John Dumelo Foundation Gives Scholarship To University Of Ghana Students

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John Dumelo presenting the cheque
John Dumelo presenting the cheque to Dr. James K. Adomako, Dean of Student Affairs

Award winning Ghanaian actor John Dumelo on Tuesday demonstrated that indeed he believes in education.
He has set himself apart from being tagged as one of those actors who use their money arbitrarily and not on important things.
The actor on behalf of his John Dumelo Foundation (JDF) has presented an undisclosed amount of money to the Students Financial Aid Office of the University of Ghana, Legon to give scholarship to two students who are brilliant but lack the financial backing to complete their course at the university.
Speaking briefly before the presentation, John said, this year his foundation is embarking on various projects, one of which is to give scholarship and support to brilliant but needy students in the tertiary institutions.
He said his foundation is starting what can be called ‘the John Dumelo Foundation scholarship for tertiary education’ which will see him sponsor students for the entire duration of their courses or stay in the university.
“We are paying for two university students; one Medical student and one Theatre Arts student. We are sponsoring both to undergo the whole university education”, he said.
The Medical student needs 6 years to complete the course whiles the Theatre Arts student will use 4 years. For the entire duration that the lucky students would be staying in school, the JDF would take care of them till completion.
At the launch of his J.Melo clothing line earlier this year, John promised to use 20% of funds in the business to support his foundation which was launched on the same day.
Every year the JDF will add more students to the scholarship scheme with the “hope to officially sponsor about close to 50 students in the next five years.”
John mentioned that, the scholarship is not for only University of Ghana students as there are plans to have the scholarship launched in his alma mater; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Cape Coast (UCC), University of Development Studies (UDS) and then to the private universities.
In accepting the cheque for the first instalment, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. James K. Adomako thanked the actor for his kind gesture.
According to him many students come to the school with complaints due to their inability to pay their fees. Some are even forced to defer their courses.
He went on to assure the actor that the scholarship he is churning out is in the right course and would help brilliant but needy students. He said the school would put the money into good use for the benefit of the students.
“Your money would go to support needy students”.
On her part, Mrs. Christine Baning, Head of Student Financial Aid Office also thanked the actor and promise her office would administer the scholarship on the new admitted students.
John Dumelo
John Dumelo

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Dr. James K. Adomako, Dean of Student Affairs, Mrs. Christine Baning, Head of Student Financial Aid Office and Mrs. Vivian Nettey

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

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  1. Thumps up mr dumelo. U r indeed Africa’s best. Glad u have this foundation and I know God will continue to bless u. I love ur movies

  2. This is really a pleasant surprise. I now have a lot of respect for mr dumelo. Thought he used his plenty Money to do unnecessary things. Big ups.

  3. John dumelo. This is really a good gesture. U have really demonstrated that u have a good heart. To pay Uni fees ain’t easy but I trust that God continues to bless u. U have set ur self apart from the other celebrities in Ghana. God bless

    1. @AMA, well, thanks for this and pls do monitor their attendance and progress always! But my problem with some of our celebrities expecially John is gromming! bad, just look at his pants- ugly btwn his thighs and toes why? even if u have to wear a flip, rock it well at all times. This was a bussiness thing and u look like u are still in ur backyard digging yams! Check the guy accompanying him, his simply very presentable! sharp he looks more bussiness minded! market and carry ur self well, do not let it look like the producers are the ones clothing and gromming you. Plus in ur movies, you turn to bend ur shoulders or back too much! you are not that overly tall. it annoys me. Pls work out to gain few solid packs and mussels, entertainers face is not their only assest. Again hire and pay for ther services of grommer or pernal assistace!! In all, I love you and have watch u grow since baby theif!!

      1. @naadu, i really hope he can by any means read what you have written or even hear of it. whatever you wrote about him makes sense and i have been looking forward to see those changes about him.

        1. @mzafrique, B’c he is a star!! and an example to all. And yes I have been doing this long before John hit that lime light! you do not have to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing!

  4. @ naadu. Why do u people always wanna talk about celebs appearance. This guy s donation is worth Tens of thousands of dollars Nd u taking about his appearance for this event?  U want him to wear kokotii suit with tie cos of this? John dumelo is the tru definition of humility. When u watch Hollywood stars doing charity work do I see them wearing suits? U will prob see lil Wayne in his white t shirt and jeans or see Tom cruise in a simple singlet. Can u even pay for a nursury student? 

    1. @Naana, all am saying is appropreate clothing! it does not cost a fortune to lool fashionable. he is a Good Soul but let us accept genu.. advice and progress. I use to shop and kantamanto and bend down butiques for the best and well fitted clothes and bras. does that make me expensive? no It’s for those whose eyes are open

  5. awww john been like this since primary school days… very proud of you big boss for the good job you are doing for the nation….May God continue to restore all your loss and continue to bless you abundantly.

  6. Mr Dumelo that’s a wonderful job your doing for Ghana i we had more citizens like you.may god bless you for the good job.Clazy from Cameroon