LIFESTYLE: What Is Your Take On Online Dating?

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Online Dating
Online Dating

As you may know online dating is one of the fastest growing enterprise out there. Over the years, it has gained huge popularity and acceptance . But the big question is should we trust it?
In the light of increasing cyber fraud and murder such as the recent tragic story of Cynthia Udoka Osokogu, the Nigerian  girl who got  murdered by  a couple of her facebook friends, I am most certain I will get a chorus of “nos” to the above question.
But conversely, there would be that cross section of people who would say “Hell yeah” to on-line dating and would not mind the risk factors involved at all.
To these people, life is all about risk. I am still up in the air whether or not online dating is the “right way” to meet people and I am sure many of you are too.
How do you know, when we’re communicating via the web that you aren’t really talking to some scammer in a dark internet café who only wants to get money out of you — or even worse, a serial killer, how do we know if the phots and information posted are even real?
It is quite unfortunate this advice came too late for Cynthia. Cynthia is gone but we know her story may save several lives.
If you are one of those who feel online dating is another viable way to meet that wonderful person you want, here are some tips I gathered for you:
Don’t Trust Anyone Too Soon– Online dating offers a decent amount of anonymity if         used correctly. But don’t forget, the same amount of anonymity also applies to everyone else you chat with online. Be patient. Get to know someone well before you start sharing your personal feelings… and information.
Verify the site– Make sure the dating site you decide to join enforces some kind of verification check on its members. This will greatly increase the quality of genuine singles you are likely to meet. Many dating sites are infested with scammers who prey on inexperienced online daters. When a verification process is in place, this is a big deterrent for fraud members.
Pay to play– During your love hunt, you will come across options offering free and paid site access. The paid sites usually require verification for members, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons as to whether you should go with a free site or a subscription site.
There are software programs some dating sites use that verify credit card details, address, age and other statistics including criminal checks. However, all the checks in the world will not guarantee your safety; the ultimate responsibility comes down to you and your sensible decisions.
Other important features a dating site should include is a “report abuse” option, and the ability to block undesirable advances from other members. This is a simple and effective means of protection. Site administrators also rely on their members to alert them if any kind of harassment is going on. In some cases, this will result in the cancellation of the perpetrator’s membership.
The greater portion of singles who use online dating sites are genuine, regular guys and gals who are seeking relationships with people they share common interests with. But as with anything in life, there will always be someone who tries to spoil the fun. Use the following tips to avoid becoming a victim.
Q. Should I include my personal details on my online dating profile?
A. No. Never. Your profile should be a general description about your dating requirements, also include some hobbies — never display addresses or phone numbers.
Q. How do I go about meeting an online friend for an offline date?
A. Only agree to an offline date if you feel the timing is right, don’t get pressured if you are not ready. Always meet in a public environment. Alert someone you know as to your location, and inform him or her when your date is finished. Don’t forget to prepare an exit strategy, just in case your date is not what you expected.
When dating online, your own common sense and intuition can lead you to meet someone genuine and fantastic. Be guided by that little voice inside your head and take that bold leap! If you have more tips feel free to send them.
Anyway, what is your take on online dating? Have you tried it? Did it ever work for you? What has your experience been?


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  1. the bad part of online dating is the nigerians, it known as 419 simply means a nigerian fraud,i dont blame the people who fall for this 419 thing but their greediness and their lust.
    any way BRB

  2. I think it’s dangerous because the person on the other end might not be who they claim to be. The anonymity of the web creates this cyber-shield that anyone can abuse.You also need that human connection when dating which you don’t get online I would advise you to be cautious and do a wide research on a dating site whether its legit or scam before you join (nigerians are good at it) the site there are genuine people out there who are seeking friendship, dating and marriage partner but the world of online dating is an abyss full of equally harmful characters.

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, well said lol why some fall inlove via the net?? Photo’s can be deceitful also, Online dating seems to work for whites folks most, but if we blacks are going to try it, then is best we learn a lot before, wouldn’t recommend to anyone though. Every man involve in any form of social dating is a scammer, cheat and immature. Don’t get carried away by romantic talk, and don’t put yourself in a dangerous position as in taking these men serious lol on the net. For example article on women claiming on dating our popular actor John Dumelo via twitter, instagram and facebook should know is not considered dating in any way, talk, texting, and chatting is cheap for every male. My advise to the ladies,  Love is hard. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be so worth it in the end. Best thing we all need to do is to pray for our rightful partners rather than taking millions of photo’s to attract these men. 

      1. @nana ama, You have spoken well my dear. You are indeed wise. God bless you.I hope Ladies take note of what u said.Even long distance relationships hardly work out,how much more online dating.

  3. Why online dating? Honestly i think its not cool, i mean i cant do it.  There are a lot of risk involved and i wouldnt advice anyone to be part of that adventure. 

  4. its definitely a NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!! Why wld anybody in their right senses download a guy or lady on the internet???? Its simply madness.

  5. Well I think its a two way street for other people out there, I pesonally hate it now that I have done some reseach about everything and I nearly fell for the trap of online dating. It sucks big time coz perverts out there make you to believe that they are people they are not its really madness and I personally think that these people are cowards and they can’t really be man enough to to be man………