SPOTLIGHT: Abdul Salis-Young, Talented And Spotting Ghanaian Blood

Looks like the men are seriously bent on overtaking the women in this column. They are pushing it really hard out there.
Today our focus is on a young, warm hearted 5ft 9″ super talented brother, Abdul Salis. A British actor whose parents are both proudly Ghanaian. Salis’s parents moved from Ghana to London in 1975 and gave birth to him on July 6th 1979.
Though he had been in the industry abroad for several years, he was widely noticed by the world mainly through his role as a paramedic-Curtis Cooper between 2008 and 2009 on the UK’s longest running medical drama CASUALTY which has been running since 6th September 1986.
He has also made countless appearances including being on Hidden City-2002, Trevor’s World of Sport as Barry in 2003, Love Actually as Tony also in 2003, Welcome Home as Isaac in 2004, Animal as Julius in
2004. Sahara as Oumar in 2005, In an episode of Doctor Who (2006)He was also in an episode of cbbc’s M.I. High as Ben Lacy-a footballer.
His talent extends to the stage where he has starred in Blood Wedding and The Road at the Orange Tree Theatre as well as Joe Guy at Tiata Fahodzi. He was in the 2006 production of The Exonerated in London’s Riverside Studios. And then in 2006, the movie Flyboys in which he loosely portrayed aviation pioneer Eugene Jacques Bullard and his comrades from the Lafayette Flying Corps. A role he received much acclaim for because he played it with deep passion.
Abdul Salis is still young and with the steady strides he is making, we are sure he will make it right to the top. GhanaCelebrities.Com will be following his steps with eagle eyes. If for nothing, but for the fact that we can point out his strong featured face on screen and say “there is another handsome actor of Ghanaian descent”
Hmmph, another single fine brother, shall I once again ask my fellow single ladies to be taking notes or have you done so already? LoL.
Watch Salis exhibit his talent in a trailer of one of his movies below…


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0 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: Abdul Salis-Young, Talented And Spotting Ghanaian Blood”

  1. i can see that the guy is a good actor  ,is not easy to swim with sharks,is not easy to act with great actors.
    he is an inspirational to all of us…the sky is the limit .
    not forgetting that he is handsome as well(:

  2. Hahaha. You guys are awesome…Yes, no pimple at all. And it’s never easy for a young actor to go on a big set and make a lasting impression. I always thought KA NE WU was a man…but the way you are noticing Silas I guess not! Thanks to you all.


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