Dominance Of Black Athletes In The Olympics & Why Ghana Has Potential For Rio 2016

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Further on my article about why Ghana is suffering with such a small Olympic team, two further things have got me thinking about Ghana’s current and future Olympic campaign; the dominance of Jamaica in the 200m (Usain Bolt 1st, Yohann Blake 2nd, Warren Weir 3rd), and an interesting side note that the BBC included in their coverage which suggested that, black people are genetically predisposed to high achievement in athletics…
In the segment, narrated by Michael Johnson, African-American sprint champion, he said that many genetic scientists believe that descendants of West Africa have a particular “superior athletic” gene that is found more in African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans, due to “survival of the fittest”-only the fittest slaves who had that gene being able to survive the long ship journey in cramped conditions with little food and water to the America, and that gene being passed down to descendants.
If you look at the British and American athletes competing in the athletics, probably about half of them are black. With Kenya and Ethiopia having won several medals, I really think Johnson is on to something. Countries like Ghana have many potential athletes in our generation.
It is not a well known fact, but Usain Bolt started his proper athletic training with football practice… and there are many young boys who enjoy running around with their footballs who may not make it to football camps in Ghana, but could achieve great glory for Ghana in athletics-with the right training, will and ambition.
Let me chip in on the water sports. Have you not seen the many young Ghanaians who swim hours upon hours in the sea? What about the canoe racing activities during festivals in Central Region of Ghana? There are real talents out there for Ghana
I pray the Ghana Olympic Committee take heart from an advantage we have, and really prepare ourselves for the next Olympic campaign. After all,  we are naturally Olympic champions!
What do you guys think?

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    1. @Dr. Miyagi, lol v true, that was my inspiration for the article, and many Jamaicans are descended from the Fanti and Ashanti so for sure Bolt, Blake and Weir are Ghanaian, no one better tell me otherwise lol.