A-Plus Begins Peace Campaign Ahead Of December Polls

A Plus
A Plus

With three months to the December polls, the song every Ghanaian is singing right now is the peace song. Ghanaians have started calling on individuals and political parties for tolerance and decorum ahead of the December 7th general elections.
There has been tension in the country since the start of the country’s first biometric registration few months back. As the biometric register was being compiled, several individuals brought out their selfish attitude in public as they tried to cause mayhem and mar the beauty and general peaceful process of the biometric registration.
Others stopped potential voters from registering at particular polling stations – claiming such individuals were not qualified to register at such polling stations.
Looking at what happened just during the compilation of the biometric register, the worst can happen during the voting process if action is not taken to prevent it from escalating.
Joining well meaning Ghanaians calling for peace before, during and after the elections is controversial musician, A-Plus who has spent all his life doing music to admonish politicians to do the right things in the society.
Real name, Kwame Asare Obeng, A-Plus since the beginning of this year has made it known to Ghanaians that, he’s ready to dedicate his time and resources to champion and campaign for peaceful elections.
He mentioned that, the project is going to be a nationwide tour which will last for a whole month, commencing on from the 6th of November and end on the day before the general elections, 6th of December.
His company, Konsule Entertainment is working in close partnership with an event company he is still in talks with for this project.
According to him, he is working closely with other individuals and corporate Ghana to ensure that the ‘peaceful elections campaign is louder than any political campaign’.
This means, more works and resources would be pushed into making it a reality in the coming months.
To kick off the campaign, a peace song titled ‘Our Prayer’ has been recorded and currently being distributed online and other mediums. A video would shortly be worked on to help drive home the peace message well to Ghanaians.
Making sure the peace campaign becomes louder than any political campaign, the team are set to release ‘gargantuan’ billboards which would be mounted in district and regional capitals nationwide.
It will be followed by music concerts at lorry stations, market places and all public places. The team will also meet politicians and opinion leader.
The core message to them would be to endorse the peace campaign and assure the people that they are committed to a peaceful election and peaceful Ghana.  He said, they would also visit to party leaders and parliament to seek their endorsement of the campaign.
“We will even ask if we can deliver peace messages at rallies before the main activities begin.”
“A day to elections, there is a halt in political activities. On that day we will hold a huge concert in Accra. In fact it’s going to be free. We expect that all Ghanaians come out in their numbers with their Ghana flags. We are going to show the world what we got. To show the world that we are one people. To show the world that they are about to experience one of the world’s biggest democracies in action again. We will dance the political tension from various campaigns away. The world is watching and I know Ghana will not disappoint.
“My aim is simple” he told GhanaCelebrities.Com, “Is to celebrate Ghana’s beautiful democracy and once again show the world how civilized and peaceful we are. To let investors know that there is no better place to do business in Africa than Ghana.”
Ask if he was scared something was going to happen during the elections he said; “We are not doing this because we are scared, we are only reminding everybody that peace can’t be compromised in anyway. You also agree with me that prevention is better than cure”
Concluding, A Plus had this to say; “We want millions of people to sign up to our Group “I Support Peace 2012 on facebook and Twitter or follow @aplusghana on Twitter for updates”. You can download a copy of the Peace Campaign song here
Listen to A Plus’ Our Prayer Below


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