LIFESTYLE: Would You Go In For Someone’s Baby Mother Or Dad?

I am not sure the baby mother and father drama is very famous in Ghana as it is in the United States and other parts of Europe. However, I think we all know what the term ‘baby mother and baby father’ loosely means.
My friend is a single mother; therefore she will be loosely called someone’s baby mother. Though not all baby mothers are crazy (at least my friend is not), majority of men put on their running shoes and dash out to stay far away from women with child(ren)-Baby mothers.
I have male friends who say they will never go near baby mothers because these women come with tones of troubles and dramas, especially from their baby fathers.
Same way, I have female friends (including myself) who have vowed not to go into relationships with baby fathers again.
The most common occurrence in such relationships is that, you are bound to find out that using the child(ren) as a medium, the two old partners mess about once a while. I am not saying that is the case for all but at least that has been my experience.
I was once with a man who had to see his son at the child’s mother’s place twice a week. Sometimes he had to stay late until the child falls asleep.
These visits were accepted by me because I knew the child needed his Dad, but then I guess the mother also needed him too. When I found out, the woman was 4 months pregnant for for my man…Sad right?
This brings me to my question, would you go in for a someone’s Baby Mother or Dad? If Yes, why and if No, why? Have you had any experience (be it positive or negative) with baby mothers and fathers?