Sex, Lies, Animosity & Fight…Yvonne Nelson & Mzbel On Each Others Neck Over A Man!

Are decent men that difficult to come by in Ghana? I surely do not think so, but I guess it is either they are taken, broke or they are not interested in some of our deluded, high time and semi-educated celebrities.
According to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s sources close to Mzbel and Yvonne Nelson, the two female Ghanaian celebrities who appeared as ‘friends’ at last year’s GMA are on the neck of each other, stabbing and crippling each other with insults, lies and name calling.
We’ve been told that, the level of hostility which has erupted between these two stars who were once on good terms is at its unimaginable height. With one already threatening to finish the career of the other, it certainly must be resolved.
And guess who/what is the source of the anger, animosity and jealousy brewing within the camps of these two celebrities…A MAN of course!
According to our sources, a mutual friend of Mzbel and Yvonne Nelson had a private conversation with the former about the way Yvonne Nelson is desperate to get notice by Nigerian artiste Ice Prince, her intention to catch him as her man and other nasty things which Yvonne has said about other female celebrities. Yvonne Nelson was later informed of the conversation that took place in private by this same friend…
Hell must have descended as Yvonne Nelson is said to have fired insults ranging from how posh she is compared to Mzbel, her success and beauty which make Mzbel jealous of her…
The pot was opened…We are told it got pretty nasty as mentions were made about Yvonne Nelson’s cheap Container shop she calls a boutique, staying at a rented home in Dansoman with her parents even though she claims to be successful and rich, etc…
When two women who were once pretty close fight, all the secrets are given wings to fly.
After the loud fight, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, Mzbel tried to explain to Yvonne Nelson over phone as to the private conversation she had, what she actually said and the lies which have been added.
In her attempt to do so and achieve some sort of peace, she apologised to Yvonne Nelson not knowing Yvonne Nelson was recording her plea.
Soon, the apology and conversation was sent over to several people on BlackBerry. It even became the ringtone of some few excited people…LOL.
As we write, the fire is still burning…We are told the insults, lies, sex and fight continue!
When two celebrities fight, blogs like GhanaCelebrities.Com and their readers benefit. LOL


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