Dear GC Readers, I Want The Guy I Have Met To Leave The Girl In His Life For Me & My Baby Only…He Is Taking Too Long To Get Rid Of This Girl…What Should I Do?

Dear GC Readers,
I am a 26year old single mother. My first marriage failed after 5 years and we had one child together.
Six months ago I met a guy who is 25 years old and he has never been married before but he was in a relationship with someone else.
He has told me several times that he will marry me one day. My only problem is this other old girl in his life. He is taking so long to end relationship with her.
I’m so desperate now and don’t know what to do. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to get him to get rid of this girl.
I want him to forget about her and focus on me and my baby only. I was even asking my friend jokingly if rat poison still works nowadays or should I go to see some strong witch doctor to make her mad? That is how frustrated and fed up I am!
Please Advise me.
Thank you!!
Dear Jacqueline,
Starting again after a divorce or any long term relationship is never easy. So meeting a new man that makes you happy will always be difficult to let go regardless of his circumstances.
Though you feel once you can get this man for yourself everything will be happy and wonderful, nothing good ever come from making decisions in a state of desperation.
It’s advisable that you be weary he may have no intention of leaving his current girlfriend. Even if she mysteriously disappears by rat poisoning or any other means he may still choose not to marry you.
As we know men mostly say this to keep you around for their own selfish pleasures!
Let’s See What Our Readers Have To Say Too! Guys, Please Chip In Your Advice To Help A Sister…
All the best.

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13 thoughts on “Dear GC Readers, I Want The Guy I Have Met To Leave The Girl In His Life For Me & My Baby Only…He Is Taking Too Long To Get Rid Of This Girl…What Should I Do?”

  1. Rat poison???? Desperado!!!!!!  do u think he will still be with the other lady if he really want to marry u????? have u thought of the fact that the other lady might also be considering plan B for the woman who wants to take her man away? besides u re older than him, how come u didn’t learn anything from ur previous marriage? Do u know how many times men promise marriage to different women? oooh,, welcome to the men’s world of ”i will marry u” Try and get over ur desperation, if he really want to marry u as he claims, u don’t need rat poison or witch doctor to grab him 4 keeps. Don’t do anything u might live to regret.

  2. Why r u rushing urself madam? Don’t force the Guy to leave his girl for should be soo obvious to u that he’s not ready to leave her for u. U have a child u shld focus on ur kid instead and wait upon the lord to give u a good man for ur kid n urself. IF U RUSH YOU WILL GET RASHES.

  3. Jacqualine! i think u should wait for the men to come for u. if he truly likes enough to sayhe will marry u someday then y the rush? i know men say stuff sometimes they dont mean, but i strongly thinks you should juss focus on ur child and urself. if he’s truly ur prince charming he will come. Never push a guy to leave his current girl for you. cos wat goes around comes around (karma). ur true love will come to you unexpected. Dont sell her ur cheap for any Men. no matter who they are, carry ur pride as a woemn always.

  4. Really? You are such a wicked & selfish person. Have you asked yourself, how  you would have felt if you were to be in the other woman’s shoes? Sleeping with the guy isn’t enough for you but now you want him all for yourself.  hmmmmm
    Anyway just chill and wait till he’s ready to marry you (if the other woman is not good enough for him to marry).
    And always remember you are a woman too, he can easily do the same thing to you in the near future.

    • @B.B,don’t mind this hypocrite my question to her is did she read her letter before she submitted it she
      Sounds selfish and greedy and too dumbed 

  5. Is this girl serious? Your first marriage feat instead of making your child your number one priority your quick to rush into a new one again all because he told you he will marry you well dude is taking too long shouldn’t that ring a bell that he might not be interested and that you probably gave him something he wanted and jut smooth talked you woman life your life and make your child your number one priority gods time is the best time   I’m sure your one of those ugly girls with fine body and desperate to have him  

  6. my dear lady. DO UNTO OTHERS AS U WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO U. IT PAYS TO BE EMPATHETIC TOWARDS UR FELLOW HUMAN BEING. just put yourself in the other ladies shoes and see if it will pinch or not if the guy leaves

  7. The problem with we women i we always want magic to happen and fail to face the truth.Ur answer is right in ur face.Jacqueline, you are leaving in ur own little world.So does it mean u are a stand by generator or what?Waiting and hoping someone loses their happiness so u can fill the space.The sad truth is go find a matured guy cuz this one doesnt love u.He wants to enjoy life and not ready to be a step dad.


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