New Music Video: ‘I Swear’ By Mzbel Featuring Joshua Clottey, Joseph Agbeko & Laryea Kingston

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Below is a new video from Mzbel, a video she shot before getting pregnant. The singer has put brakes on her career as she gets ready to welcome her baby.

The video features boxers; Joshua Clottey and Joseph Agbeko and also football Laryea Kingston.

In the video, Mzbel’s job as a music star is seen affecting her relationships. Anytime she goes out on a date, fans approach her for autographs and photographs which get her men jealous, consequently jilting her.

Watch the video below.  


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    1. @ticia, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank u,i thought i was the only one goin crazy over the “i cant even hear what the hell she’s sayin”…that’s the first thing i said.


  1. Dis girl shld stop killing our ears wit craaappp n wack music,wot the heck is dis yawa noise she calles music,Wtf! Gh is full of talentless gals who call demseves musicians tchewwwwwww

  2. josuah clottey and joseph agbeko should concentrate on their boxing carrier and stop show up in videos. that is not important. ……………………….we have not heard from josuah for some years now….so please concentrate on ur boxing and stop chiling…. the same thing applies to laryea ……
    these people are not concentrating on their carrier but helping others to make fame and money.

  3. Rubbish music  was she suffering from diarrhoea when she was recording the song can’t here a thing, and why does she always need dancers in all her video yawa girl someone really needs to sit this girl down and tell her she can’t sing waist of money waist of studio time miss  queen of bleach 

      1. @SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),okay here is the deal learn how to respect people’s mind cause your nobody 
        But a useless thing coming on here insulting people 

          1. I totally agree with you but I think this is something you need to tell her she has been like this since day one. Trying to diss me like she knows me etc check the time I posted my comment and the time she posted hers and you will know where the drama is coming [email protected],

          2. @Dr. Miyagi, do we have a selly (musician in ghana)? heard a track on adams apples 3 and have been searching on youtube for the song but to no avail

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, I know u have not been a fan of her but trust me this song aint bad.She was saying people shouldnt judge others by how they appear and I guess its a good message.

      1. I understand where your coming from but to me she is fake one minute she is involve with a fight or gossiping about people or jumping from on bed to the other than she got the guts to bring positive message out what does that sound to you? And why does all her videos have to have dancers in there and can’t tell the story the way it is or is someone deceiving her that she will get more viewers when she put her dancers in [email protected] Nbaaso),

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, Sweety, thats our lives right there.(She is only human)We aint close to perfect.Lets appreciate the positive message and not judge.

    2. Ur soo write,she can’t sing even to save her pathetic life so why disturb our ear drums wit dis craaappp,only in gh smh,is it by force to be a musician or wot,nkwasiasem kwa @Dr. Miyagi,

  4. oh auti Bell, with all ur years of being in this business u still no dey improve…….music z obviously nt 4 u, so sit ur attention seeking azz down nd do sm’n else….

  5. I bet if u guys listen to the song over and over u wld like it. cs i see nthn wrong with neither the song nor the video..Esp. No profane words

    1. @jeff, who has da tyme to listen to a bad song over n over again,a good sense makes the right impression even the first minute u start listening to it,dis is worse dan a joke plus she doesn’t hv a voice to sing,years of being at class zero wit useless songs no wonder she’s neva received a ghana music award in her life,she’s not a musician but an attention seeking hoe marketing her cheap slotty self in da name of music tchewwwwwww

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), infact diamond has really done a good job by grooming dis village girl up,she use to be very trashy,but as for the song..ebi yawa ROTFL … rubbishhhh

  6. so after fcuking dis guys she decided to feature dem in her viseo,dis biaatch has no shameee,HO sit down n find a man to settle wit n stop dis rubbish u call music ,like seriously ur still doing dis old style when music has evolved in dis day n age,whoever is advising u dat ur gud is deceiving u,pls quit music n do something else cos ur 40yrs n still havent improved,same old rubbish songs

  7. Honestly i love this tune….. i listen to it everyday……… i dont av anythin to say about this… theres somethin i love abt this gurl….. de video is neat… go gurl i back u………tiamo

    1. @RocklynLove, true, am not a crazy fan of mzbel but I feel she has been through a lot in the music industry and still enduring.she is a strong woman.

  8. This Miyagi kraaa , bro your writing be bad, chale read over your sentences before posting them. And if you reply den you no be matured. Concerned brother 

    1. Lol, if I reply than I’m not matured? I guess your afraid I will insult you, put don’t worry have passed that stage already. Any way thanks for your concern okay next time I will try and put some coma’s etc okay good [email protected],

      1. @Dr. Miyagi, hahaha dun mind him so is his lol kojokwei are we in any form of english class??? why contrasting grammar with pidgin??? miyagi i like how lol these idiots seek ya attention daily lol keep up the good work on GC…Chris please reward him for me

  9. wats up wit u guys and mzbel. comon guys this is a nice song.the video too is very simple. u dont hav to hav the sweetest voice before u can be a musician an example is rihanna

  10. Ǻƪƪ dem idi*ts saying shit about †ђξ video and †ђξ song let’s hear u foolz sing if u don’t like †ђξ song jst fuckin say so and stop insulting her…if she does crab music @least she makes money how abt u modafuckaz wat can u boast of?? Huh? u miyagi or wateva u call ur pathetic self du even hv a job cuz U sound jobless and brainless u ® always †ђξ 1st 2post comments on here with dose bad english of urs mind ur Damn business and stop insulting pple who are workin hard 2make a living 4demslvz…..RUBBISH!!!