LIFESTYLE: Where Is Ghana?

Last week I got the shock of my life when a fellow black woman on the train asked me the odd question-Where Is Ghana?
I was seated on a Train from Holland to London, well dressed in my African print when a black woman who sat next to me initiated a conversation. She mentioned that she loves my dress and that the fabric looks expensive.
After explaining to her it is an African print, I added that back home it is not that much expensive as it looks. She quickly asked; where in Africa are you from?
With a smile on my face, I proudly answered, GHANA.
To my shock, she asked, where is Ghana? I think at that moment, I must have disappeared and reappeared in my seat.
So there are people in Europe of my colour who do not even know where Ghana is situated.
I did not want to sound rude so I calmly answered; Ghana is located in West Africa, it is the first country south of the Sahara to have gained Independence.
Questions upon questions followed. I tried my best to give out as much information as I could to this woman who may be in her late 30’s.
When the questioning was getting too much, I interrupted her by saying; may I ask where you from? She mentioned that, she is originally from Cameroon but she was born in Holland.
To cut long story short, I got off the train very satisfied that I have been able to proudly tell someone about Ghana but then I was also shocked that in this era of internet, people seem not to know where Ghana can be found.
When I got to my sisters place in London, I borrowed her laptop and I found out that, over 6 million people each year Google the phrase ‘Where is Ghana’.
I guess the woman was not alone.
What is the shocking question you have been asked about Ghana? I will surely like to know!


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