folo,busy body,boy get busy yeah?like work,do you work at all,i mean do you have any other job apart from sitting here all the time?look its obvious that you and i will never get along here so mind your business and i will mind mineoooo?

          1. @jessi,its amazing how people like you pollute the air with the b*llsh*t that comes  out of their mouth! We will never get alone I rather kill myself than nonsense how many times do you want to keep asking same question you lived in Italy or Uk before now in Germany yet you can’t use your Brain what I do is non of your business but one day you will stand 
            Somewhere with your mouth open until than you can keep sh*tting out of your mouth and clean it with bleach 

          2. @Miyagi, the both of u i mean jessi and miyagi are all full of shit if we put two of u in a bottle and mix it the result will be the same two fools calling each other fools

          3. @jessi, i myself have wondered if this miyagi guy has any job because all he does is comment on every useless article posted by G.C

          4. @Ama,First of all are you stupid or what if I didn’t have a job or something how would I be paying for my bills I comment on every useless topic so what are you doing than in what word are you living there is a reason why there are smartphones out you know secondly if your struggling in life than that’s your wahala stay out of my lane cause next time I want go easy on you or that goat looking like jessi of yours only god knows if it’s dreadlocks on her hair or what live your life and I live mine and if I decide to comment in every topic than its my damn business not yours besides your not paying my bills be wise and stay in your lane good day 

          5. just one person in the name of Jackie Appiah and you all are fighting and trading words among yourself like a bunch of kids fighting over ice cream. The lady being discussed is probably somewhere going about her life not giving a damn about u say or think about her

          6. @Ama, your so right. But. Jackie looks good. As for that Miyagi he the most useless commenter on this site.

  8. I wonder if Chris has problms with hiss teth since his smile always looks kinda funny. it looks as if he is afraid o show us his rotten teeth

    1. @zena, Eww some ppl re funny…okay christ’ we wanna see all ya teeths, tonque, or every things inside ur mouth when smiles….

    2. @zena, yeah all my teeth are gone ooo….in fact I find it difficult to even talk . Have you not met people who dont laugh or don’t have to open their teeth when smiling or  laughing ? If you have not, then just walk into any British shop and check out the smile all the customer service folks will give u…GOSH! 
      On a serious note, I don’t think smiling because a camera is there is real…without anything funny some people are able to smile…if you want my teeth records, telephone my dentist, she may be able to help you…

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, u r lying Chris you have rotten teeth! Challenge mee y smiling boldly with teeth out to show us your white teeth. ooo wo si apro hehehe. Also i heard Jackie is really generous with men so how many r****ds did you go with her for such a late nite out! We will expect more praises about Jackie all the time aftr all the f***ing!

      2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, lol right answer for them. hello people in the state here all u gotta do is smile, u don’t necessary have to show your teeth.

    3. @zena,Spell his and teeth right before you start attacking someone is it a crime And how do you know if his teeth is rotten or not have you seen or kissed him before I can see that your menopause season has started already Funny girl 

    4. @zena,i dont think you have the right to ask that,a lot of people dont have legs and and limbs but they do thier job well,since chris is doing his job and he is best a it ,it not important to ask him that ,you have to question him if he is at fault with his job,next time try to spell well.

      1. @27calibre (O-o), what my opinions are its either u acept it cuz its a free world u stewpid idiot!! im sure u r a cow otherwise you’d not even coment aout wat I think nkwasiasem


  10. One thing I luv about the whole interview is the fact that we were all introduced to the relax and calm side of Jackie.Sometimes, u need to get closer to people to know them better.I dnt know, if its just me, but I feel She looked too professional for a nite out dinner.Anyway, good job Chris but we want to know who payed for the food.With u putting her on a spot tru out the interview, we want to do the same to u.

  11. Ah finally so Chris gets to do Jackie,i wonder why you didn’t write about that?Of course you would leave that juicy part out. Going back to her hotel and leaving at 1:30am. Doing an older chick,nice Chris; real nice move.Sigh!!! I guess we can expect more articles from GC praising her wits and beauty and very her fine acting 🙂  ***devilish grin.

    1. @Say it as it is,
      **** her very fine acting. Was the interview before or after the u know what (s**x) Chris? I am really curious (genuinely) and of course i am expecting the hateful replies and insults(does do nada to me, y’all can’t deal with the truth)
       🙂 🙂 🙂  :)really evil laughter now

  12. Woooow if jackie is all dat nice with a little make-ups den why does she use too many make ups when she is on set?chris hpe u gave some advise on how she polishes her face on set.dats my worry abt.

  13. Herh Jackie, is that how you are? Lol interesting interview. Looks like you both had fun. I really like how she was giving you silly answers though. Looking beautiful as always.

  14. a.k.a JACKIE APPIAH’S WEBSITE..she probably bribed Chris more to say good n sweet stuffs abt her on here..the only i like in these pix is the food..thats it

    1. @cici,ever wondered why Jackie’s interview was from 8:30pm to 1:30am? They went back to her hotel at the Hilton,yada yada yada.It is obvious what she may have bribed him with and it certainly wasn’t  just a nice dinner and dessert ( I mean it is not very nice of me to say that about the nice woman,but she should blame Agyepong-Febiri).Maybe that is what Chris wants from the others and hence the negative publicity about them all the time. If you take a picture at times square,NY ,it is crime or it is always about how their weave or hair doesn’t looks good or their make up or yada yada yada. I agree Jackie Appiah is beautiful and talented,no doubt,it is the favoritism and the double standards on this site that annoys me.When Nadia Buari met Halle Berry ,it was fan meets here celebrity with a $10 or so dress,but same writer was asking Miss Yvonne Nelson,to spend her time doing better stuff like Ramsey Noah Jr. meeting Janet Jackson and taking a picture (in this case it was good . One minute it is that the actress is confused and banned or some random girl in a porn video ,it is alleged that it is a particular actress.Chris your cup runneth over. Nothing some of the other female celebrities do is good enough for Mr. Chris Vincent-Agyepong Febiri and his writers. Jackie meets some school kids in London,yay big news and makes headlines on GC,Jackie poses on some side red carpet,yay!!! Jackie is the only one who has been on the red carpet at Cannes,even though it was obvious more than half the cameras were not focused on her and those that were, happened to be in her direction and her picture was taken with a  digital camera by a friend or some other tourist at Cannes. Mr. Nit picky please give credit when it due and stop the double standards. You can’t even be objective in your writing,it is getting boring. I have nothing against Jackie Appiah,like i said she is beautiful in her own unique way and has her particular style,so are the others(Nadia,Yvonne Nelson,Yvonne Okoro ,Juliet Ibrahim,Martha Ankomah,Roselyn etc.), i just want the writers to be fair . It is ok for you to like a person’s style but doesn’t mean all others are wrong if they don’t use the same style.Word !!

      1. @Say it as it is,u are more than right…bravo..i couldnt agree more wit u..the truth is all that uvesaid..ihope that dude will b reading ur commen n start to repent..

      2. @Say it as it is, you girls must have so much time on your hands, I called my little brother to come read this comment and we started  laughing. you go to someone’s blog and you tell him or her how to run his blog or show? 
        why don’t you set your own blog up too and write about your favourite celebrities? that is what bloggers do everywhere in the world, they use their blog to push the celebrities they like and those they do not like they see nothing good in what they do.
        the dude has told you already that he is biased and dont complain about it and you are doing the same.
        i think you have too much time on your hand. the simple solution is go start your own blog too, pay for it and then start doing what you on there. 
        if you dont like a blog or a writer, why go there in the first place? is like you saying i dont like you but then you turn up at the person house to check what she is doing. this is the writers houses, they play the music they want and throw away those they dont want. they decide what they want to write about and what they want to ignore or trash.
        it is their prerogative so get over it and leave the blog to another that you like or it is simple as abc, start your own blog too 

        1. @Sweety,For someone who says i have  too much time,i think you have  loads of time to type up a lot of meaningless crap in response to my statement.My small advice get a life.What a waste!!!!!

      3. @Say it as it is, please shut up if Jackie is good why should Chris not praise her. If she hasn’t done anything bad why should he say she has. The other actresses should do the right thing so that they are also praised.

      4. @Say it as it is, so you want Chris to write something bad about Jackie so that you can pop champaign?  Are you waiting for a bad story? Some Ghanaians are so evil. Jackie is a decent actress and If she has managed to stay out of trouble don’t blame GC. Jackie you were looking beautiful by the way keep up the good work

    1. @GADEL,See your ugly picture you have posted up. If its alot of pictures and so what? We who adore her want to see it.

  15. wow i love you sweety …. looking forward for you to star in my movies. i like writing stories but not out yet. i know God’s time is the best. you are humble and pleasant.keep it up dear. luv you more more more………. i pray we meet someday.

  16. Not uncommon for bloggers to use  their  platforms to promote their favourite  celebs.  Jackie is nice, she smiles gracefully.   
    Chris is not the adventurous type with the brass-knuckled  deftness to bed  such a sexy lioness.   Naa!
    Jackie likes real men.  Chris wears diapers.  
    I have also heard that before Chris left the shores of Ghana he was pounding fufu from house to house.  That’s how he got fed.  There is no way Jackie would bed a fufu pounder blogger.

  17. U guys ve heard it all, the young lady is not cheating on her husband neither is she a flirt. Is the nature of her career that made her remove her ring. Just get it into ur MEDULA guysssss

  18. U guys have heard it all, Jackie is not cheating on her husband, neither is she a flirt, she is just an actress. She is a good woman. The nature of her work made it so, so guys should get it into ur MEDULA.