Video: Joselyn Dumas Featured In Lynxxx's New Music Video-Fine Lady…What Do You Think?

Nigerian artiste-Lynxx spotted the beauty/banging body of Ghanaian Actress/Tv Presenter Joselyn Canfor Dumas and flew her to Nigeria to star in his ‘Fine Lady’ music video…
She looks exceptionally stunning in the video but from where I sit, she also looks some how STIFF and doesn’t  seem to be COMFORTABLE…Maybe being a video girl is not her thing!
What do you think?
Check out the video below


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0 thoughts on “Video: Joselyn Dumas Featured In Lynxxx's New Music Video-Fine Lady…What Do You Think?”

  1. Naija people really know how to shoot a video very creative and nice she played it well and sure picked a fine lady im sure those naija girls cant top miss dumas it shows that GH ladies are on top of their game she is damn fine

      • @nana ama, No she is not married to a nigerian. she has a ghanaian boyfriend. gosh the girl is not even married. where did you here this from

          • @nana ama, Hun dont be visiting these nigerian websites oooo. all they do is lie. they like to tag our women with their men to make it seem that ghanaian women like their men. remember that story they wrote about nadia dating some big ass belly man like that. that was so not true. they fooled you. that was a movie scene. nadia even said she didnt know where that story came from because that man was showing them around for a movie shot. they said the man had wife right? how come there was no drama from the wife. which woman will sit there and let another woman take her hausband without a fight. now this same nigerian people are saying that yvonne nelson is in a relationship with some short nigerian dude called iyanya.

    • @Dr Miyagi, How come you Ghanaians always rely on MIXED RACE people to portray your so-called Ghanaian beauty?
      And did i hear you say ‘Lagos rats’?   Charley, everyone knows that an average Nigerian is 100 times more of a man than your average kenkey eating lazy Ghanaian Ass.
      Even Ghanaian celebrity women know this, u see them fighting over Nigerian celebrities, ‘abi no be two of them dey fight over  ordinary Ice prince (not even D’banj,Psquare or Flavour) the other day?  
      No wonder why a Ghanaian mixed race beauty like Joselyn  would NEVER have been caught dead appearing on a hungry Ghanaian artistes’ video.
      Azonto urself to hell dude!!!

      • @Nword, Ask him for me Nword. Useless nonsense lazy Ghanaian men. Sitting in bed all day and complaining about Nigerian men taking their girls. 
        And glorifying mixed race girl. You wont say jackie is fine but dumas is fine? what is wrong with your eye?

        • Idiot why should I say Jackie is fine don’t come and start any drama here okay cause I will give u drama what sense are u making there I said it dumas is fine what the hell are u talking about Glorifying mixrace girls are u that stupid who is talking about colors here what does the definition of fine girl mean to you [email protected](Miss Ghana),

          • @Dr. Miyagi, dont even reply to those two nigerian fools giving their ignorant stupid comments. first of all jocelyn is a 100% ghanaian. plus ghana women are all natural unlike you nigerians who keep bleaching themselves with youre uneducated behaviour. bunch of uncivilized people. what about those majority abonded mixed race in nigeria and all over the world. you nigerians both men and women are so damn loose that you make mixed bastards roaming around and then you guys lie and say ohh we have naturaly lightskinned people in nigeria. to hell with that. am a proud ghanaian for life. crooks

          • @Dr. Miyagi, apuu Nigerians,, dont bring your nonsense here. Ghanaians are blessed, we live in harmony with our muslims. Unlike you guys, alwaya war. If you ask any nonnigerian if they know Nigeria,, they will sayyea, go ahead and ask them what they are known for..he or she will tell you 419. Nkwasiafo, plus we have more beautiful women than Nigeria, , you guya think you do cus of your population. Abi comot for there.

          • @nana ama, Ok I have heard. hehe. I just want to make them go crazy here. Miyagi wants to finish me already but I am laughing.

          • Awurade Abrokyire nkwolaa mbuadie wo pɛ ntokwa I will give it to you aboa funu biribi gye gye wo wa tii kwasia your laughing keep laughing ofui next time you mention my name or address me you will see hypocrite wo nim bassa bassa se adwi whoever gave you the title “miss ghana” should take it back and stop deceiving you wo kaa sɛ wo class mate ne me? wo tu Kitwaaa wa ti (flatscreen)@Betty(Miss Ghana),

      • Azonto where lol dude I’m not down with that tight ass jeans stylo count me out and you must be living a big fat lie its only those useless ones that will go after naija man and besides I was only joking since you want to take it further what do naija girls do date GH have 10 abortions and when things don’t go their way use him 4 Blood money let me ask you this Na when soldier slap you, you go sabi say police na your [email protected],

        • @Dr. Miyagi, Believe it or not amongst Porsche Naija women, dating a Ghanaian man is a thing of shame. Whenever u see an old Naija lady say in her 40s with a kid but with no husband,the general saying among her family members is,”Can’t you find a man to marry you,even if it’s a Ghanaian.” 
          Many retired pro$titutes in Naija have Ghanaian hubbys, i know two personally. TRUE STORY,

        • @Dr. Miyagi, do you know where my title is from? the same school that gave you the doctor title. 
          hahaha! have you finished insulting me now?
          Please no do and get epilepsy for body because of internet comment. weytin dey?
          oya come back and add more insult. 
          but you still rock for this site.

  2. if she becomes comfortable with him, people wii speculate he is banging her, so let her keep her distance OR the director didn’t bring her best out

  3. no she is not stiff she just cant dance and she hasnt got moves. beautiful lady tho and p.s she is not ghanaian she is lebanese and half american

    • @bobby, Are you sure? She say she be Ga woman. So lets ask her well.
      By the way, I think she was too stiff and conscious of the camera. Her eye contact was all over the place. She sould have done better because she is an actress. maybe the directors in he rmovies are just good.

      • @Betty(Miss Ghana), for you guys information she is EWE and Krobo. and we all know that EWE ladies are naturally lightskinned so who ever came with this crap please do some research

    • @bobby, she is a full ga from jamestown. when they were interviewed in canada at the adams apples premier, she said she is full ga but people always assume she is mixed race, and shirley confirmed that she acts ‘typical’ ga

      • @nat, oh really? i readt somewhere she is lebanese and american and that she has stayed in america for a long time. my bad then thanks

        • @bobby,she is proper ga, just stayed in america. she said some people even think she’s somalian. i think ghs always tag a fair person mixed-race

  4. @Nword. Whats all these statements u r making about GH Men, The fact that u guys do lots of drugs and fraud doesn’t mean u r better than GH Men. Kwasia . Wo ma me twe

  5. Please ooooo joselyn dumas is not mixed raced. she is a full ghanaian from jamestown accra. she is a full GA lady. her mum is Krobo. her dad is GA. she is even not this light. it just the lighting made her very light. she is just slightly fair and her color is common among GAs, Fanti’s, and Ewes so all you nigerians who dont know shit about ghana pls shut the hell up.and pls she has a Ghanaian boyfriend she comes to events with here in Accra. she has a daughter but i dont know if she had with her boyfriend. Lynxxx have been admiring this lady ever since he appeared on her show and i guess they got acqainted because lynxxx revealed to her that his mum is half ghanaian/ half carribean. Lynxxx himself has some ghanaian blood in him i guess thats why he invited his ghanaian sister to come to Nigeria to feature as his fine lady in this music video.

      • Have you ever notice that. Most naija babes write “sexy” “barbie” on as their name on Facebook wall ..but when you open the picture you just Faint behind your smart phone or notebook and they are here making noise like some one once told me ” omo computer village boys bad, where u go buy confirm Blackberry, if u reach house u go see Fufu or chinco”@nana ama,

        • @Dr. Miyagi, lol i cant stand nigerians with their bleaching swaggs thinking they fine after bleaching…..Is not even their babes only their men too… only fine ones are in the Nollywood.

          • @nana ama, u only jealous cos normal bleaching cream CANT work on your coal tar dry ghanaian skin. Eh yaaaaaaaaa, Charley, sorry o. Use acid, it should work.  LOL

          • @Nword, Who says i wanna bleach on my God giving skin?? please who ever fears the lord wouldn’t use nasty creams on their body… Naija folks do not fear God in anyway thats why they invest all their money into bleaching creams… Jealous my foot, on their stinky body? May Godforbid infact tell your women they stinks well well please. 

    • wetin dey pain me pass be say, all this naija girls go dey do shakara when dem mates dey marry for weekends!! smh one word “useless”@koroma,

      • @Dr. Miyagi, the more this guy types the dumber he gets, obviously one of those rejects in the uk cleaning toilets for a living. mate u are a troll on this site and a completely clueless nuisance, you need to travel more and acquire newer circle of friends….

        • @urmam,where is your common sense huh junkie is it paining you or what cause its seems like your much dumber for coming and givinh me some useless feedback so sk you again where is your commen sense? useless cross legs 

  6. My very dearest Native doctor Miyagi, you again and Nigeria? WTF is wrong with your your Medula Oblongata sorry I meant to say your Oblong head. What the fuck is the problem between you and Nigeria? Make una help me ask this pussy of a man. Next time you open that smelling Vagina on your face you call mouth to abuse Nigeria. Go and get educated, then get a job and a real life. You seem to be very jobless always there to comment-job for the extremely jobless and idle.

    • @Jtoni, Looool I seems to be jobless and I am jobless which one is which stop confusing yourself Lagos rat what are you igbo or Yoruba is that all you could come up with huh “Jtoni” who’s name did you clone this time or did 419 to no wonder why Nigerian woman legs are like ALABA market its always open for business your coming to tell me I am jobless while you don’t no me see how pathetic you are its shows me how useless you are already “Mr Jtoni” remember that Intelligence” is like an “underwear”…It’s important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it off you feel me let’s get back to me being Jobless have you ever heard of the phrase “work hard in silence and let your succes make the noise” huh if not think really hard before you or any of your lagos rat army come and judge me okay Jtoni untill than have a lovely blessing sunday mr Naija man or should I say 419 Scammers what do you man or woman come and do here in europe or western the ladies and up selling their body Ashawo PHD Degree as for the man don’t let me even start I’m sure your dumb ass will try and challange me but I will be ready for you Mr lagos Rat aka Jtoni jokes are here to be made same way you guys makes jokes about Ghanaians but you want to take far than always going to be ready for you “One Luve”

      • @DR MIYAGI
        You have only end up proving how inferior ghanians are,especially the men.
        I pity your women,as they only have a low gene-pool of quality men to pick from.

        • Another bush boy look who is talking atleast we got a name what do you guys have 419 scammers, ashawo first degree, cross legs, big forhead, loud mouth talk on the phone like you have never seen or communicate through a phone before, most of you are just a bunch of hypocrite living on crime don’t let me start with you naija rats see how naija girls look like majority of the girls smell worst than the gutter bleach untill they look like ghost on top of it put make [email protected],

      • @Dr. Miyagi, lol you know naija folks don’t know English and is very sad oooo… their grammar and accent be killer… sometimes blame it on their nation language pidgin for destroying their grammar and tone…In my  math class, these two naija would ask all the questions on this earth and sometimes gets irritating so lol the professor lol gave them a private tutor to help understand the english terms hmmm… @solomon please take the clog of your ppl’s eye before directing something on miyagi okay? thank you

        • @nana ama, Last time i checked, Nigerian accent was amongst the top 5 world’s sexiests. This is why Naija music breaks boundaries and is popular all across Africa. If our accents was that bad other Africans or foreigners wouldnt like our songs.
          Go to your old school libraries, i bet you that 80% of the authors of ur primary and secondary school books are Nigerians. You all Ghanaians are now copying Naija lingos in ur songs, using our brand of pidgin and words like ‘gbedu’,tufia kwa, chineke etc. You guys even attempt to add ‘O’ after each sentence like Nigerians do. Shame on una ooooooo. Why una no stick to ur ‘breda’, ‘ham berga’, ‘Cherch’, ‘sisteh’ accent? After all it’s ‘werking’ for ghanaians. LOOOOOOL

          • @Nword,top 5 in the world? You must be out of your damn mind just to pronounce “thursdayy” you say thorsday and you claim your in top 5 go back to bed and keep on dreaming okay cause its seems like your suffering from diarrhea

          • @Dr Miyagi, How do the Italians and French pronounce ‘Thursday’? At least not as disgusting as Ghanaians who call it ‘Tessday’.
            Ps: Google It, Nigeria has one of the world’s top 5 s3xiest accents. No be me talk am.

          • You write allot of cock and bull you know what has italians got to do with it, the whole debate is about Ghana and Nigeria how did the italians come into it? Dude if you can’t stand the heat than stay out of the [email protected],


          • @nana ama, Typical Ghanaian inferiority complex, bragging about having a ‘WHITE obroni FRIEND’ mumu…even if ur so-called ‘white friend’ truly existed, I can bet that at least two Naija bois have already serviced her pink pvssy. How can i be ashamed of Naija when 80% of Ghanaians want to be like us?
            The Naija swag is too awesome from West Africa down to Eastern and Southern Africa, go do your research oooo…

  7. @dr miyagi
    Ghana must be really boring for you to have the time to supposedly know us like this.
    I can’t believe we have a whole nation stalking us.
    Deny it all you want,Nigeria makes ghana go round in every aspect of life.

    • @Solomon, Bro stop arguing with these Ghanaians o, they worship Nigerians so much that their self esteem has shrunk into oblivion. While Nigeria has her own ugly issues, The country still boasts of TOO MANY things to be proud of.
      Ghanaians can only be proud of two things, their independence date and Azonto. LOL
      Majority of Ghanaians are so spineless that just ONE ethnic group has imposed the TWI language on the rest of the country. 
      Yes we get Boko Haram in the Northern Nigeria but we dealing with them like MEN.
      Ghana’s Northern region has been OVER marginalized but due to the stupidity of Ghanaians in general, they do nothing. But i heard some Northern Ghanaian muslims are growing some balls and when they strike in places like Hoho,the rest of Ghanaians PEE in their pants out of fear.

      • So your here making noise again we can never be jealous of you guys so what if we got Azonto atleast we are making the whole word dance what are u guys doing ripping people of and that makes the whole world hate you guys we got our independent day ask anybody about ghana we get praised ask anybody about nigeria people start running away we got a fashion desinger that has open allot of peoples eyes and his on top of his game what do you guys have cow boys shoes and carrying 4 mobiles phones like your important even though just one of them goes off we got football players making noise world wide and. The national team where are nigeria no where Yenkini died, kanu carinf a fake heart Finidi george no where to be found and I can go on and on yet you call yourself Super eagles lol bunch of [email protected],

    • @Solomon, A nigerian talking about grammar errors?? omg hahahahah solomon not to offend you but we all know English aint the thing for naija folks lol even here in virginia tech almost 90% of naija are taking ESL  English as second language lol before taking regular english.. Please lol show some respect for ghanaians okay? ahhhh this guy paa you should even be proud of us i meant we the ghanaians for being polished, For example, our beautiful accent, decent culture and also for being too smart hahahaahahaha. Mind you this is not an english class, is a gossip blog for ghanaians not 419 folks so if you cant stand the heat i suggest you dont reply to comments.. Thank you 

        • @Dr. Miyagi, Let me tell u and nana ama a short story about nigeria. U see, nigeria is a cursed land and so are the people in it. That is the end of the story. 

          • @Sir, Nigeria is a ‘cursed’ land yet her citizens own over 60% of the most viable new generation banks in your blessed Ghana? ‘Cursed’ Nigerians own multi million dollar entertainment outfits in movies,music and comedy with outlets right there in ur own Ghana,under ur nose and you guys cant do nothing about it? Even Ghanaians prefer naija entertainment to theirs and u dey there dey yarn?
            Ghanaians even had to beg their toothless government to evict SMALL SCALE Naija retailers from their country just to give the notoriously lazy Ghanaian a competitive edge in his/her own country? Whereas Ghanaians in Nigeria are left alone in peace to practise their trade in shoe shining, puff-puff sales, blacksmith, bakery attendants, office cleaners and low class prostitvtion.
            Many Nigerians live large in Naija yet we still travel to Ghana and LIVE LARGER than the kenkey eating bastards in Accra and kumasi? Nigerians oppress Ghanaians in their own country yet una no fit do anything. Na just to dey abuse Naija for internet…LOL
            You people havent realized that NIGERIANS OWN GHANA sha?

          • @Nword, Nigerians own GHANA since when lol, GOD WILLING IF THERES CHANGE OF GOVT will see how much nigeria owns GHANA.

  8. @Ball so hard miss dior ,
    Even if una like resurrect Kwame Nkrumah to form a new government in Ghana, the country will always remain Nigeria’s biiitch. True story!

  9. @nword do you even know ghana coz it seems to me like you just type any nonsense dat comes in ur mind. tell me where did you read dat nigeria owns ghana? please if you don’t have anything better to type don’t type at all and the next type you say something try backing it up with evidence 


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