Photos From The ‘Ghana Meets Naija-Crack Your Ribs’ Concert In London

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On Sunday, 26th August, 2012, the popular and well branded ‘Ghana Meets Naija‘ concert came to London. Due to the success of the ‘Ghana Meets Naija‘ brand in Ghana, Empire Entertainment has decided not to keep the fun and party only in Ghana.
The Ghana Meets Naija train will kick off from Ghana and it will be stopping in London and U.S.A each year…So last Sunday was the beginning of many years of great performances, fun and party to come to London…
If you missed this year’s concert, do not worry since it is coming back next year in a grand style!
For the first edition, it was well attended and coordinated. Unlike those concerts where artistes on the bill fail to show up, all the artistes came through with several surprise and guest appearances.
If the hottest and busiest musician on the continent-D’banj even passed through,  then you surely know the sort of brand ‘Ghana Meets Naija‘ is…
Check out photos from the event below…

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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    1. @27calibre (O_0),you do have a point maybe its a way of trying to connect both countries with each other  since there is slways competition going on between both countries i pass there on that night and it didnt look  that busy at all but heard was not that fun and one more thing for those girls in ghana thats how you cover your melons when you go out  take notes cu

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, AHAHA bro my problem is Ghana alawys organise shows with them ,why not try other countries ,GHANIANS ARE GOOD ONE OR TWO THINGS AND NIGERIANS TOO ARE GOOD IN ONE OR TWO THINGS .
        bro tell me how did the ghanains girls cover thier melons was it disgusting like the korsoro type of women ahaha

      1. @lovely,what school did you attend! cause you sound very st.p.d how can he be racist towads his fellow black man especially when his girl is white explain that to me because i am curious to know

      2. @lovely, ahahah lovely jane ,why cant you sound lovely as your name says ,i am not a racist as you think ,my reason of not accepting it is that always Ghana and Nigeria doing this ,Ghana and nigeria doing that,all am asking is why cant Ghana organise the same shows with South Africa or Angola or other african country ,i am bassing on Ghana always organising shows with Nigeria but not other african country .
        And for your info Ghana and Nigeria are very close ,more than our close neighbours TOGO .JUST DONT GET ME WRONG.

  1. Dr miyagi, i don’t talk to apes and coconut head like you,and you 27 calibre, u should be happy that ghana is collaborating with nigeria in terms of entertainment, the organizer knew so well that when it comes to entertainment that nigeria flag flies so high, so get that into your over size head and go eat your kenkey we u sabi

    1. You don’t talk to Apes and coconut head yet you answered me am I smelling dumbness or what? Awwwww God bless yourself naija girl loool you know I will put your monkey ass in a corner so your running away all you nigerians do is eat up to 5 rounds of food and still go for a take a way your calling me a ape and coconut head pls don’t let me start with you because you called me a ape and coconut I shall make today a (MNMS DAY) Means: Make Naija Monkeys Smile with your cross legs, don’t let your jealousy speak silence it or it will make you sound like a fool mather of fact you are a Fool [email protected],

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, she is not normal at all,she call you names that she will not reply but she did,do you think she is normal ,the HEAD IS DEAD ,Deadly jassy

    2. @lovely, deadly jane or what ever is your name instead of you to pray so that boko haram will stop bombing your people here and there you are here calling anmes and doing prostitution ,you are warn to go back to naijacelebrities if you dont have something like that stay away from ghana celebrities for good,here is not brother ,any way continue bleaching.

      1. @27calibre (O_0), lovely, deadly jane or what ever is your name instead of you to pray so that boko haram will stop bombing your people here and there you are here calling anmes and doing prostitution ,you are warn to go back to naijacelebrities if you dont have something like that stay away from ghana celebrities for good,here is not brothel,any way continue bleaching.

  2. Surely cant some Ghanaians notice that dis ghana meets naija shows is more of an aid programme for Ghana’s entertainment industry. Most times Naija’s A list artistes dont attend such’s mostly B list.
    Secondly, Ghanaian artistes ARE NOT KNOWN outside west africa or among Ghanaian diaspora. While Naija acts like Psquare, dbanj or wizkid can sell out concerts in east and southern africa, i dont think even SARKODIE can do quarter of that.
    So Miyagi and Calibre should be grateful to their ‘ghana meets naija’ organisers for at least riding on Nigeria’s successes in entertainment while promoting Ghana’s small and limited music industry. ‘Azonto’ is NOT a national resource o…omo ghanas

    1. @Jerry, Gh meets 419-ja an aid programme for Ghana’s entertainment industry, really? I know there are a lot of brilliant Nigerian brothers and Sisters out there but u just set the record for being the dumbest piece of  *ish amongst all. Im not a big fan of Azonto music ( I love the dance), but it is widely popular than any Nigerian song or artist for that matter. I never heard of wizkid or Dbanj until reading an article bout BET awards to African artists. Guess what, Sarkodie and Wizkid  both got the award backstage so F**k all that A-list and B-list BS. R2bees, Praye, 4X4, VIP, etc are all known outside Africa. And yes I LOVE GHANA.

    2. @Jerry, YOU are not even ashame of talking about AZONTO ,where has your so called ALANTA DANCE HAS GONE TO ??? ask any Ghanain what is the meaning of alanta in Ghana.
      AZONTO is now an international dance is even popular than Nigeria as a country,every one is dancing azonto from British prime minister to well known celebrities,AZONTO has turn into nigerians number one dance ,do you know timwestwoodtv i am not sure you know that google it and come with a humble answer .
      no wonder azonto is now been teach in nigerian schools ,i was amaze when i came accros this news at with shows that a nigerian claim azonto is a nigerian dance she has even forget about their unpopular ALANTA DANCE ,CHECK IT HERE

    3. @Jerry, its a fact that one state or maybe perhaps 2 states highest alone is the whole of Ghana put together,nigeria is too big and obviously there will be more tallents and creativity there than in Ghana and yes Ghana needs to step up the game,truth is sometimes like a bitter pill and its take the brave to swallow it but we are still proud of our own.