THE BIG QUESTION: What Happened To Jackie Appiah’s ‘Wedding’ Ring?-Answered!

Some group of GhanaCelebrities.Com readers have been bothering me for some weeks now with the question, where is Jackie Appiah’s wedding (marriage) ring since she is NEVER or recently not been seen wearing it…
The fact that Jackie Appiah has not been recently spotted with her wedding ring has sparked speculations that she is no more with her business tycoon husband-Mr Peter Agyeman or probably, she is cheating on him.
When I recently met Jackie Appiah in London for a night hangout (If you missed it, Click Here), I asked her the same question-Where is your ring and why are you  not wearing it?
We went into a conversation about speculations that she is no more married to her husband and maybe even cheating on him.
Jackie Appiah told me that, she did not have her wedding ring with her at that time and mostly when photographed on movie sets because; if the role she is playing in the movies is not that of a married woman, there is no way she can wear her ring.
She added that, she used to take the ring to movie sets and then remove it before shoots. However, she feels that it could get lost anytime if she continues doing that and therefore she leaves it safe at home…
So you see, I have pushed this question down the throat of Jackie Appiah before and she faithfully answered it.
I hope this settles the ‘unfounded’ ring rumour! 🙂

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