Dear GC Readers, My Fiancé & His Family Are Going Back To Africa With His Ex-Partner Without Me, So That His Kid Would Be Able To Go…I Am Worried

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Dear GC,
I am last person to ever call myself paranoid though my brother says I am overreacting though am sure others would rather agree with me.
My fiancé’s family are going away this coming X’mas back home and they want to invite his ex partner and their child as the mother says the child cannot go if she is not there. So now they are going as one big happy family and I’m suppose to just be ok with this?
As far as I’m concerned, I feel his family want them back together even though we have been together for a two years. I am just angry to be honest because it’s like the family are completely disregarding me.
My fiancée says I have nothing to worry about and its only two weeks and he would never even look at his ex partner like that since they broke up for a reason. I just don’t understand how his family thinks this is ok and though I was invited but cannot go I just think it’s not right. I feel he should just not go!
Dear Sandra,
I am sure you’re aware by now men don’t like being told what to do, no matter how ludicrous they are being. That’s not to say he shouldn’t be made aware you find it unreasonable. Let him know how you feel but remember he is a father and he will be that role first.
I hope this helps…Let’s see advice  GC readers have to offer!

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Sassy Chic


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  1. The guy’s family doesn’t respect u,they don’t like u and to be frank they don’t want u both back together and u fiancee is confused as hell and giving u a flimsy excuse.Beware of the ex

  2. awww….the best thing to do is to trust your guy….u ve been with him for @least 2yrs….as 4 his family…u have to do more to win their heart so u feel comfortable with em…dats the secrets to win a guy more….through the parents and family

  3. but you were invited dear.So if you are hell bent on keeping your man,you should go with him. or else just be quiet and be matured about it and trust him as well. Remember the issue of getting back together with his ex depends solely on him and there’s nothing you can do to change it. He can decide to let the baby mama stay back and if he wants to cheat he would.So relax and once again remember to be matured about it,his family is involved i.e his son.

  4. I will say you are being selfish if you really feel he shouldn’t go. Remember you were invited as well. By the way, what happened to the trust you have for your man? You dont have to worry If you trust him. And if he values the relationship he has with you then I believe he will keep his word. 

  5. the fact that u were invited means they actually values u if were not invited, then u have something to worry about. if there is a way you can make it then try and go if your presence would make u feel better but for what i can think, it is the mother of the child who is trying to course troubles because she knows the family can take care of the child but to be honest just sit and talk with your man and let him know how you feel. he might not be interested in her at all but his son comes first and he has got to do what is best for his son and you have to just trust him to not hurt you in return of your trust. if something happens between them whilst they are there after you have let him know your feelings, then he does not deserve you. sometimes, the unwanted has to happen before a relationship can be defined. good luck. 

  6. I will say if u love ur guy u should also accept his son n his responsibilty…u can never change the fact that he got a son n ex around … the question is if u love him u should follow him and stop blaming his family cos men are like babies running after their family with every little things….

  7. Hmm, sweety, I would advise you to either go or stop your fiance from going.The latter wont be easy since his family might think you are being bossy.As much as you can, try and go with them before you regret.Aside ur whole insecurity/jealousy remember its a child/father/mother affair.(not easy to change that fact)

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