SPOTLIGHT: David Gyasi – A Rising Black Star

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GhanaCelebrities.Com has been out stargazing again and this time round look who we found?  David Gyasi, another solid man with a Ghanaian pedigree making it in Hollywood.
He was born in Hammersmith, England on the 2nd  of January ,1980. Gyasi trained at Middlesex University, studying Arts and Drama.  For those of you living in the UK you might have seen his face in; Law & Order (UK), The Bill, Casualty, BBC1’s ‘Apparitions’,  ‘ Dr.Who’ among many others.
Though he has been in the film industry for a long time, It is high profile materials like BBC primetime drama ‘White Heat’ where he plays the lead role, ‘World War II film Red’ Tails, Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, and recently the film everyone has got on their lips Cloud Atlas, alongside Hollywood giants such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent and Tom Sturgess, that has brought this chap into the limelight.
David Gyasi showed his acting prowess in the BAFTA nominated feature SHOOTING DOGS with Hugh Dancy and John Hurt, playing Francois, a Hutu who worked at  a school where Hugh’s Character goes and Hurt’s character run.
His capacity does not end on the screen, Gyasi has done a couple of stage works as well. He starred in the acclaimed theatre Production of ‘War House’, playing  the role of Captain Stewart in 2008. He has quite a number of commercials to his credit, from Army Commercial to Mitsubishi commercial and even some voice-overs.
When he is not doing any of these things, he is either writing radio drama for the BBC, playing drums, doing some pop locking, tango, freestyling and waltzing.
No wonder, he keeps waltzing his way to the top.
Once again GhanaCelebrities.Com presents a fine single brother hanging on to his dream.  Ladies, are you digging?
Check Out Cloud Atlas Trailer Below…
David Gyasi in Cloud Atlas


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