Yvonne Nelson Is The New TIME SQUARE Girl In Town…

Actress Yvonne Nelson is currently in USA posing at Time Square for photos…I am not sure what she is doing out there but then I would expect our celebrity to get certain things right…
Rule number one, Don’t go and pose at places like Time Square (USA), Trafalgar Square (London) or Eiffel Tower (Paris) when you are a celebrity and send the photos out to the media.
Going to stand at Time Square to pose for photos says one thing; ‘Eishhhhhhhhhh I have come oo, I just landed’…There is nothing wrong with that, but I just think it kills the class and status.
I have not been to America before but I know when I find the time to visit, I will not go and pose at TIME SQUARE. Never LOL!.
And don’t get me wrong, I can fly to America if I want to, it is just that I have no business out there. Same way I have been in UK for years and yet I have not been to Manchester…All because I have nothing down there to go and do.
When Ramsey Noah is out there pulling strings and meeting folks like Janet Jackson, some of our stars are rather posing at TIME SQUARE,

Ramsey Noah And Janet Jackson
Ramsey Noah And Janet Jackson

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    1. @Dana, you can hate as much as you want but you will never top her you will never be able to walk in her shoes 
      Not even 5 meters from her yet she is the highest earner in GH so hush 

      1. @Miyagi, how can yvonne be the highest earner in ghana are u mad in your head. When she pays news one to publish stories about her that she knows are not true. Nobody is even using yvonne again. because we the viewers forgot about her during her ban. So she is forced to produce her own movies to try and become popular again.

        1. @nana osei,Dude accept it or not IM TELLING YOU THAT SHE IS THE HIGHEST PAID IF YIU DON’T LIKE 
          IT TAN FLASH YOURSELF IN THE TOILET THAN and everything you just wrote are rumours upon 
          Rumours so deal with it And next time you use any verbal langauge on my I will deal with you 

          1. @Miyagi,how can u say shes the highest earner in gh all my mates drive hummers parents are plastic surgeons in Vancouver. 21 yr old kids with big toys and ur saying some mark ass chick is a high earner whatever  

          2. @elle,Indian mama aka Elle when I say highest earner I’m talking about movie industry by the way what’s 
            A price of a hummer nowadays And why would you compare your mates with her are they the ones making 
            It or is it their parents this is the problem with some of us Ghanaian you get the opertunity to go abroad 
            And you suddenly staet dissing the one that’s making it from back home is it some kind of jealousy 
            Or what an why do you hate that girl so much don’t believe everything the media writes you know you 
            Will be surprise to hear one day that all been sai about her is falls believe me on that I can see that your 
            Smart girl well educated used it well 

          3. @elle,Ei Ghanaians and their Hummer,Elle when your plastic surgeon friends start driving Lamborghini’s ,then let us know,we’ll help you make noise,for now spare us the ordeal. Not saying Yvonne drives a Lamborghini or is the  highest earning actress in Ghana,but this hummer reference is irritating! we are all human;poor and rich alike.One day ,when will all die ,we will all go six feet under  soil,Let’s treat each other with respect including our celebrities. FYI nobody pees crude oil or gold.

          1. @adwoa,Madam bullfrog what truth did he tell and what school did you attend you obviously don’t have your own life cause you are so fascinated with talking about mine! So i have an idea for you throw yourself in mod or go find one bullfrog 

    2. @Dana, aaa leave her alone, USA is not her country so of cos she ll love to take pictures. Even the whites so wonna take pictures of our sorroundings and the interesting places when they come to Africa sooo!!1

    1. @[email protected], is obvious u dnt like Y.N simple!….and Chris i wonder if u will invite Y.N for a dinner when she visite UK…i honestly hate the way u write abou Y.N, what is wrong posing @ Time Square and so what!!
      u brought Jackie to… whitechapel….and u call that area a posh place ..u should see daytime @ Whitechapel is like a getto with local cheap market and too much noise…is like comparing Hackney to whitechapel..whats the difference between this two places…Y.N can poss any place she like and she look gud too….Chris ur Ghanaian but u put ur own celeb now by selected particular celeb u like and is obvious Jackie…have u seen Nija writers hating their own celeb NO! but they rather support them…


      1. @ticia,Lol did she really go to lewisham the ghetto well don’t forget to ale YN to Chelsea as well another posh place 

  1. u no dey go Yankey cuz u no get invite n doe so stop dis hate stuff. if u get u go go waaa n even pose next to Statue of Liberty hehehehe. Yvonne looks good n can pose wherever she wants. All that matters is she is looking good with her LV bag(whether fake or real only God knows)

  2. You  call this girl a celebrity? you see how village this girl is? even the chinese tourists do not go to time sqaure to pose for photos any more. a whole celebrity posing at time square.  like seriously? WTF
    Chris, stop calling this girl a celebrity from today, she is a disgrace and yet she thinks she knows everythin

  3. I realise that all you girls you including Bernard which I classify as a girl as well are all jealous of her bush or no bush she is somewhere where are all of you dwalfs 

      1. @kofi boss,You do know that all boys named kofi are stupid in other words I don’t argue with monkeys like you 

  4. the bleaching cream seems to have worked good on you,you are not looking bad at all,well have fun and see if you can find a man there since the men in Ghana say you dey lie too much.

    1. @jessi,yeah shes over bleached … when i was in gh saw this chick im quarter white, she was very dark now she is light like my friend… soon she will get to my complexion

      1. @elle,I guess you look more like a ghost Than you must be damn scary i guess is either your an albino or one of those confuse fanta face and coca cola bottom 

        1. @Miyagi, wats your problem idiot? anytime someone trys express their self you always get the gutttts to diss them. get a life u moron!

        2. @Miyagi, damn lol you are too much hahahaha been here all night laughing so hard lol will have to tell chris to reward you because without you lol gc would have been dead by now lol

  5. Is dis a f*****g story 2 publish? I mean when i saw the heading,i didnt anticipate such trash and BS at all. The writer sounds terribly amateurish and even comes off as if hes got a personal vendetta against Y.N. She took photos at a public place so effn wat? Is it news? If u hav nufin 2 write jus stfu. And 2 all the haters who commented,get 2 where she’s gotten b4 u hate,maybe she might even rub a little of her shine on all you losers!

  6. She was in the USA to get an award and afterward she decided to go sight-seeing and took pictures so what is ur problem Chris..Even Sarkodie and other musician go and sit at McDonalds eat and take pics of themselves and put it on the media but no one talks trash about them..Its all about being humble and being normal…When celebrities come to London, u take them to cheap ass chinese restaurant and put pics, claiming to be the boss.. We all know chinese food in yankee or uk is as cheap as anything so u should not put up videos and pics of eating at the chinese rest as well… Next time, take them to a 5-stars and order like a 3-course meals with a chef at your beck and call so that we know u r the boss..

    1.  @Akosua, for your information the person GC took to dinner was staying in the Hilton in central london.I’m  sure you havent travelled before so you have no idea about how expensive it is to stay in central london. So forget all these 3 course meal you ae talking about. Why would nelson go and pose at time square. im sure yvonne next picture would be with the statue of Liberty LMAO

      1. @tracy, who said YN is perching in someone’s couch over here in USA..She was invited for an award so the organising committee made arrangement for a hampton for her..wht makes it wrong if she decides to take a pic by times square or statue of liberty..u r loser for hating on her but the fact still remains that she is way hotter n richer than u, whether she poses by times square or statue of liberty..okurasini baa..

    2. @Akosua, are you sure you are not yvon? why do you want to use a fake name. because i overheard you  make a similar comment. you never no who is beside you im sure you thought we didnt  understand twi

      1. @paula, I wish I were YN cos she is someone tht i believe ppl shd aspire to b..very down to earth but hot, rich, educated, talented..try n catch to her level n see how difficult it is and evn how hurtful it is when ppl make a mountain out of a trivial issue like taking a pic by times square…YN is stilllll the umaga..go burn the sea..

          1. You are right kk. anyone who wants to be like yvonne does not have a bright future. then better start sleeping with anago men like she does just to make small money.

          2. @paula,are you that jealous or is it you just cant stand that she is doing good Either way its pathetic let me ask you a question do you have a future sitting here hating on your fellow girl you and KK sound like two hookers try to impress their pimps bunch of jokers 

          3. @Miyagi, they both not making any sense. chic is an actress for Goddamn sake, with a well furnished boutique. so which future are they talking about?? seriously paula and kk she might not be the richest or the prettiest but trust me about 85% men in ghana dying to walk her down to the alter.. Paula and kk think about your damn self and how to make it in life rather than talking shit about some one you dont know.. we all joke around sometimes but insulting their personal life is beyond the limit. peace

          4. @Nana ama, don’t mind bullfrog and baboon they tried to be a hero for one day but mission failed 

  7. Dana, even if she is bush, she makes more than u r making wherever u r so u can keep hating on [email protected], i hope u defend Jackie this same way when ppl say something bad abt her as well because I see u only defending mercy johnson, YN and Nadia..

    1. @Akosua,Thanks I can see that you have been monitoring me for a long time lol but you need to no that we all got our favourite ones and jackie is sure not in my list but that does not mean that I don’t like her I mean take this topic for example all these people that are now commenting on this topic you never see them comment on other comments but when it comes to particular celebs (let’s call it that) they no how to bash and insult them ok I used to be te same but I realise that it’s not worth a dime I see allot of jealousy and hate towards our own country people those commenting the can insult her as much as she wants but they need to ask them self this question why is YN on top of her game? cause she works hard and Hard work…Pays off  

  8. Why do people get jealous if they see others rising to places they have not got to? U and the writer are so immature and stupid. Next tym she will pose near a public toilet and still I will cheer her! U don’t go to America cos u ain’t got the visa u looking for Sahara move to get there. Hustlers always hate success cos it has no tym for fools

        1. @ama. p,Your name is AMA P right keep your thought to your self okay I don’t no if the P stands for pathetic or what cause that’s what you are at this moment think about your own life instead of hating on someone else good day 

  9. See hw pple are following this fool of a writer. Its AMAZING for Ramsey to pose with Janet but a huge crime for Nadia to pose with Halley Berry.Btn Janet and Hally who is more of an MVP. Also, Wat is wrong with smone posing at the time square. Chris learn to be professional cos u trying to sound stupid now and pls readers learn to be objective cos attitudes of readers here make me wanna puke. Go girl lukin good as usual. Haters can go hug a transformer for all she cares.

    1. @dashinglystunning, u are a fool to try and compare Halle to Janet . Kwasia for that , that shows how foolIsh you are. You have made me upset. Janet Jackson is a living lengend, …kwasia. She is the queen of pop. Aboa

      1. @Afia,Was that really necessary couldn’t you have said it in a different way instead of insulting now that you insulted her how do you feel or do you want us to clap for you think before you write that’s my advice to you many thanks 

  10. in dont think is her intention to do that O-o it happend by accident .
    any way she is looking sweet and juicy 

  11. @ Afia, and who did u say u were again??????? Sorry i dont deal with de likes of u , i mean it wud be a waste of time to explain things to u one by one cos ur language speaks it all. If u think Janet is bigger than Halley in ur small stinking hell of a head, then dream on. By the way, when u are ready to speak English, come and lets talk otherwise like i always say, go hug a transformer………….hope u know what a transformer is neways cause u sound dumber than the word itself.

  12. What is wrong with posing in Times square?? Writer is so dim witted to write an article like this. Please multiple celebrities visit times square from all over the world. There is nothing wrong with touring the Empire State and taking pictures in time square ;she may be on a freaking vacation.Is it always that  a celebrity should turn a visit to the US or UK or wherever to a business meeting.You probably got this from her social media so please spare us. Such discrimination,black on black discrimination,same country too!!! Sad.

  13. Chris it is only us here in the West, that know celebs don’t do such, however, in GH it’s a big deal. Since many GHians in GH don’t know about celebs not to pose in such places. About her being the highest paid, I don’t get how it’s possible. In her movies (new) she seems to model more then acting. It’s like…. hey guys see the latest wig in town straight from USA!! 🙂 But then if I’m producing my own movies, I think I’ll pay my self pretty well…. LOL

    1. @Amoah, do not praise urself with the fact that it is only those who are in the west that knows tht posing by times square and other places is wrong for celebs..didnt Jay Z and alicia shoot their video over there..even most of these celebs that u hail so much tell us that they got engage at the effiefel tower but Chris is saying that no pic at that tower..tell me the number of celebs who even pose by london bridge..even chris has done tht..anyway, let ppl b themselves..she never asked u to hail her as a celeb..

      1. @ Akosua. And I’m not going to. FYI…. I don’t hail any of the so call GH celebs. For me they are just doing their job like everybody. And Since I don’t know much about them why should I hail them?!? Shooting a vid is not the same as what YN is doing on the pic above!!!!

  14. its stupid to say she cant pose at times square..its a very beautiful place wit nice views n exciting stuffs to do..theres nothing wrong for her to be taking pictures there..even Beyonce,Jay-Z,Alicia,Mariah etc go to NY for shopping pass by times square n take pics n post them on their twitter n their fans love it..u ppl talk by heart n think ur always right..if it was some of these GH celebrities like “u no who i’m talking” posing aa,then its perfect for u..everything abt the rest,its trash to GC..whyyy favoritism

          1. @chelry, I thought this thread was about yvonne why does jackies’s name keep popping up?? And by the way this is Chris blog, he can show favoritism to whomever he likes just like necole bitiche who seems to be on the payroll of ymcmb and bossip with Kim kardashian,whereas mediatakeout, sandrose are haters of most celebs, thats how its done so yall better get used to it.

          2. @Ball so hard miss dior,are you Jackie’s Publicist? You also sure seem to defend her a lot on this blog

          3. Okay did someone say she was staying at the Waldorf Astoria, stop with bullshit, some of us live in the states we know what is going on, people like Oprah, Angie Jolie and Former President Clinton are the ones that stay at waldorf”s, how the fck does she stay at Waldorf’s n end up at 42nd street posing for photos, n i believe that a day at that hotel must be $3000 n up, enough of these nonsense who are the people who prints these stories, unless shes banging some rich dude who’s paying the bills she cannot AFFORD to stay at the Waldorfs. some of these wannabe celebs are very pretentious.,

  15. mtchewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……dis is absolutely nkwasias3m……BS…….y dnt she visit toronto so she can go stand under CN tower…..foolllllllll

      1. @Miyagi, ma boi dis yawa gur is sumtin els….i mean wat was her mission in America?….showin off like we dnt be in america b4 or mabe she dey poss for her co-cele;s not me..y dnt she cum to canada n seee if she can afford a ticket to CN tower….useless fool paaa…….

        1. @henry,chris should have told you she was there for an award  ,its on PEACE FM ,this is why i conclude chris is up  with some PROPAGANDA to bring some people down .

  16. Exactly my point!!!There are so many shows in and around Times square,so maybe she went to a show,not as a performer,not as an actress nor a guest of the show but as any ordinary person and she took a picture and put it on her facebook ,since when is that a crime? Jessi,please cut the bull about living in the West. Haven’t celebrities like Nicki Minaj,Drake and the  some of the other folks in the Young Money group,Jay Z, Mariah Carey etc performed at times square before? Is it wrong if she take pictures while she is touring there? or you rather she take it at  central park or when she was leaving an Upscale Manhattan Restaurant  or  partying at some famous celebrity night club in NY for it be acceptable? Don’t actors and actresses promote their movies at Planet Hollywood in time square,NY? or where should a Ghanaian actress go for a vacation and take a picture for it to be acceptable for her social media?Trinidad or Bahamas and then take pictures in a bikini on a beach for it to be acceptable? Stereotypes who think they know it all.  Chris ,please should publish a book  on Ghanaian celebrities vacationing codes and  ethics supply them with it!!dim wits

    1. @Nana,
      ***** meant Amoah cut the bull about living in the west…
      ***** Jessi,my apologies about mentioning your name instead in my rant,it was an error on my part,that part was directed to Amoah.

  17. ***** meant Amoah cut the bull about living in the west…
    ***** Jessi,my apologies about mentioning your name instead in my rant,it was a typo.

  18. ***** meant Amoah cut the bull about living in the west…
    ***** Jessi,my apologies about mentioning your name instead in my rant,it was a typo.

  19. Really GC, still don’t want to believe that you wrote this crap and who said a celeb can’t take pics in Time Square. I now know the sort of person you are. You a very bitter and jealous of her. Why do you even have to compare her with Ramsey Noah. You should have compare her with Jackie aka Lewisham instead. LOL

  20. crazy! according to MYAFRICANSTARS.COM yvonne nelson is messing with a married man in NEWYORK hence her frequent trips to JUST NEW YORK!!!!

    1. @lonr, u should feel sorry for urself if u believe every story on the internet or MYAFRICANSTARS.COM …… as if the writer has proof that Yvonne is messing with a married man in New York, let him/her publish it…bullshit!!!! @Amoah, u think she doesn’t have enough cash to pay for her tickets to UK?? don’t make me laugh…..

      1. @Eaglebabe,Its funny how GC writes different story and 9 otherwebsites publish this
        Yvonne Nelson out and about in New York City
        Posted: 10 Jul 2012 02:25 PM PDT
        Yvonne Nelson has been riddled by a litany of events that almost derailed her career in the year 2011. Through it all however, she stood strong and weathered all the pressure coming out stronger and more energized to push the boundaries of her potential.
        Earlier in the year, she was in Atlanta for a red carpet event and later flew to Houston at the behest of Cloud9.
        Apparently, her time in New York city seem to add up give her the escape route to enjoy some breathing space so she couldn’t resist but be back for a brief break plus a scheduled award receipt event, and is currently resident at the plush Waldorf Astoria.

        1. @Miyagi, i guess they dont know what to write about her anymore…people dont know what this lady has gone through and yet came out strong, people are jealous of the way she confidently carries herself about…… u dont just start writing judgmental articles about people…. yet u favor others….am sure if it were J. Shortingo who took those pics, there wldnt be any bad comments….

    2. @lonr, And so what if she is messing with a married man? Remember it takes two to tango. And the fact is she can choose to do whatever she wants to do with her body, ITS HER BODY!

  21. … and the ssame atical from myafricanstars.com is saying she’s jealous of Nadia Buari (looks). That explains all the bleaching!!! 🙂

    1. @Amoah,You used to make such witty and insightful comments,what happened to you??? I mean do you believe in everything you read online? 

      1. @Nana, Thx dear :-). No I’m still the same 🙂 Well believe it or not but I don’t wanna accuse this lady of anything. I’m just pointing out what I read fhrom this site! Anyways…. off to yoga!

  22. Ghanaians get on my nerve, can you imagine i cannot believe all this negativity here, nah God go serve you people, WOW! Leave YN, and  Nadia alone,  wats your problem you want ur celebrities go international how can they go international with the negativities coming from their people, how do expect people outside Ghana to respect them. why do you think Nigerians called them local champions.  people you need to get a life. by the way this negative comment  that is on this post how are you sure is not chris and Jackie the dwarf, God I’ve never seen a blog like this in my life. i am saying this now any curse or abusive word said or written against me will go back to sender in Jesus name. AMEN