Richard Kingston -OLELE’S WIFE A WITCH? She Confesses On Live TV At T.B Joshua’s Church

They say only witches go witch hunting especially in broad daylight.
You would expect that in 2012, Africa/Ghana/Nigeria would be very far from that but o, No!
So yes, I am shocked but angry to be the one to report on the disgrace homeboy Olele and his family have been forced to go through.
Over the weekend, many Ghanaians who usually watch Emmanuel TV, were speechless to see Richard Kingston’s wife confessing at The Synagogue Church in Nigeria, that she is a witch and has been fully responsible for Richard Kingston’s career shortfalls as she has been sabotaging him spiritually.
In a possessed, trans-like way, she told the congregation about how she has been spiritually working on Richard Kingston since they got married to the point of even making him impotent!
The popular, controversial pastor of the church-TB Joshua, urged her to say everything including all that she is still hiding. He then prayed for her to take the witchcraft spirit put of her…Indeed!
I have never been a fan of TB Joshua and even though his followers will come and bash me, I do not care. He does not leave a holy impression on me. Never ever have I been touched by his shenanigans and methods of brainwashing innocent gullible people into mental slavery.
I cannot blame TB Joshua and his Emmanuel TV crew entirely. Who asked Mrs. Kingston to even take herself there huh? And on daytime TV for that matter.
Why some women go crying to men of God over every situation, I will never understand. She better have an explanation for her family for dragging their faces in the mud like this.
I hope the family will know how to manage this new situation.
And to Africa, when will you open your eyes to more progressive ways of living? And no religious fanatic should even come and spew his/her ignorance on what I am saying. Because I am not saying God is not real but we are all children of God and he walks with us all everyday. Learn to talk to him yourself. He will listen!
Don’t run to the propaganda and fame hungry pastors who will splash your dirt all over the world to prove their power to the world. Why does a genuine man of God enjoy being in the limelight so much so that he is always up in every business trying hard to associate with big names to bring attention and more members to his church?
When I see situations such as these, I am convinced that the white man totally enslaved us. They knew exactly what to feed us to leave us mentally enslaved forever.
Before I conclude, let me congratulate Emmanuel TV on once again throwing a marriage and families into turmoil in the name of cheap spiritual domination and popularity.  May they sort out their deeds with the God they diligently serve?
Can I hear an Amen?

Olele And Wife
Olele And Wife


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0 thoughts on “Richard Kingston -OLELE’S WIFE A WITCH? She Confesses On Live TV At T.B Joshua’s Church”

    • It is only in Africa that people live by such foolishness. When will Ghanaians realize that if these people were as powerful as they claim to be then why is the African continent such a dark and backward place. Hello!!!!!!!!!!! sit up Ghanaaians we are 100 years…. did you know that 100 years behind the developing nations bacause we allow these bastards to instill in us the spirit of fear. Beware of false prophets !!!!!!!!!

  1. U are right I never liked that man one bit something abt him always gives me the creeps.He is too confident for my liking as if he is above everyone .Anyway if this is really really true then Olele’s wife fucked up big time.Seriously what the hell??Sabotaging ur own husband lyk this??That is an all time low

  2. T.B Joshua and his tricks ,if you want to know more about his lies and his plans just go to youtube and search t.b joshua exposed.
    some one like me will never believe this kind of jokes

  3. I don’t get how retarded we are as Africans. We are so much into religion to the extent that we have suspended our reasoning faculty. Must everything be caused by someone ? Who said everything must have a  causing agent? I guess it is because religion says so… Even the most intelligent religious persons believe in this, else God would not exist from their stand point.
    Why must we think this way? The same White people who brought Christianity to Africa have almost left it behind, yet we disgrace ourselves, kill each other and segregate ourselves all in the name of religion . Do you think the Whiteman did not know what he was doing when he brought religion go us? He knew as foolish as we are, many years to come, we will be killing ourselves over religion while they tackle relevant issues.
    While white people have sent a robot to Mars and even blasting music from Mars to earth, we sit in Africa and accuse each other of witchery, cunningly punishing people to accept that they are something which they are not.
    When would we ever learn ? White people are building homes for the aged, refugees and the homeless to allow us enjoy our dignity as human, we are rather building witch camps in Africa.
    Why do we do this to ourselves as Africans? The answer is because we have suspended our thinking faculty in favour of some damn imported religion.
    Be as religious as you want but do not suspend your reasoning faculty. Do not buy into the scams of these religious leaders. While they drive in expensive air-condition cars and buy planes, the church members continue to walk in the scorching sun with little or nothing to eat. 
    Every Sunday, the poor church members will give to the rich chilling Pastors, because they have told them their reward is in heaven. Really? Why don’t the pastors also wait n get their reward in heaven since they have started enjoying and living comfortability on earth at the expense of the members?
    The biggest business in Africa now is starting a church, if I quit blogging and I want quick money (tax free), I definitely become a pastor…the one who will perform miracles

  4. I know this olele guy personally,i used to run on one of our beaches in Accra and he was always there with his boys,we spoke when ever we saw eachother,nice guy very humble,respectful and a little bit shy too,i wonder how he is going take this but its a fact that his career has really gone down,i personally dont remember the last time he played with our Blackstars,i remember he was on 1 year suspension some time ago over some issue i cant remember,and then after he came back for a while and nothing really was heard of him.i will not entirely disbelieve what has happend with the wife and i do believe in witchcraft,Bible say we fight not with the flesh but principalities and powers which includes witchcraft,not forgetting the fact that there are also fake people portraying themselves as men of God but who are we to judge?so i believe in what this writer has said that we should learn to talk to GOD ourselves and he will listen.the wife says she sabotaged his career and has also made him impotent,i think before any judgement we should find out something,is he really impotent?and is his career really sabotaged?

  5. Chris you have said it all and i strongly believe that the major problem here is literacy,education is the main key here.Part of the Lords prayer in the Bible,says deliver us from evil,so God himself recognise that there are evil out there and so i believe that witchcraft is part of the evil the Bible spoke about,i also think that whatever has a name must exist,so we cannot completely ignore it but your point is perfectly made and i agree.

        • @Dr. Miyagi, well lemme tell u my expierence with JW, i hated them before, i thought they wanna get on everybodies nerve with their bible studies, ohh be4 i really didnt wanna see their face. my sis n i use to tease them. i visited my sister n u cannot beliv me, my sis is now jehovaW, she actually tried to open my eyes by asking me so many question, infact i couldnt answer most of the questions with my pentecostal knowledge. i hv come to think of it, so many things we do now in our churches portrays the false religion Jesus talked about n also revealed to John in revelation. I ask u this how can a pastor make a big signboard of himself infront of his church while some of his church members wonders what to feed on even for a day? I ask u this, was jesus rich? did he build a house? did he come from a rich family? I prayed to God that he should help me not to follow the false religion n God did a miracle. Since then i do bible studies with the Jehova witness n i have asked God to forgive me about all that i said about them. If you want anybody to help u with ur burden n also help u know God better then i guess its the Jehovah withness. Your salvation is at their heart. They strive so hard to make u understand the bible n see the bible in a very different dimension. They never read alone a verse of a chapter n preach on it like most of our pastors do, they let u know, who wrote it, which time it was written, why it was written and what impression it has on our lives. I can only tell u to make ur own expierence. I know how my life has changed even though i still go to my church pentecost, i still study with them n try to fetch me their watchtower everytime…

          • @sii, wooow ypu do have some good points but  i learned that Jehovah’s don’t believe in the Trinity for one… they also believe that every other church is going to be wiped out and destroyed at the battle of Armageddon, and that only Jehovah’s will be on the New Earth and in Heaven (the 144,000 in Heaven) all the remainder on the New Earth. They believe that the Arch Angel Micheal is actually Christ’s Preincarnation, and they DO NOT believe in Hell’s fire being literal or it’s eternity. Jehovah’s believe that all the other Church denominations including all the other religions of the world including all the atheist’s and agnostic’s will cease to exist after they die, instead of going to Hell. In this, they believe in atheist’s claim of a non existence after they die. Jehovah’s also take away certain scriptures from the Bible such as 1 John 5:7. They also insert words in certain scriptures to give it another meaning all together, such as John 1:1. I asked a Jehovah whether or not Moses of the Old Testament was a Jehovah’s witness? I made it clear to him that Moses believed in doctrines, such as Election, which agreed more so with the church denomination of Protestantism rather than anything taught by the Watch Tower society. He argued with me that the Old Testament Prophets, such as Moses, perished at death. I said… Oh really? Well if Moses perished at death… then how did he appear with Elijah on the mount when Christ Transfigured? So the Jehovah’s believe in a bunch of things, more than I can tell you, that are not consistent with the teachings of the Bible. 
            Pentecostal’s are the leading Evangelical’s of the world in both Holy Spirit charisma and fundamentalism. They believe in a PreMillennial Dispensational viewpoint of the Bible, which is the most popular fundamental view on things concerning the Rapture of the Church, the 7 Year Great Tribulation period, the Antichrist, the Second Coming, the Millennium, etc.  I do agree with a lot of it’s teachings. I just don’t agree with every view on classical Dispensationalism, such as the OT Prophet’s knowing nothing about the Church. Amos 3:7 and Act’s 7 says otherwise. so my question to you know is Sii what’s your take on that 

          • @Miyagi, well, as i said i am pentecostal but for me Jesus has a beginning,Jesus never said he was God,Jesus is the word which was with God from the begining of time, God has no beginning or no end. The holy spirit came to replace Jesus, he consoles us, sin against the holy spirit can never be forgiven, when we sin against God n jesus ,we ask for forgiveness n we are forgiven,so u see, i know tru Jesus we aquire eternal life, never read anywhere that we have to believe in the trinity before we gain eternal life.. well as i said u gatto get them urself n ask them cos they only talk about babylon the great which stands for the false religion, read in revelation n u will find out what will happen to those who worship God falsely.
            As for the 144000 mentioned in revelation, only God can make me understand .Even though when i read it literally i also see that it discribe a set of people ho has/ will suffer like christ did n so have a special place at the side of JESUS´S REIGN, about prophecy, it had to really believe what we call now prohecy, no nobody knows if its really from God even though i pray for myself most of the time n i gain healing without seeing any doctor. So do they beliv in Gods intervention.i ask myself at times why no prophet has been able to heal the dead since Jesus did n He talked about doing wonders when we only beliv. nawaa oooo. Why will somebody bef force to pay his tithe(for church Official, its a must) when his neighbour sits on the street n without food where jesus said loving God, loving our neighbour n quitting serving other gods will bring us everlasting life?why did jesus mentioned a cheerful giver, remember the offer of the poor widow… nawaa oooo.. well i try my best to do what is right n since i have accepted jesus i knw i sin no more n tht is what is important for me.

  6. I am sure it is not TB JOshua that forcedthe womana to talk and even i n all his videos, he has never called anyone any name, he only prays for them and through their prayers they begin to say what they want. He cannot put any other spirit in sumone if that person is not willing. Even in the bible Jesus was ready to heal every sick person in Nazareth but the Bible says he was amazed at their unbelief. They didnt believe Him therefor He didnt heal anyone. He can heal everybody, but until you give Him the chance to do that. TB Joshua has not caused any harm to anybody, she needed help thats why she went there, he did not invite her to his Church. It is a place of worship and deliverence and know that, it is not the woman herself talking it is a spirit. and pls be careful about what you say concerning any man of God, cos It is written in the Bible that touch not my annointedand do my Prophet no harm. Moses married an ethopian woman and in the eyes of his siblings Mariam and Aaron he was wrong, but before God, it was a perfect thing, God still used him for wonderful fins, God went ahead to strike Mariam wif leprosy, bcos she questioned Moses marriage. You might not like him, but your opinions and idea and advises are not God’s. He uses whoever He wants regardless of what humanity finks. So folks just be careful. David married sum1s wife in the Bible and killed her husband as well, but he still remained Man after Gods own heart.

  7. I was really shocked when i read it on focus ghana this morning, WHAT A SHOCK!!! I personally, is so uncomfortable with this TB joshua man and his so called spirituality. There is smthing diabolic about him, i wonder how some people confidently rush to his church (dem no dey fear?) well, i don’t blame him, i blame the people who always rush to him to be initiated into his………. whatever.

  8. Your beautiful write up lacks substance. Did you intend trashing religion or condemning the incident? If you honestly believe there is no God, then I can respectfully say you are a fool.

  9. Well, Chris, you were just like them at one point and accused me of being blasphemous for saying the  same stuff you are saying today.  You hypocritical buffoon.  I guess you woke up eventually.

  10. hmm just don’t know wat to say. i’m totally confussed but the HOLY BIBLE also says we ain’t fightin agaisnt flesh n blood but against principalities and evil spirit but also don’t believe in these so called pastors n prophets if they have the power to catch witches and wizards, they shd rather start from their family cuz they can’t tell me there no such people in their families too…

  11. Chris choose ur words well….whether u believe it or not there are spiritual strings that control every single thing that happens on earth…..u dont talk about a man of God in such manner just because u think u have the platform…u know how to tell people not to believe in these men of God but have u studied ur bible to know where it says believe in ur prophets and u will prosper??..and where it says in the last days I will pour our my spirit upon young men &women & they will prophesy??…..the power of God on earth operates thru men to bring deliverance,healing & etc to His pple so dont sit and talk like God cannot anoint people to do His work. u not feeling right abt Him means u have a contrary spirit,so if TB Joshua is from God then u can be sure the spirit u possess with all this pointless peice u put up here blaspheming& talking ill abt a man of God instead of telling what happened….u’ll be judged by ur words so be very careful of say mr journalist!!

  12. chris……i will support you 100percent. seeing is believing. a muslim friend slap me because i said i hate muhammed….you dont know anything about muhammed. u only read him in books. u slap me on behalf of somebody u do dont even know. africa lets us reason up. u hate people around u and like someone u dont know . even the bible said .. anybody who says he loves me and hate his brother is a liar. can we think for once. pleeaaaaaaaaaaase. i have been to several spiritual fathers and my life is still the same. nobody can help you.please lets us stop this religious staff and think…….the bible and the Qur’an is there to guide us not to destroy. the bible says you can get to the father except through me Jesus Christ. so are we saying the Muslims are wrong,?

  13. This is the most insane report I’ve ever read. Are you not suppose to report what you saw? Other than condemning the man of God?
    You ought to be very careful with things you have little ideas about. Thou shall not judge lest you’ll be judged.
    Maser! be very careful oo!

  14. i smell d rat.! Sumtin fishy abt d whole sittin tyt n 4 dat bisnesman of a preacher,.d truth wil blow one day..

  15. 1.did olele even have a career after the world cup?
    2.upon all the churches in Gh, you had to fly to naija??-serves her right! Well with T.B, you come with a spirit- he wipes you clean!!!!

  16. Some of you are just pathetic with your comments. If you had discernment of spirits then you will know which pastors are fake or not. I believe T.B. Joshua is a real man of God. Some people posted videos on the internet saying that TB Joshua is fake. Later another video was posted on the internet that those particular people confessed that they were lying. So get your things straight. If you don’t have any background information about something, don’t start making it up. People should be careful with what they say. Don’t judge!


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