PHOTO OF THE DAY: Shirley Frimpong Manso & Her Man-Ken Attoh…

Ace Director Shirley Frimpong Manso and her man (who is also her baby’s father) Ken Attoh were spotted over the weekend at a cocktail party at the Silver Lounge organized by Woodin as part of their re-launch

Great couple right? Ken won’t even let the hand go off the waist…LOL

You can see the message  ‘that is my woman’ all written on his face!


Also,  Ama Konadu Abebrese and her ‘twin sister’ were there…Is it because I am a man that I see the hair style the same?…

Maybe they were fixed by the same stylist…

Ama, next time you rock your fine hair and another chick who went to your hair stylist pulls by your side, don’t take a photo with her…LOL


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  1. that is my favorite favorite director with her handsome man. i personally think he is better looking than chris. #myopinion#

  2. Come on nat… Chris is much better than him… this 1 is fat…. they look alike paaa oooo… i like that gurl… she is forceful… great….. Hmmm did u say Ama k twin sis ?? i tot she is just her kid sister ooo…….!!if they r twins then Ama K face looks too old…..LOL who is Penin n who is kakra…. ??her sis is quiet preedy… >Ama k is Ahuofe Dua…. beautiful tree

    1. Is that you really saying that pls don’t tell me your a boy saying something like that the girl next to ama looks really quite nice darkskin as for ama your standing position is becoming really ridicilious now and what’s all that with all that make up apart from lightflashing on your face @Vince,

    2. @Vince, hmmmm. I wonder too???? I guess that’s why i keep getting cute guys coming my way hhmmm I see. Oh I have the answer,they don’t want competition lol

  3. Wow, shirley and her guy look great together! she’s looking so good after having her baby and all. well done. Eii but is there a wedding on the horizon now that they’re taking sweet pics together? Hmmm, Ghanafuor, mo ngyae mpena twier na monware!! lol. My favorite couple all the way!!!

  4. HALLELUJAH ,HALLELUJAH,HALLELUJAH (Obinim voice) infact glory be to God.Ama K. has dropped that hideous looking short wig for a fringe OMG.Someone inform her that she looks beautiful this way and she shouldn’t destroy her street credibility by going back to that wig oh,,,LOL