MUST SEE PHOTOS: Actress Juliet Ibrahim’s Humanitarian And Dinner Dance Party


Below pictures were captured by GhanaCelebrities.Com on Saturday (yesterday) when  Next Media Concept and West Africa Regional Promoters Inc. (WARPS) honoured actress Juliet Ibrahim at Vienna City in Accra.
The actress was recognised and honoured with a plaque for her charity works. She currently runs the Juliet Ibrahim Kidney Cancer Foundation.
“The Humanitarian and Dinner Dance Party” is a yearly initiative designed to encourage the West African celebrities to give back to the society through charity.
Family, friends and fans joined her to dine & wine and dance. The event was well attended.
If you are a celebrity and doing charity works, it could be you next.
Check out the photos below (You see see why they are must see…LOL)


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  1. Dis juliet gal has a fine face but her k legs no dey bee kwraa n her poor diction dey put me off,am glad she doing charity work,she shld stick to dat n leave acting alone bcos she cant act…lol

    1. @nana nketia, come she didnt creat her own legs now. there are certain thins u can critisize about celebrities like their weight or hair style cos those once can be controlled. but thins like legs n arms no way dont do that

  2. ok so good for you perhaps this is where you really fit in,doing things like this,keep it up but as for acting forget it,cos you dont have that skills at all.

    1. @Amoah, aaaahhhh ka na ka biom!!!! ghana girls dress tooooo tacky do-do(and we like to compare ourselves with the nigerians?? puh-leeaase,we know we aint got shyt on them with fashion…aaaaahhh) especially that fat ass with the black polka-dots dress and the one in the silver/grey silk dress,dont even talk about the one in the jeans and yellow tank top….waaaaay too tacky!! daaaaaaaamn

      1. @honey, if you wanna know how well nigerians dress maybe you should look at their movies. they dress tacky too. and pls not every ghanaian dress tacky. i visit nigerian websites too and majority of them dress tacky as well. even nigerians themselves complain about how tacky some of their stars dress so what are you talking about. its because of people like you that always give Nigerians the gut to talk shit about ghanaians.

  3. Ageeeii GH maa when will you learn how dare this girl with that yellow top to show up there was she lost or what this wasn’t “for the poppin” event scarring people is always the ugly ones that exposé them self to get attention look at your face your not nice kroaaaaa with you pig nose looking like a whiskey girl and those other ones exposing your ugly manly football legs try and cover them and wear a dress that fits not one that your fat stomach is hanging out like a round beach ball  

  4. These girls are so foolish. Apart from Julliet and her sister and a few ladies, The girls look like they run there to sell their bodies to any available man. what kind of broad daylight prostitution is that? they do not feel shy too posing for the world to see their colours. big stomach against ugly faces and bankye bottos and legs. Ghana what have we come to? The police have to add arresting women like these to their duties.
    And those insulting Julliet, it is ok. The insults cannot change her legs. she is a beautiful woman. 

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