MENAYE DONKOR: From Holidays In Maldives To Glitz Africa Fashion Week-Accra,The Life Of A Celebrity

Menaye Donkor is indeed showing us that she is a true ‘WAG’.  Few days ago, Mrs. Menaye Muntari Donkor was ‘chillaxin’ in Maldives (an Island nation in the Indian Ocean), rocking her African beads which complemented her perfectly toned bikini body ( I love the back shot…LOL).
Straight from her Island holiday, she appeared at the just ended Glitz Africa Fashion Week in Accra, showing those SEXY legs! As usual, her fashion was on POINT!












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  2. Hummmmmm I suspect you n Mutari must hear tis…lol de tone at which u describe the african beads n Hot swim suit n all tat isn’t easy kraaaa…bt she really do look gud though.

  3. There is something missing strawberry and cream baby oil pillows champagne even though I don’t drink and me, eeish so muntari is enjoying all this I wish I could have baptise her before muntari did 

    1. She is in another league….and should never be compared to the local celebs!!!! 🙂 Yes the beads looks good on her.

  4. the reason why we should`not compare her to tother celebs is because she is married to a football player. people who new her before mutari understand it. so let the other celebs be.nobody new her before she started dating the guys. i m sure if nadia or mcbrown was dating any rich guys the would hv living the same lifestyle. like they says is hard to get 1 million dollar but not hard to get a billions. because u can do a lot with million to get a billion.doors will open for her cos she has the money to do so. i dont see any big deal in it. let muntari be broke for a just yr and let see if the girl will still be with her.
    for me she is like basketball wives/fotball wife. dats my opinion u can express urs as well. hehe

    1. @blikk, first of all,she’s a model..she might not be well known in ghana cos she’s based in milan where she’s doing good as a model…so u see,she was still ahead already…and dont forget she won miss universe ghana some years back,so she’s familiar with the industry,and the footballers TAG,its gona be there cos YES,she’s a footballers WIFE..get over it and OH!!! Nadia was TAGGED to essien too,and that def boosted her fame…dont forget that!!!

    2. i luv menaye,but as an african woman,u shld well know what that beads is for….its for only ur hubby to see cos of what it does to ur body,not meant for the world to see…she shld know better!!! americans dont know what it means so they can walk around fluantin it like its a type of fashion statement(which its not),but for an african/married woman to do this,its a NO NO!!

  5. well said blikk. dat is why people like nadia, jackie,yvone,tonto dike n the rest of dem will lie about wearing fake design. acting who they are not n making fun of themselves. because people wants them to be who they r not. going around with fake LV bags n painting their buttom heels red to get CL shoes. menaye can afford dis things so let her hv it, if u can’t aford is not by false. even the bible say do not wish for what somebody hv. nobody will cares about what agyakoo or emelia brobey will wear, maybe because we do understands them, but the reason why maybe we don’t understands the other r because they act soo full og themselves n thinks dat they r on top of the world.:)

  6. You Ghanaians when you see somethign foreign, you quickly jump to praise it. did you people have to put down the local celebrities in the process of praising this one?
    she is a cool model . yes. but she is cruising on football money so lets stop right rhere. 
    she is living good and definitely taking advantage of her status as muntari’s wife. 
    was she all overthis site before then? not that i don’t like her but i think our locals are also trying.
    and seriously i love her dressings but today the beads on display isn’t working. If a local celeb had flaunted her ebeads like this we wpuld have insulted them.
    Mrs Muntari, we don’t wear beads on display. when i swim, i remove my beads although i love beads a lot. they sit on your hip so u can easily slide them off. don’t wear them like this again please. thank you.

  7. “if you’ve got it, flaunt it’. enjoy it while it last b’cos you cant tell what will happen tomorrow, so yeah, Mrs Muntari enjoy the good times.