Dear GC Readers, My Husband’s Ex Wife Is Sick & He Wants Her To Come And Stay With Us Till She Gets Better…What Should I do?

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Dear GC,

I’ve been married for just a year now and although I believe we are happily married getting to this stage was really no joke. When I met my now husband he had been separated a year and we married 7 months after the divorce was settled. They divorced because she cheated on him but she never really accepted his decision to get the divorce.

Now she is said to be very ill. Her parents have passed, she’s an only child and her friends can’t accommodate her.  After seeing her condition in the hospital and speaking to her surgeon, my husband is saying to me that she should stay with us till she recovers as she needs care.

Though we have had run ins and she has been a real nightmare since meeting her, I’m not a heartless person, but my friends say I should beware as it could be a scam to get her husband back. She is genuinely sick and cannot recover well if she doesn’t get the care she needs

What should I do?

Dear Janet,

It’s easy to see why you are thinking twice about not wanting to accommodate the ex wife. You are human and your dealings with her sound as though they’ve been less than pleasant, not to mention your marriage is still quite new.

You cannot ignore this woman who only has the both of you to turn to. So it’s important you sit with your husband and state clearly what you can do to accommodate her and for how long or if you can care for her in her own home.

I hope this helps…Let’s see advice  GC readers have to offer!


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    1. Sorry Jessi, I could not log into the main comments section due to some technical problems with it, so I am using your reply section. I actually want to ask GC why they used the photograph of NNEKA, the Nigerian superstar musician for this story?

        1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, OH REALLY? Then please Google Nneka and come back and tell me that is not her. I guess others on this blog can also Google and see for themselves

        2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i was just coming to ask the same,ofcause thats not NNEKA absolutely not.chris i think the big chief got it all missed up so pardon him.

  1. I have to agree with the above person this is pure nonsense and i dont think GC should have paiid attention to this there is a reason why hospitals, are out there GP etc unless there is more to this story

  2. hahaaaaaaa,,, A big Fat No!!!!!!!! my dear, do not take that huge risk bcos u might not be immuned to seriouse trouble. Careful!!!

  3. no please dont allow that, where is her family, if she does not have one she has friends, you can help her financially, but please dont let her move in. i will say dont allow your husband get too close to her as well thanks.

  4. This is a big NO. I wouldnt even think twice about this before saying no. Where are her extended family members? At least from both her paternal & maternal families there will be someone willing to take care of her. You and your husband should help her financially or even visit to check on her but to move in paaaaaaa, hmmmmm, my dear she will recover from her sickness and before you know, she’s getting it in with your husband.

  5. Please is this story real?if so then my dear sit up and don,t be childish and make sure you protect your marriage before you lose it.This woman is up to something she can die in your matrimonial home out of anger,pain,frustration,depression,and jealosy without her showing it and you and your husband will be held responsible so tell your husband to choose either you or his EX.