Love & Relationship: Should I Make The First Move?

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Where are the various experienced and vibrant GC ladies who can help me figure out my puzzled situation?
I was single for almost two years and then decided to try this speed dating thing that my friends were always giving it a go.
My first time there was a real joke. In fact I just went there to laugh and did not pay any attention or give out anything special to the people I met.
Somehow I decided to be serious for a second try and it worked…Not worked as I got a husband but I met someone I like and would want to see things graduating to the next level.
This is where the problem and confusion come in.
When we met, he told me he works for himself (that is the sort of man I want) and he works per contract therefore he can be busy sometimes when the contracts are coming in. And also he can go for like 6 months without any contract so would have plenty of time on his hands for travel, hang outs and all sorts of activities.
Since it seemed like it was going to be balance, I was excited about it. But 4 months just passed last Wednesday and he has not said anything serious even though he throws out pleasant complements about me. We have kissed several times but in this modern world, a kiss is surely nothing.
There are times he has brought his whole work station (Laptop and stuff) to stay over at my flat. But such nights have been little talking and all work for him.
I feel great when around him, that is when he gives me some sort of attention.  Anytime I try to arrange anything, I need to make it so obvious as if I am begging to meet up or go somewhere with him. Mostly he turns it down with the same reason; I got a deadline honey!
I do not know where things stand and I feel like making the first move…Like saying, I love you or something to let him know I want more from him and want this relationship to move up the ladder badly.
I do not want to also come up as desperate…What do you guys think is the way forward for me?
Do not tell me I should forget him and move on since there is no where to move to. Remember I was single for two long years.

Sassy Chic


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  1. Never ask for an advice on issues like this from a woman, women don’t know themselves well enough to be able to figure out a situation like this. Chris ahould start another section on GC so we can give advice to struggling gentlemen and ladies like you.

  2. Are u really that desperate to hang on to such a relationship because u were single for two years??? The guy wants ur company and not ur love but since u are afraid of being lonely u might as well stay in it and pray empty prayers

  3. hmmm, 1st, u re d one always asking to go out with him and that is d only time he gives u attention. He never told u he loves u yet, u ve been kissing like forever, not to talk of what u probably do those time he spend the night at ur end with his work load. Well, i will tell u what u don’t want to hear, forget him nd move on. Because if u dare open ur mouth to tell him u love him, he will see u as a desperado and will just use u and never take u serious. Run as far as ur legs can carry u away from him, 2yrs is nothing, be patient and wait on the Lord, he will surely give u smone who value nd cherish u.