DKB To Reconcile With Zainab At Big Brother Star Game Finale

Former Ghanaian rep of the Big Brother Stargame, DKB would be returning to South Africa to witness the grand finale of the reality TV show which ends on Sunday, August 5 with the awarding of the coveted $300,000 to the best housemate.
He would be reuniting with former housemates and also reconciling with the former Sierra Leonean rep Zainab, with whom he had a violence scandal that ended in their disqualification on June 4th, 29 days into the show.
He intends to use this platform to promote his upcoming mega show dubbed “DKB n FRENDZ” which is a comedy and music show and also his “Anti-gender violence campaign” he has embarked on preaching against violence and provocations in schools. He promises to have fun with all his fans across Africa online with “juice” a name he fondly used for gossiping during his stay in the house, on his official:
Twitter handle: @dkbghana
Facebook:  DKB GH

GC Staff bG