EL And Manifest Nominated For Channel O Music Video Awards

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The saying that the sky is the limit seems to be losing popularity in the Ghanaian media these days because our local artistes have and are indeed reaching beyond the sky with hard work and a keen sense of perseverance.  I am loving the deep wave of  ‘can do’ spirit. It’s absolutely infectious.
In the light of this, EL the Azonto Don Dada and Manifest who recently performed on The Big Brother Stargame stage, have been nominated for Channel O Music Video Awards.
El’s ‘Turn The Lights Down‘ has been nominated in the Most Gifted Newcomer Video of the Year category while ‘Makaa Maka‘ by M.anifest has been nominated  in the Most Gifted Hip-Hop Video of the year category.
Kindly watch the nominated videos below and give us your opinion.
Makaa Maka by M.anifest
Turn The Lights Down by E.L

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  1. Maniest another good artist who can spit both english and twi one thing i like about this dude is that he always keep it real keep doing your thing and stay on your grind

  2. Good one guys but lets be honest the south africans will give it to themselves and their southern and east african brothers….i mean its always been like that since the inception of the awards. we’ve only won the frigging thing once and dat was last year when samini won it……neways hope its different this time. oh and nigerians have won it quite a few times too haven’t they and i think they lead the winners list almost every year…i don’t understand how they do it even though the award is south african maybe they need to show us the voodoo they are using lool

    1. @Kwabena, You wana know how Nigerians do it? Naija music reflects the persona and identity of a typical Nigerian infusing both the Good,Bad and ugly about Nigerians. This way, other Africans identify with various aspects of the Nigerian culture and attitude that are similar to theirs. It’s similar to the Nollywood effect. 
      Ghanaian artistes on the other hand are too self conscious, always trying to play it safe in their music and ‘unfortunately’ attempting to infuse Naija pidgin dialects. Ghanaians speak pidgin too but with a different dialect .Ghanaian pidgin is not as prominent a twi.
      Ghanaian artistes do not organise real music tours to other African countries, they limit their concerts to Accra ,Kumasi and the UK with a largely Ghanaian diaspora fan base.
      Nigerian artistes sell out concerts in most sub saharan African countries..
      Ghanaian artistes need to create a UNIQUE Ghanaian swagger and stop focusing on Nigeria.
      AZONTO is cool, but it’s getting BORING.