LIFESTYLE: Efie Ne Fie-Why Many UK/US Born Ghanaian Youth Are Thinking About Coming Home…

So now that the Paralympics have started, I can’t help wondering if, when they end, there will be a rush of African athletes absconding from the Paralympics camps, intending to seek a permanent residency in UK, like what happened with African Olympics teams.
I can definitely tell you that there is a big shift in the other direction, of many Ghanaian youth, raised abroad, who are thinking of going AWOL in Europe/America and coming to Ghana.
I think the recession in Europe and America have had a big part to play in this… this led to massive lack of jobs for graduates and youngsters, and of course, ethnic minority youth are suffering more than the indigenous ones due to institutional racism, lack of social mobility and other factors.
Many of the youth are also business/entrepreneurial minded, and are relishing the new economical and industry growth happening in Africa and are hoping to contribute to that.
Others are hoping to leave a mark in their chosen careers that would be difficult to do in Europe or America with much competition for university spaces, jobs, and positions of distinction.
Here in London, there have been several groups, networks and events targeted at the Ghanaian diaspora, many increasingly focused on business and professional opportunities in Ghana for settlers/resettlers.
There is no place like home, like the English say, and many Abrokyire-born youth are increasingly taking that motto to heart.
Are you an Abrokyire-based youth or individual who is currently aiming to, or seriously thinking about settling/re-settling in Ghana?
I am definitely considering this…What has your experience been out here and what are your expectations of Ghana?


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  1. Goood topic, I been in europe since the age of four I have seen the high’s and low’s from every angle, and the good and bad once, I have given myself 3 to 5 years than I want to be back GH for good but that will only happend once I finish my biggest project thanks to my beautiful parents that thought me well even though we have allot of loose talkers on GC and think I got no life at all (I’m laughing. At you)but you will be surprise one day, in a couple of years when Miyagi pops up being selfmade well I will have the last laugh that’s how confidence I am anyway thanks to gc I have seen and realise how majority of my fellow ghanaians think about others a few things I picked up from this website is that allot of people are jealous, judgemental but one otherside I have met allot of positive people including my business partner he/she knows it all thanks to GC you see they not bad at all (lol)till than let’s keep on laughing to the bank

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, Big ups to you Miyagi and all the best,but if you are still in school,kindly take your English lessons seriously. ‘but you will be surprise one day ‘   It should read,SURPRISED.’ that’s how confidence I am’    should read  CONFIDENT. ‘ the good and bad once’ should read bad ONES.  Don’t take offense oh! 

  2. I am definitely one of those youth who will be going to Ghana to not only find myself [as cliche as it sounds] but to also find success. After Uni im going straight to Ghana!!!! some say its a risk but i don’t care

    1. @dede,i dont see it as a risk its a good you want to do that as long as you got your business plan together and yiu safe a starters fee for whatever you want to do you will make it my uncle did the same and is now a succesful property developer its all about your dedication and the effort you put in whatever you wsnt to do just dont tell no one your idea’s and stay focus make your action plan where you want to be in next couple of years snd trust me yiu will be there

  3. I surely coming bak to GH n y shld I stay my entire life here in de USA n dey wld used my tax to develop their country while my own country GH cont to be taking loans tat even comes wit tags such as homosexuality n all tat??????? I will come home when im done wit college n in a comfortable position to contribute to MOTHER GH.

  4. I I’m really relieved and happy to read this blog. Born in London, raised here in the united states, and it always sucks for me to see Ghanaians or even Africans abandon their homeland, there wad one kid who went to my high school that I hated because he denounced his heritage and he has the last name Osei, that’s pre African specifically ASANTE. When I’m asked I always claim to be born and raised in Ghana, that’s how much I love my country. I cant go a day without visiting any Ghanaian website to check on how my country is doing. like Miyagyi said, I also have great business ideas that will prosper and create jobs for my people. I dont care about gaining anything, as long as my country had jobs. Once I graduate school and I’m done serving in the army, I’ll be returning home. Ghana youth, Africa youth, let’s arise and go back to our country. Our country needs us. I’ll be making a YouTube video soon addfessing,this issue. Good bless you all.

  5. my fellow friends , it is good to study in london/us and come back home to work. there are great opportunities in Ghana. i have some few friends in london. they are always complaining to me. i have never been london or US but i cant be a slave in someones country. i am living a better life in Ghana. And i love what i am doing here. i will prefer to go for holidays maybe…… ghana dey bee k3k3