Are Musicians Taking Advantage Of President Mills’ Demise For Cheap Publicity?

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… After the death of Ghana’s  John Evans Atta Mills, every musician wants to be heard now. Read on …
People die every day but the sudden death [I refuse to call it sudden] of President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills has become the talk of town and it is not so surprising at all.
Ghanaians call it sudden because even though the country is aware of his illness, little did they know that, he will soon leave us. From my perspective, I don’t think it was sudden because ‘death is the only certified constant’ in this world – meaning any of us can die at any time, irrespective of if we are well or not. There is a time to be born and a time to die.
Everybody is talking about President Mills’ death because this is the first time a sitting president in Ghana has died, so it is unprecedented in the country’s history. The sad part of it all is that, it has happened to a man who believed and lived his life as a peaceful man.
For many, they didn’t see the reason why the Professor had to go but God gives and He takes.
Indeed his demise came as a blow to many people, including his friends from the political divide and has brought his opponents and Ghanaians together in grief. Why must death be the one to bring us together? What happened when the man was alive?
The entire country is focused on his demise but one area which we cannot neglect is the number of tribute songs being churned out.
Quite strangely the tribute songs have seen an upsurge. What is annoying is the fact that, people who do not ‘matter’ and have not taken mechanism to promote their own songs prior to the president’s demise have also recorded tribute songs.
Why the sudden change to do such tribute songs? Why are artistes who can’t promote their own songs also doing tribute songs? Why the mock of the late president? A friend of mine commented on facebook.
It appears that like the old adage, one man’s meat is another’s poison. The president’s death has offered many the opportunities to do a song and be heard.
Are these people genuinely mourning the late president or trying to play on the president’s demise for some cheap publicity?
Don’t you think the President would have smiled if all these songs where made while he was alive to tell him how much he means to Ghana?
Why can’t we learn to celebrate people when they are alive but wait for their death?
GhanaCelebrities.Com has received over 15 tribute songs for President Mills…

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  1. Whoever wrote this is really heartless how can you write something like that why would they try and take advantage of the late president mills these artist are pooring their heart and showing their respect and your here writting nonsense about them abeg remove this topic is nonsense GC try and step your game up if your out of news than don’t try and make one You can do better than that When artist like Whitney, Michael Jackson died people who cared made music about them yet you did not see any blog or news writing nonsense about them looking for publicity stunt

  2. Wat’s de meaning of dis? Infact these writers need 2 put their name up so we can bust them not jst GC STAFF cuz they’re taking advantage 2 write heartless articles. Jst a few days ago 1 wrote an article asking us where de fathers of de mixed celebs are WTF non of ur goddamn business mmttchewww.

  3. @Miyagyi, thank you dude. I was about to say the same thing.  The death of the President was sudden, even though he was sick and all, no one was expecting him to die. and as a president who had the nation’s respect including all these artists who are making the tribute songs. Listen to the songs and you will soon find out that the lyrics are genuine and shows how hurt they are because the president is no more. Ghanacelebrities has to learn how to appreciate people, because most of the time I’m on here, GC bloggers are talking negative about GH’s celebrities. It’s a shame and i am really getting tired of it. #learntoappreciate

  4. Musicians will sing cos that is what they can also contribute to the funeral big ups to all the musicians who are singing on behalf of the president.