Opened Gossip: Which Female Ghanaian Celebrity Was Deported From London For Shop Lifting, Currently Sleeping With A Married Footballer That An Actress Was Also Sleeping With?

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I am going to leave out certain names to protect my most reliable source. However, I will make this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself.  This is why it is called Opened Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know or what you have been able to put together yourself.
Few year’s ago, a certain Ghanaian was deported from UK for shoplifting. Yeah, she was stealing from shops even though she did not have the right to be in UK. Very lame right?
After the deportation, she decided to give all she had to music…Backed by her sexual nature and her readiness to go every mile to become a celebrity, her music career picked up a bit. The music was not that good but for some reason, it got great air play.
Now this is where things get interesting…
Running around as a celebrity musician, GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably told that, this female musician (Let’s call her Madam X) needed to keep up with her new found fame and ‘celebrity’ lifestyle. Without much money to her name, it was impossible to maintain and upgrade her status.
Then came the rich men hunting galore. As usual, the footballers who cannot be faithful to their wives or have no desire to stick to one girlfriend was her target.
As Madam  X was on her hunt, an affair between a certain married footballer (Let’s call him Mr. B) and a popular Ghanaian Actress (Lady Y) was exposed. The wife of the footballer stormed the Dansoman residence of the Actress and caused what witness called a ‘Disgraceful Scene’.
After the wife of Mr.B had confronted and verbally attached the promiscuous Actress-Lady Y, the relationship between the footballer and Lady Y had to end. We are told, Mr.B is generous with his cash. As long as he is getting what is in between your legs, the money will flow!
Madam X saw Mr.B (the footballer who plays in Ukraine) as the perfect target; after all, he has now broken up with his Actress lover…
As we write,  this musician who was deported from UK for shoplifting is having an affair with the married footballer without the knowledge of the poor wife. The best friend of this same musician who is based in Europe is banging the footballer too. Madam X is aware of her friend’s relationship with Mr. B but the friend does not know she is being stabbed or about to be stabbed hard. The two biatches friends can stab each other as much as they want, that is their problem but we are worried about the wife…
Now, if you can put the puzzle together, do the wife some good by letting her know what is happening behind her.
If you can’t put the puzzle together, read it again. If after your third reading, you cannot still get it, then you are not supposed to…After all, it is an opened gossip!

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Asem ben ba dabi.  I think the woman who lives in Dansoman is Yvonne Nelson. For the rest, I will need to do some asking around myself. The hoes are winning in Ghana too. Most  of these so called stars are usesless, chasing people’s husband and giving them diseases and all that 

      1. @Ball so hard miss dior, If somebody can give me the name of the baller who plays in Ukraine, lol, i can connect the dots

    1. wot dis journalist is doing is very disturbing,ur simply trying to ruin the footballers marriage based on stupid hear says,wot proof do u hv dat he’s dating this gals n wot not,if his wife shld see dis n react badly towards her husband leading to divorce, is due to ur irresponsibility n unprofessionalism,secondly u calling someone a shoplifter without any proof can lead u to be sued bcause u havent provided any photography of the event as proof n cant certainly go on abusing celebs in the name of journalism,even if she shoplifed,so wot? at least she’s made something good and positive out of her life by discovering her talent n didnt turn out to be an armed robber,pls lets all learn to stop dis cheap journalism n write productive articles at ghanacelebrities @Sweety,

  2. i also think its Dereck Boateng and Yvonne Nelson but Madam X, hhhhmmm, which bitch is dat, it cant be Tiffany cos i know she fucks Samuel Inkoom so who else? @chris pls let us know these whores are really destroying people’s families, if u see Dereck’s wife, she is really pretty dat he shouldnt be cheating on her not to talk of Inkoom’s wife Beautiful, young and sexy but these stupid footballers will neva stick their dicks in one pussy. The so called celebrities in Ghana shld leave these footballers alone. Bitches will always be bitches. mmmmttttcccchhheeewww am getting pissed let me stop here.

    1. @ThickMama, yeh u right cuz i heard diamond was stealing in shops in london nd she was deported…..nd her music is not good as the gist says so…………

    1. @B.B, I know right..There are so many puzzle games in the newspaper..We could figure that out if we wanted to..Its either u insert the names and stop this X and y game as if we are in a Maths class.

  3. eeeeeiiii so this Tiffany girl is still fucking Inkoom? this girl is whore, why cant she move on wife her life, not wonder her bad luck is bringing Samuel Inkoom’s perfomance down, Poor Omega how i pity her, tiffany leave inkoom alone he is married and his wife is more beautiful than u, leave the girl to enjoy her marriage u whore. you will never enjoy ur life when u continue fucking other women’s husbands bitch. These bitches should stop using juju on married men! gosh u girls are so fucking cheap!

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, u are very stupid, I guess u didn’t understand wat I wrote, go back and read again, and I Mentioned her bcos I know she fucks footballers for money!mmmmtttccchhheeewww

          1. B.B, my dear I know for sure aaa cos am always cos we tot it was going to be jux a fling but Tifanny it taking too far so we are all not happy wit it

          2. @Ann, is it only Tiffinany tat is doin de chasing or Inkoom is also enjoying de affair pls stop all tat cos dey re all mature folks n knw wat is best 4 em.if he respect his wife he wld hav flirt wit her in de first place n allow her to b u too go n find u own footballer n make u own money afterall isn’t tat wat u also want?

  4. First she she steals, than gets deported on top of that snatch someones lover is she that stupid or what is she trying to gain anyway I will come back on this topic after my break than do a bit of investigation its kind of intresting

  5. madam x is DIAMOND SARAH APPIAH so called GH lady gaga she was deported in London for shop lifting & sleeping around with sugar daddies for money to keep up with the celebs!!!! she sucks at everything! acting nope, music nope, ashawo yep! lol

    1. Ghana gals talk too much,when she was shoplifting were u der or was it on london tv dat some ghanaian celeb went to dhoplift,is all hearssy,yese yese @kafui,

  6. people don’t think hard madam x is Diamond Appiah, i use to bang her , kokoveli too bang am aaaah, am not surprise she was deported for shop lifting. that girl will do anything 4 money mehnnn! who says shes a celeb? apuuuu so fuckin rude on social networks… kai

    1. @max, if u have slept with a girl do you have to come on a platform like thid and blow your trumpet as if you have achieved some medal!!! Its a pity nice girls date riffraffs sort of guys!! I bang this chick or that and so fucking what? Boys grow up!!!!

    2. Let me ask you this are you proud of yourself now you sound like her you will do anything for fame and attention your nothing but a capitalist you your suffering from sickness call ZOOPHILIA your next target is animals @max,

    3. U are a disgrace to men,wots even the proof that u’ve bang her,talk is cheap n any fool can say they hv banged a celeb for one minute fame so who care who u’ve banged @max,

  7. I am not shocked because that is what all these celebrities are doing in Ghana.  Adebayor almost lives in Ghana and guess what, after sleeping with Nadia Buari, he moves on to Yvonne Okoro. These footballers are using these girls like toilet paper all because the women are desperate and want money to live their so called star life.
    Sandra Ankobiah of fashion101 was sleeping with Asamoah Gyan, before that she was sleeping with another footballer I cant remember the name now.
    Yvonne Nelson and Veeda being fucked by a footballer.  What do you think the likes of Ama abebrese do around these footballers? fuck  me and give me money. I heard lydia forson also sent out naked photos to a footballer. Deborah Vanessa too did the same and these footballers meet them up in a hotel, small money is given to these girls who have no job and self pride but claim to be celebrities and use them. can you imagine how many of these women have diseases?  are shocked why they are not even married? who wants any of these people?

    1. Madam X is Diamond Appiah comparing herself to Lady GAGA! cheap SLAUT and a THIEF>>> LMFAO! its Diamndlicious Lol oh GH music SAD SAD SAD if people like Diamiond are claimin to be artiste OMG! are we safe *cant watch* shame on u Diamond Appiah u are gud 4 nothing!!!!!

    2. Eeeeeish this girl is it because you hate them or what or have yopu witness that WO Y3 KONKONSA NUMBER ONE paaaa hahahahahahaa @Nikki,

          1. @Dr. Miyagi, hahaahahah is called international cnn oooo am sure nikki reported the issue to GC lol see how she’s commenting with more fila’s

    3. @Nikki, hei masa eye please say no more its clear you get filla,its funny that these are people we celebrate and call them celebrities,no i think the word should be crazy and not funny,its carzy.

  8. Sometimes I wonder what these girls actually do in life. we all know they are not paid any good money for those shit movies or tv shows yet they seem to be everywhere. who is paying for their so called high life? not their fathers but some old men and footballers who may be carrying std or married.  do these women care about respect? 

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! KWAKWAKWAKWAAAA!!! OMG bitch u are busted….. DIAMOND APPIAH your cup is full oooo! shame on u THIEF u are a disgrace chai chai chai…. Abua HAHAHAAAA! shop lifting ashawo! Abena Asamoah where are u? God has answered your prayers ooo poor girl come for a hug wai… Diamond Appiah God has punished u! God has exposed u wai… wob3 su maamaaa ROTFL! people ask her Diamond why she changed her name from SARAH to DIAMOND???

    1. @Ohemaa SERWAA, if she has change her name and so what??? is she the first celebrity to change her name,confidence too change her name from faith,jayne to efya n even batman to samini,so shld we kill dem cos dey hv change their names?why do ghanaians seize cheap oppoutunities to insult n bring ppl down when infact all these celebs ur insulting hv their own brands n businesses n making money for demselves whiles some ppl on here are hustling in europe n gh n cant even afford two square meals a day? aaaba da hating on ppl is too much n we must all learn to stop dis.most of u cant afford their xpenses so leave dem n let dem fcuk who ever? who cares who dey fck..let dem be

    2. ghanaians n pull him down syndrome ..smh wot is all this about,whether is tiffany,yvonne,diamond,racquel or who ever,leave dem alone n let these ladies live their lives in peace afterall wot is their crime here?da fact dat dey entertain us doesnt give us da rite to insult dem any how,we shld be ashame of ourselfs,so every successful woman in ghana is classified as ash.wo,eye asem ooo,typical african mentality in dis decade..grow up

      1. @clara,she changed her name bcos she was trying to come back to uk with a different name, if u want to know more abt Sara i will personally tell u

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, ooooo Jesus im dying….but im LMFAO @ wokasa toooooooooooo much hahahahahhahahaha,Goooood im enjoyin this platform

  10. hmmm Chris is at it again, Amebo!!!!!!!! well, i ve got no clue but what do we expect from these wannabees? they live beyond their means, they want to celebs at all cost nd ride in big cars. If not bed hopping, how can they meet up. their cup of coffee anyway.

  11. ok. I wil say oh..i heard dat jackie 2 get sum offer in naija..infact hmm d big boys der get am papa..lyk d cars how she get 3 or so?.i heard oh. Dnt cum n bash me..2day b 2day

    1. @ThickMama, yea today b today n all de stories re Rollin up n abt de BANKU madam no body will worry u n if dey do y don’t u hav mouth Masa? Wat u re sayin is de damn true n as u knw de truth hurts

      1. @Constance, lyk d reporters say, it is alleged dat madam banku was offerd an offer 2 gud 2 b resisted..u knw dese naija big boys, dey spoil gals silly…lol. Yep d truth hurts.

      1. @jessi, nadia is my sweetheart so she hasnt done anytin lol..hahaha i heard dat chick got bangd by appiah n sum oda ppl,essien was jst tastin sum,lol i also heard momma b pimpin 2 big boys..dat car she got wit d personalizd numba plate wasnt a gift 4rm papa oh..yese yese lol

  12. Eish ghana fuo kasa papa,look at the way y’ll are jumping up at these gals calling names,stop judging n insulting ppl n let dey ppl who hv not sinned b4 throw stones.GC kwraa when will u stop dis unprofessionalism,u only promote abusive conduct.

  13. Abeg u guys should live Diamond alone, shes a thief & ashawo & so what? how do u expect her to survive now dat she has no car & no job!!! LMAO sorry ooo Diamondlicious….

    1. At least she has a career n has made something out of her life.evone in uk know u dutch gals r ashawo n most of u hv nothing to show for it after jumping from one man to anoda n u dare call some ashawo,ur moda. @Holland Queen,

      1. @ruby, very true lol dutch chic’s dates online men sending nude pictures to them and all…. been seeing them here a lot during summer and xmas just in the name of internet dating.. Holland queen get a life and stop calling someone names.

  14. Well eveone living in europe has shoplifted before cos some things like lip gloss,mascara n lip balm r simply annoying to buy and even hollywood stars with millions also shoplift n get cot,so wots da big deal anyway,whether is Racquel or who ever

      1. @B.B, africans in europe r all guilty of some petti crime or the other so why r u all trying to act as saints instead of spitting the ur closets n tells us wot u really did,i hv stolen lip gloss severe x cos i fucken pay too much tax n need to save sum pennies..ahaha

        1. Kwasia why are you trying to put your life expierence here gyimi girl just because u steal to come by does not make all of us one you pay too much tax did anybody ask you to come here idiot yet you will be sitting inside a church trying to wash your sins away [email protected],

          1. Dont insult me cos girls always do it n is no big deal,so if u want to deny it here then dats their own shiiit.maybe ur guy so u dont hv a clue wot some gals do 4 fun,am not gyimi ok @Dr. Miyagi,

          2. Fair enough I take my words back but what makes you think that every african girl did the same thing you are doing why use the word african why not “Majority” of girls @ruby,

        2. @ruby, u re vry crazy paaaa how dare u say tat African gals shoplift? Look pls speak 4 ya self ok cos if u don’t hav dignity n u go stealing n u claim tat u pay tax hummm? Lik u were force to stay der Hun?

        3. @ruby, the right word should have been some africans,cos some of us we dey live good,i mean real good,it will be insane to enter a shop and steal when we can afford it ,may be our fathers are not known like kofi annan and rawlingses and akufo addos and the rest but we do come from good homes and have absolutely no reason to steal when cash dey.change your mind to some africans and not just africans.

  15. ……………..that is all I can say for now cos I’m never knew there is a penal discussion bigger than that of parliament with a large publicity……Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again.
    Ghana can talk

  16. look at how you have come out to attack your fellow human beings. vultures!
    You think the industry is not currupt in holywood?
    what wrong with somebody sleeping with somebody or are you not getting sex in your own miserable lives?
    People can sleep around with who they want. they are all grown human being. don’t you sleep with anybody yourself?
    and so what? they can keep sleeping till they tired. 

  17. Fila oo Fila, i heard Richard Kingston{ olele}wife confessed in TD Joshua’s church in bewitching his husband thru his career and making him impotent as well. pls how true is that folks.

  18. I don’t think this is abt diamond cos she was my school mate in j.s.s n she’s not dat type of person.she comes from a rich family and those days she use to even be chauffered to school in a mercedes benz which was the most luxurous car at dat time n all our sch will attest to dis dat she’s from a rich family.her father was a rev. Minister and I went to her house once during her birthday party ppl shld stop writing things abt her cos most of u haven’t even seen her personally before so is surprising how ur making up disguisting things about of our school mate is also oguns of 2toff fame,he can also confirm dat diamond was one of the brilliant students from a rich home so leave her alone.

    1. @maame, what does richness got to do with shoplifting?? it could be afi3 bayi3 trying to mess up her reputation… is very simple now rich kids does worse than the lower class ones.

      1. @nana ama, Diamond Appiah we know u are the one hidding behind the name maame & wrtiing those foolish comments about coming from a rich home! u are very funny & miserable papa LMAO wanna be like u, THIEF! ASHAWO! HAHAHAHAHAAAA

    2. @maame, Diamond Appiah we know u are the one hidding behind the name maame & wrtiing those foolish comments about coming from a rich home! u are very funny & miserable papa LMAO wanna be like u, THIEF! ASHAWO! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  19. @ seth,why are u jealous dat she’s from a rich family hahahaha cos dis is no secret,all her school mate know dis for a fact that is why I said ppl shld ask oguns of 2toff cos he’s also a musician n know diamond from her shool days,u rather sound like a thief,which civilised guy will call a woman an ashawo.the writer also didn’t mention diamond or anybody’s name so I don’t even hv to waste my time on an idiot like u,I was only defending an old classmate dats all…nonsense


  20. Some people are so pathetic its sad, you wonder what they do for a living and what kind of environment they were brought up.

  21. that Diamond chick no finish high school, i dey follow am for twitter & facebook soso gbaa the bitch dey gbaaa! spelling mistakes pleeenty, u go shock sef. kokoveli + rough & smooth all bang am then dawg am wey now she dey call herself celeb lol she no fit sing sef, sugar daddies wey dem dey pay her for SEX wey she be thief too

  22. this one diaaa is Diamond Appiah ooooo….eeeiishh Diamond wunim akuasee..see how u disgrace Abena, today be your turn….oooooooohhhh shame on you…kronfouuuuuuu.. 3weeeeeeeee  ooooo….international ashawoa going dubia coming .lol

    1. You serious lool I’m not suprised than Croyden is like second Dansoman I thought it happend somewhere in east london or north london how the hell are you going to steal in debenhams for. Lool this is getting better and [email protected],

      1. @Dr. Miyagi,they deported her to ghanam then she moved to togo to prostitute for a while amd lied to her friends that she was in paris, so one day she called and forgot to hide the id so her friends called back  and the lady at the call center said it was togo….hahaha

    2. If u claim u was there then why don’t u post the pictures of the incident since u claim u were there,is quite sad how ppl can fabricate n spread lies abt thers,I won’t be surprised if u don’t even know the person but bcos she a celebrity and ppl are talking abt her u also made up someting to say,read a lot of comments on here n everybody seem to be saying some different.this defamation of character without substiancial evidence has got to stop.let’s empower ourselves with education cos am sure if u were knowledgeable enuff u wouldn’t be writing such comments abt ur fellow human being just to make u feel good abt urself,u hv low self esteem @yve,

  23. Diamond what happened to u? u use to be a ( bit) beautiful chocolate girl .y bleach ur skin ?bcus its even nice,ur face is obroni and ur feet is otumtum y? aadzzeeeeng expe soap n cream kakra ahhh adeeeng? or maybe u stoled the soap n the cream too so u dont kno the use of it. hahahahahhahahaah sowiiiieeeeee

    1. @bombacious, stop spreading lies abt someone u don’t even know,were u paid for codemning the person,is a shame how ghanaians like u try to bring ppl down,even if is true she shoplifted dat was probably ages ago n everybodt makes mistakes in their past,wot matters is the present n future,these gals hv made something out of their lives now by exploring their talents n all ppl like u know to do best is codemn dem with packs of lies,if the writer had concrete evidence then he shld hv mentioned the names of whoever,am a law student who doesn’t work wit hear says n gossips cos is ppl who r mesirable in their own lifes to gossip abt others,whiles these celebs r busy building up their lives,ur wasting ur time on dem when infact ur next door neighbour doesn’t even know u exist,kim kardashian has been called worst names yets she’s banking millions of dollors ev season n those dat waste time gossiping abt her can’t even afford 3 suare meals in a day,