THE BIG QUESTION: Celebrities and Social Responsibility, Are Our Ghanaian Celebrities Adequately Contributing Their Quota?

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Recent reports have it that, that Harry Belafonte has slammed Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z for their alleged inadequate contribution to social initiatives. Like Seriously?
It got me thinking though…Social responsibilities are that big deal in the west but in our part of the world some celebrities do not see the need to lift a hand or foot to help people in their communities, the same society or people that nurtured and made them the champions and celebrities they are.
Shakira, one of the world’s most adored celebrity asserted at the BBC 80th Anniversary that celebrities have philanthropic moral duties. She went on to say that artistes and all public figures who find themselves in front of the cameras must use their position to improve the world.
But what do we find these days in Ghana, a bunch of opportunists who think they can use the industry to become millionaires or turn their lives’ around in a day. Thank God, it is not all Ghanaian celebrities who think this way. As much as some think that they can use the industry to better themselves, there are others who keep doing their utmost best to improve their communities. But is it adequate?
Now, I will love to mention some names of celebrities contributing their quota to our community but I don’t want anyone to feel left out.
What I will love to leave though is a little food for thought for our Ghanaian celebrities, public figures and companies alike. “Getting what you pay for is not only about how you invest your money, but also how you invest your time, your energy, your voice…and how much you invest in what you consider your community and your culture”.
Once again I am asking GhanaCelebrities.Com readers and our celebrity readers out to share their thoughts on this topic, do you think Ghanaian celebrities are ADEQUATELY contributed to social initiatives.
To the celebrity, you ask yourself if you have improved your community in any way. And remember the word is ADEQUATELY…


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  1. Well 4 me I wld say no n tat they all wait till Christmas,Easters,and orders major holidays in the country b4 Announcing their donations or better still COMPETING in donations and tat is not the significant of charity work you know?Hummm they cld do better n not wait for these festivals b4 donating tho.

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, i believe most of them do it for the publicity. i mostly dont understand why they have to involve the media when they are donating.  why cant they do it quietly without all the cameras? i know they might have good intentions  but its obvious they enjoy the publicity aspect.

  2. adequately?surely not most of them use the little fame they have to be arrogant and unfriendly expecially the for the men,chris nexttime you are in Ghana visit that night club own by confidence hugan and you will know how they adequately contribute to our soceity.I have asked this question before,that who is a celebrity?what really qualifies one to be called a celebrity,being a celebrity must not just be appearing on tv,movies or speaking on radio,there must be something significant and unique that you have done that benefited some people in and around you which needs to be celetrated and so therefore makes you a celebrity.

    1. @jessi, thank you very much for bringing that up, real talk @ your as a celebrity you need to be celebrated and how do you do that by improving the community that nurtured you.