How Dirty Can It Get?…Nana Ama McBrown, 35, Dumps Boyfriend For A 26 Year Old Rich Guy Who Was With Vicky Zugah?

Information available to GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that, Ghanaian Actress Nana Ama McBrown, 35,  has sadly dumped her boyfriend-Red Eye of 2Toff fame for a 26 year old guy who is riding on the richness of his mother…
If only the above is the situation, it would surely have not been news to us so keep reading…
GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that,  Nana Ama McBrown was in  a serious relationship with Red Eye of 2Toff fame for 2 years and then behind him, she was seeing a certain 26 year old guy called Maxwell, who is mentioned to be an ex boyfriend of Ghanaian Actress Vicky Zugah.
We are also told that, apart from running through the project of Vicky Zugah, Maxwell is alleged to have tried his ways with Becca, Mzbel, Eazzy and other Ghanaian celebrities. As to how far he got with them, I guess we will never know for sure.
This is how deep the story goes…
When Red Eye came to Ghana from U.S.A, he was a bit loaded and we are told that, he spent almost all his cash on Nana Ama McBrown. He even gave his car to Nana Ama McBrown to use which she later damaged it.
After investing all his time and money on his found celebrity love for 2 years, Nana Ama McBrown cheated on him. When he later found out she was seeing another guy, he confronted Nana Ama McBrown and that is when things got messy…
GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted RedEye of 2Toff fame to find out the truth in the above…He confirmed it all and added that when he contacted Nana Ama McBrown about her double relationship with him and this Max guy, she sent him a message saying…

‘Red y r u tracking ma life I don’t owe u my moda my fada I don’t owe any body is I live ma life da way I want from 2day we r not together any more wat eva u got in ma house com get it I will also com get ma stuff from ur dey’

As we write, it is alleged that Nana Ama McBrown has moved to the residence of her new young cash-money boyfriend at Gbawe, Accra while the heart of RedEye is deeply broken. Nana Ama McBrown has been spotted cruising Maxwell’s car around Accra. I just hope she does not damage it too…LOL
And all the cash Nana Ama McBrown has chewed from him is getting him almost MAD…
Is it all about cash for our celebrities? Why does it seem like when the cash is in your pocket,  most of these celebrities will be warming your side?
And why must all of them be messing with one guy? It looks like the industry is full of pass me the banana after you are done with it syndrome.
We reached out to Nana Ama McBrown but there was no response…
Check out screenshots from GhanaCelebrities.Com conversation with 2Toff !



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  1. Oh Nana Ama, I used to respect you but you have shocked me today. So dont you have your own money? why are all the celebrities fucking these stupid guys with some money to their name?

    1. @Lily,here yourself you used to respect her shows already that you never respected her in the first place you believe anything you read or here wise up

        1. @biz,kwasiaaaa na you born her idiot to call her ashawo how can you believe one side of the story and where you there to witness her lifestyle you believe everything the media writes b3ma konkonsa

        2. @biz, hahaha very true she started using tula at her tender age thinking shes lighter. as for me she cant stand me and yes this is jeanie akua asibey nana ama am waiting for you so we start this war. your nudity is ready to be sent.


    2. @Lily, respect?please leave that one aside,i dont envy these ladies at all,35 and still not even thinking of setling down instead they have turned themselves into roaming ambassadors all in the name being a celebrity,jumping here and there for cash to keep up their status and these are the people we celebrate without asking what kind of life they are living.

  2. (sinigin in ma micheal osei bonsu voice)Asem bi reba, asem bi reba ooo, onunia fa woyginabea wo hen?,asem kese bi reba ewiase…….now grab soda and popcorn….let the show begin

    1. @inchristalone, hahahahahahahahaha………………………………………… OMG! you made me have my first good laugh, have been moody today.

  3. Papa Chris so if u contacted Nana Ama and there was no response why didn’t u wait to get her own side before u posted this article?.Ppl will naturally slate her cos there is only one side of the story posted here.Try and get hers too so we can see who is saying lies before we can form opinions.

    1. @Frog,of course yes but if what is being said is true then why du think she dont want to respond?! Her mission has been accomplished. Look, i doubt the guy is himself totally innocent but if she has cheated a moved in with a man 10 years her junior what’s to defend? At least if dhe does the same to this one then her games will been seen for real. If all this is true the desperation is just too too bad!

      1. @Goldengurl,being silence is the best feedback you can ever give back to a person she got all the right not to respond i mean if someone accused you of something that its not true and the media knocked on your door would you quickly jump up and open the door and respond to it or ignore it and stay indoors?

      2. @Goldengurl, i have seen ppl who out pure spite over a breakup started spreading false rumours or half truths abt their ex-partners.So this nothing new

    2. @Frog, Did u not see that they wrote they contacted nana ama and she did not respond or so? do u want them to force her to talk? nkwasiasem

      1. @TiffanyBabe, take it easy ok.The article said “we reached out to her but there was no response”.Which can mean anything eg not being able to physically reach her as she might not be around or her cell fon is switched off

    1. @nana ama,my question to you know us how do we know this story is not fabricated your smarter than that think think think before you judge……

      1. @Dr Miyagi,hmmm you are right though, GC published everything they hear on the site whether true or false…. might not jump into conclusion the next time stuffs like this are posted….chris in order for us to comment on issues like these, please do well to provide us with more details on the second party. thanx

      2. @Dr Miyagi,@Dr Miyagi,hmmm you are right though, GC published everything they hear on the site whether true or false…. might not jump into conclusion the next time stuffs like this are posted….chris in order for us to comment on issues like these, please do well to provide us with more details on the second party. thanx

        1. That’s okay after all she been through in life I don’t think she is that stupid to make that mistake besides she is way smarter than that and there is no way she would do such a thing but we live to see or hear the trough if the story seems to be 100%  [email protected] ama,

      3. @Dr Miyagi,
        Doctor doctor.
        You are coming agaianst every comment anybody makes bad about her.
        confess what you are hiding for this woman oo. You will soon explode!

          1. @Maame Asirifua, what the hell is your problem you village ass hole, why insult someones father over the net? Learn to read next time, because reading through your comments shows how frustrated you are. where did nana ama go wrong for you to insult her dad. speak for your self and stop borrowing peoples offence on Ghana celebrities krasini baa

  4. i know the said max very well n he’s never dated eazzy or becca,it only dat cheap prostitute mzbel he dated sp pls dont drag other ppl’s names into dis mess,we know mzbel is also behind all this recent stories cos the guy dumped her and gave her broken heart after he failed to marry her and she’s paying ghanacelebrities for all this stories.mzbel be very care cos ur days are numbered.if u claim to be happy without max,then concentrate on ur unborn child n stop trying to bring ppl’s reputation down cos ur story is more dirty and u know it.if the two of them are happy that is wot matters bcos age is nothing but a number.

      1. @Chelry, yes n i know for sure n hv the proof by some text msgs she sent to maxwell threatening to expose n disgrace him. even on this site,dey hv been writing stories to attack some celebrities mzbel had serious grudge wit withing dis week,wot other proof do u want again.

    1. @kofi, hold up sorry are we all reading the same freekin’ article?! The proof is in the bb messages unless you’re claiming the messages are from Mzbel in disguise?!?! Lol 😀

  5. Some of you are quick to jump into conclusion you talk like you where there when it happen dont believe everything the media says and munching a conversation on a blackberry is not an evidence anybody could be behind is talk is cheap wake up and shine your eyes cause real eyes realize real lies

    1. @Dr Miyagi, hmmm.Sweety this could be true.I know what am talking about.Both were going out but as to whether She cheated , that am not sure..

      1. Well let’s wait and see truth will come out one day until than…………(I’m Silence) but will still support her no matter what unlike others who strait away change their mind we all make mistakes and no one is [email protected] Nbaaso),

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, come again? You’re keeping what? You? Silent? So what proof y’all looking for? You tink the chick will come and so oh yea it’s true come off it. 

          1. No no no you come of it why would a writer in gods name hear one side of the story much conversation from bbm and blog it or do you believe everything you read I’m sure your smarter than that @GoldenGurl,

          1. @Dr Miyagi, no you got potty mouth MEANZ you always swearing and cussing ppl that’s y I don’t bother on here 

          2. Looooool you got it all wrong some people look forward I mean if there is kike 43 comments and they only pick me out and insult me than I don’t have a choice than to fire back at [email protected],

    1. @James, why would we disappear?? tell me how best u judge issues….is it immediately after you listen to one person or both of them? there is a proverb that says that..”if u are the first to get to the courtroom that doesnt mean u have won the case”….. some things are better left unsaid…..if it is everyfyn u hear that u believe or accept…then am sorry but u have a problem….yes, because there is always more to what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears…

        1. @Dr Miyagi, haven’t u guys noticed how biased chris is towards certain celebs??????? why shld he publish the story when he has nt heard from the lady? dat is soo unprofessional. 

  6. Oh nana Ama not you too, whats up with these ghanaian celebs, it seems most of them are gold digger whores, come on now have some respect for yourself, money isnt everything

    1. @Ball so hard miss dior, cash hunger,thats whats up with them,i tell you this is just the tip of the eyesburg more filla dey,not to talk of those hiding their children from the media.

      1. @jessi, You can say that again my sister, what saddens me the most is they effing for peanuts, am yet to see or hear if any of these bishes own trasacco or regimanuel estates, all we hear about is the cars they drive, what is a car, n their container boutiques, they eff for little money go to europe or asia to buy cheap stuff for their boutiques n so on to show off, n the gullible ones eat it up. Nadia was in hollywood where every designer on this planet has a shop but look at how she dresses, sometimes i wonder what they do with their money.

      2. @jessi, nana is the type that would even go extend of sleeping with agyaa koo for money. we all know her from kumasi. she getting all these fame thing twisted. girll cant even boost for 1000dollars and yet want to mess around all the rich men.

    1. @B.B, I know right..Guys who cant shut their mouths when there is a problem in their relationships are soo uncivilized.A gentle and matured guy must not talk too much.. Washing ur dirty linen in public affects reputations..Kurasine b33ma!!!!!
      And Chris, unless 2toff asked u to publish this, u had no right to do so..Its not Cool.

      1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), that guy could have acted like a gentleman and kept mute about it but i guess he started ranting b’cos he still wants to be in a relationship with Nana Ama

  7. So wats up wit all those fools insulting Nana Ama?????? Did she tell u tat she’s is marry to tis dude or anytin of tat sort hun? I knw tis freak of a guy n he’s has one daughter lik tat n left de lady did anyone question him noooooooooo? There so called relationship wasn’t in de public domain meaning he meant noting to her or is he tat stupid ot knw tis?De young lady isn’t marry n legally has de rite to do wateva she wants to pls allow her to be besides those tat re marry including Miss BANKU aint they also sleeping arnd do u guys complain abt tat too???? Just shut de crap n allow her to be…..Marriage b FORCE?????? IF SHE IS CHASING MONEY GO N CHASE SOME TOO

      1. Woman are you stupid or what what would you gain after sending her nude picture haven’t we seen allot of nude pictures before what’s so different about hers you are really pathetic you know kwasia girl like you making noise over a picture it shows already that you don’t have respect for your fellow woman aponkye” beeee” @akua asibey,

      2. @akua asibey, so when will we also she ur’s too madam becos im sure u aint a virgin re u??n if so I got my bro in Europe tat is looking 4 one lol

        1. @Constance, lol direct your bro to some efikesesim cos lol virgins dont exist no more… akua did you send pic yet? lol  Funny these actress are funny they all come here to diss eachother, i sometimes sit down and laugh at them.

          1. @nana ama, u so ayt n tat y I asked if she was a virgin bcos today is Nana AMA n tomorrow may be her Akua so giving pics to Chris wldnt change anytin n besides Whn has it been a news of seeing nude pics anyway kraaaa

  8. I keep asking myself this; what sort of pussy do these people have? I am sure they have car tyre etwe. WTF. And they giving it out to same circle of guys for peanuts. They should be millionaires now. Either they are stupid or they just like to get fucked by some childish unintelligent men

  9. nana ama mcbrown is 35??……nana ama is at least 43..mtcheew..the guy shouldnt have said everything he said though..b33ma na kasa sei

    1. @mynameismyname, I know right..Guys who cant shut their mouths when there is a problem in their relationships are soo uncivilized.A gentle and matured guy must not talk too much.. Washing ur dirty linen in public affects reputations..Kurasine b33ma!!!!!
      And Chris, unless 2toff asked u to publish this, u had no right to do so..Its not Cool.

  10. guys all that is wrtten abt Nana Ama is very true. it has happend B4 ,she use to date my aunte’s friends son the boy is just 22 in london and he is a footballer. Mc brown was friends with the boys mum,so anytime she goes to visit then she will be f…ing the little boy. the boy is a step son of the late Kwame Owusu Ansah. the boy was very rich cus he play football for the young team as we call it in Ghana under 20, in england now they are nomore so am sure she realised the little boys money was not building up anymore so she move to redeye. so u see u dnt judge a book by its cover.her cup is full .so onone should blame MZBEL for anything,she is inocent ,bcus wev all seen Mcbrown driving Maxwells car all the time, and Mzbel was the first to date Maxwell so Nana Ama should have known better. and am also sure NANA AMA IS friends with MZBEL cus the industry they know themselves. NANA AMA is found of sleeping with her friends boy friends is not good.she needs to go for her own guy cus she is not ugly to be chasing boy round.

    1. @nana abena,It’s rather unfortunate u don’t know wht u sayn,Mabel is not da first he dated if u don’t know ps ask,Mabel broke his home and took him to herself,Gods time has come 4 da right one to save that boy in da hands of dat cheap ass called Mzbel,we thank God 4 his life.

      1. @Maame Asirifua, stupid girl on here writting good stuffs about your self, funny thing is you know too much and since you here defending her am also here to destroy her with her fake deeds, along with her nudity.. If you her in disguise i suggest you shut the hell up before i send this photo to vincent. Kwasia girl with no life sleeping with all the kumasi producers just to get a role aren’t you ashame of your stinky pus**sy? aboa ba nana ama 

      2. @Maame Asirifua, yes nana ama this is jeanie am here to send your nude photo. Stop using fake names and sign on with your real name, this is just the beginning any reply from your village ass then your pride would be exposed.

    2. @nana abena, yes is vey true and is so sad some people on here defending her as if shes a Goddess.. She sleeps around a lot even with married men. Nana ama mcbrown if you are reading this, this is jennie kwame adu’s sis.. Type a word and i will expose all your fake things you are doing and Kwame is even finding ways of sending your stupid nudity on this site.. Kwasiabaa

  11. I dont understand why some people are calling Nana Ama names. When did it become a crime to end a relationship?  some of you need to let her be!

    1. @B.B, not until she stops breaking peoples home because, she’s an ashawo for a fact and her nude picture will soon be sent to Vincent.. Nana ama Mcbrown if you are reading this be prepared for a long war with our adu family. Am sure you are on here trying to defend your village stinky body.

      1. @akua asibey, wow you sound like she offended you why don’t you work it out with her rather than saying all these things. @ chris please do not post any nude picture after she sends it remember what goes around comes around thanx

      2. @akua asibey, my dear, “it takes two to tango”.  we live in a very strange world. you can never tell whats in someone’s mind, thats why its very important to be vigilant. your brother or family member lost his guard and allowed Nana Ama to play him. it should rather be a lesson to him and y’all who witnessed it, pls stop being bitter.

      3. @akua asibey,not until she stops breaking peoples home are you stalking her or what your the biggest IDIOOOT that has ever visited this website 

    2. How do i send her nude pictures on this site? someone help me because nana ama needs to be exposed she caused our family so much pain and i feel her time and cup is full this time. Please help

      1. @akua asibey, please dont even if you get to know how to send these photos,dont ok? 2 wrongs never make it right but feel free to criticise her,this is a free forum and no one has any right to tell you what to say,some naive ones are here defending people they really know nothing about,what they know to do best is to insult, ignore them and make your point but please no naked photos here,its not worthit.

  12. How do i send her nude pictures on this site? someone help me because nana ama needs to be exposed she caused our family so much pain and i feel her time and cup is full this time. Please GC help

    1. @akua asibey,Really lame of you!!! Seriously you want to send someone’s nude pictures to be published?? Seriously you are that bitter?? Will that add a year to your life or even make your life better…Really pathetic……There are some real losers who comment on this website…ha ha ha.

          1. @Kay, they should all learn from all these, women are always in a fight with their fellow women… and too much friends always causing problems here and there…now see how her own friend is on here disgracing her, is best they don’t let them know too much because same friend might used that against them.

    2. @akua asibey,Empty barrel making noise,unless you can’t read but they do make an e-mail address available on this site for sending info,so stop making useless threats because the real people who want to send important stuff know how to do so!!!  You actually have loads of time on your hands to send such an e-mail,like Kay said,Really pathetic!!

      1. @Anowa, very sad i feel so bad for our so called ghana industry for having betrayers all over exposing one another?? cant they live in peace without fights everyday? today is yvonne, tomorrow is mzbel next is miss a and so on.. ahhhh is indeed a shame. 

        1. @nana ama, very wise nana, its very shameful for wat they doin to each other. buh the point is, are men soo scarce that they all hav to share only 1?? there r soo many guys in sudan ooooo so they shud travel to find thmselves men lol

  13. It is the same cycle; When a relationship goes wrong,blame the woman…people call her a slut and whatever other dirty names,when a man in a relationship’s life ain’t going well…blame the woman!!! Relationships do start and end for all sort of  reasons. Also in the modern age of technology and social media,anybody or two people can create  accounts ;twitter,facebook or whatever and send messages with intent to maliciously disgrace or slander a person…Exs can go to any extent  to prove the were wronged in a relationship and most rational humans are aware of  that basic fact. It is so easy for all of us to hide our puny computer screens and judge other people’s lives and decisions they make  without even knowing the true circumstances. Just because of a couple of exchanged messages from one party in the relationship,everyone is ready to crucify Nana Ama Mcbrown… 
    1. How does GC know that these messages are coming from Nana Ama and the 2T character didn’t make it up with two different accounts?
    2. Did they get Nana Ama’s version of events? All they claim was they reached her and didn’t get a response
    3. REAL ass men know when to shut up and take it like a men,so the 2T character comes across as a sissy
    4. It is not everything that is online that is 100% true. 
    Every body is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt!!!

    1. @Kay, I get what you are saying but most of these celebs esp the women are in the entertainment biz to eff rich folks which is a fact n it gives a bad name for all the women in the industry.

      1. @Ball so hard miss dior,hmmm Nsem pii, if they could just stick with one dude or woman,they would be so better off,in this day of STD,who wants to be hopping from man to man or woman to woman?? I still advocate for women,it is so easy for a woman to be blamed when the relationship goes wrong!!! True some women are bad but  it is not fair to stereotype all women as seeking monetary benefits in a relationship and sluts…the same way some men are also very bad but not all men can be classified as cheats. I mean if i were her,i would shut up too!!! Sometimes silence is the best weapon in such an assault,i  am of the belief that someone wants to slander her. It may be true that she is dating the younger guy or it may well not be true but we do not know the circumstances,but let’s hear her side  before a verdict is pronounced . and even if  hypothetically ,she were guilty ,it is her life her choices,if she wants to man hop with all the sort of STD’s around,her business,who am i to judge her

  14. Wow. Ladies n gents pls first of all I tink we shud not be judgin or insultin anyone especialy nana ama. Relationships are common to be broken. Get close to nana ama and u will no de kind of person u re dealin wit. Let’s not judge her


  16. Sombody tell nana ama to chill. I ve taken time since dis issue crop up. Reddeye never had a bycycle not to talk of a car. My cousin used to leave around them in madina. Nana ama dnt love becos of money oo. Redeye is cheap.

  17. well im in no position 2 judge anyone bt there is dis one thing I wnt our “celebrities” 2 knw: Success is nt abt hving a lot of money bt being a role model 4 others n hving a lot of integrity. So they shld be vry careful wit their lives, since ppl look up on them. Am nt saying they shld be perfect bt be a bit curious over their reactions.

    1. @maame afia, which people look up on them?? girl speak for your self, as far as am concern i dont give a shyt about any human being… only person i look up to is God and not ordinary human being. 

      1. @nana ama,n who said i ws refering 2 u. U r an adult n knw wat good 4 u bt hv u thought abt our children n young siblings who wish 2 be like these celebrities,huh? or u r telling me dat these young ppl r nt ppl?

  18. so i saw dis and i was like, Opanin must air his views on dis….two people decide to go out, one decides to break it off..definately the one dumped will be peeved and make things look gud for himself/herself.
    this is just one side of the story and ma blunt self will lyk to wait n hear the other side b4 i make any statements. it could be that she did wht the story says she did, it could be that Red is sweetening the story to his advantage..Chris get Nana Ama McBrown’s side of the story for us wae….

  19. Nana is forever going to be the queen. All human beings are not but her spirit is free. Her heart is clean. Pls pple let’s not judge her this is a relationship and its not a crime to quit. McBrown God bless u. Ur performance was unique. U re. A QUEEN. Now to the said MAX keep her if u ve her and Nana keep him if u love him. No one hate the one he loves

  20. I can’t blame her for not wanting to be with red eye he seems ghetto af…..nd honestly shes done too many good movies to be classified as a gold digger. men are just dumbfounded by her beauty nd buy sh*t for her. it be like that sometimes……i’m just saying.

  21. aside her being a celebrity,she is human and can make mistakes. if any of u who are judging her has got half of what she has, her popularity,her beauty,her talent, her strength and her power,i bet u wil do worse dan what u are accusin her of. if u are a woman and you hav dated only one guy and slept with only one guy,be the first to cast the first stone. u pple jus say stupid things abt our celebrities base on whatever ur hear without knowin the truth. And the guys calling her ashawo,i can bet someone is seriously fuckin ur galfriend ryt now.yeah am talkin to u and i know u know she is cheatin but u still love her. U are all dating ashawo girls. grow up ladies and gentle and stop being judgmental. And u ASIBI or watever ur name is go ahead and expose her and i bet u KARMA wil surely meet u.