THE BIG QUESTION: Who Is Your All Time Favourite Ghanaian Celebrity & Why?

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Everyone has a favourite food, drink or friend.  Even though some people try to hide behind words like ‘objective, fair and reasonable’ to conceal the idea of having a favourite celebrity,  deep down their hearts, there is that one particular person they see as the best, adorable and talented among the lot…
I do not think having a favourite food necessary makes you bias towards other dishes.  And I do not also think that, having a favourite celebrity automatically makes you stupid, cruel or bias…
However, I do acknowledge that, sometimes our like for someone can transcend the bridge of positivity to throw negative stones on another (a competitor)…That is when favouritism becomes bad.
Simply having a favourite or picking someone you hold down to be the best or your desirable candidate among many is not bad. In fact, those with favourites are those who have taken time to look at things critically.
Must we all have the same favourites? No…I hate Okro but that is my mother’s favourite.  Does that mean my mother is stupid or less of a human being? No, ‘having a favourite’ is just a subjective decision affected by personal issues/evaluation.
It is therefore not bad to say, this or that is my favourite…
Any opinionated person lives in the world of ‘favourites’.  When you begin to form opinions and digest things that matter to you, you would start to separate those you like from those you dislike…
Now that I have tried to explain to you that every reasonable person has a favourite, loosen up and embrace the fact that it is perfectly right to have a favourite celebrity by mentioning the name and why he/she is your favourite…
Who Is Your All Time Favourite Ghanaian Celebrity & Why?

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  1. Now that’s a difficult question to answer. I cant have an all time favourite GH celeb. I have lots of them and its of different reasons. 

    Nadia buari  i love her style pretty lady just keep it up to me she’s all hollywood will steal from ghallywood someday cos  some ghanaians take her for granted, that day they will regret  hating on her all the best queen nadia! go! go! go! God bless! At least she is toned up an don’t have ham legs like some others 

  3. John kofi setor Dumelo… well lol he’s more like a family, humble is the word for my guy cough cough ladies no silly response….known him since primary school days and must say lol he stepped up his game to great star… Philanthropist indeed, with his huge sum donations in our country educational system….Who else will do this? 

        1. @B.B,hahahaha is her ooo she used her real facebook account yesterday to comment on the same thing hahahahaha BB you so observant was going to reply her but realized she deleted it lol

      1. @Dr. Miyagi get a life loser.  I hate you so much miyagi or what ever your stupid name is. Idiot and a useless boy. Your mother has brought forth a mistake.

          1. @Dr. Miyagi, why will anybody waste time hating sm1 like @Dr. Miyagi???????? i think they jealous ur albino girlfriend. 

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    1. i love Jackie Appiah , lucky lawson and Nana Ama Mcbrown. And all my time favorite and future husbad, the father of my future kids.JOHN DUMELO…LMAO. He’s fineeeeeeee……

      1. @foxy,eeeeeeish Hahahhahaha future husband and the father of your future kids, lol your not easy how many kids are we talking about a whole football squad 🙂

  4. Jackie Appiah ghana’s own black beauty, what you see is what you get, doesnt try to be anything that shes not, shes nobody clone but herself carries herself with class n pride, handles her biz, shes all round beautiful nice, down to earth person, cos i cant stand fake wannabes n i can smell them a mile away

  5. She stand tall among all the actress, she has a natural beauty, she has been in the industry for long time but she is still strong, she dont discriminate, she act both in English and twi movies, she has done alot of TV commercials done all actresses, she is the highest paid actress, her face is always shown on all our tv stations, she sings well, she fell proud to speak her local language, she was the first actress to produce n direct movies,everything about her sells,she is the Queen of Ghanaian movies,,,who is she?…….NANA AMA MCBROWN.(RIGHT)

  6. NIGERIAN FAN:you guys seems to have forgotten the best most exceptionally & versatile actor to have come out of the shores of africa,he is highly versatile,ghanian celebrities might be a fad bit versatile,As for him,he call the shots when it comes to exceptional versatility.MAJID MICHEL is the KING of ghana,the hottest actor i have ever seen come out of ghana,the only actor who have won eight dazzling awards from a sole(one)movie,still counting till date……..he is a PRO.BRAVO to him!I think he is an icon all actors from ghana should emulate and to some large extent NIGERIA,I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!!!