Why Are We Supporting The Ignorance Of The Many Foreigners Who Think Africa Is Just One Country?

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Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

It will shock you to know that several foreign celebrities (non Africans) think Africa is a single country.  Even if you do not catch them unashamedly saying so, you will find them implying this in their speeches, writings and interviews.

Somewhere last year during Amber Rose’s visit to Ghana, she kept referring to Africa in such a way that shows that; to her, Africa is a country and all there is to Africa is Ghana…

I have heard several foreigners (including non celebrities) making this unintelligent mistake by suggesting that, Africa is just a single country out there…

Apart from these foreign individuals failing to recognise that, like Europe or Asia, Africa is a continent with several countries, diverse culture, beliefs and way of life, several foreign media outlets also continue to project Africa in such a lousy way.

The sad part of this ignorant projection of Africa as a single country is that, some of us, especially our African celebrities are joining in…

Instead of us ceasing any opportunity we get to correct this foreign bred misconception, we rather continue to affirm the misconstruction…

Recently, Yvonne Okoro thought she was being smart by implying that, her nationality is African…These are the people who are aiding the ignorance of the many foreigners…

Today, a blogger friend of mine-Marian Kihogan who seems to be getting tired of the unintelligent projection of Africa as a country wrote on her Facebook wall “Africa like Europe or Asia, is not a country. Although often misrepresented in the mass media Africa is a large and diverse continent with more languages, cultures, traditions and ways of life than can be documented.

No two countries in Africa are the same. Saying he/she is from Africa is about as useful as saying someone is from Asia/Europe etc.

Africa is a continent.”

It feels good to know that, there are still people out there who are ready to educate and challenge this misconception being paraded by some of our own celebrities and foreigners…

It is the beauty of our diverse culture, traditions, beliefs and way of life that defines us. Therefore, any attempt to relegate these distinguished attributes and present us as what we are NOT shouldn’t be entertained…

If no one will by any statement suggest that Europe or Asia is a single country, why Africa?

Anytime you find yourself making this mistake, fix it and when you come across people parading their ignorance in such a manner, correct them!

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Chris, you are so controversial…hahahahahaha. So you finally gave Okoro her own pill to swallow? Well, what do u expect from a desperate sister who will do anything to defend her sister? Okoro is a half-half bullshitter. By the way, that pic of hers is ugly…lol

    1. @Maame Yaa, hahahahaha, my dear i cant stop laughing. of course Chris knows what he is doing and i bet Yvonne O. will be reading this article and shaking her head or probably will be asking herself, what was i thinking?

      1. @B.B, I don’t know some celebrities try to go into Chris’ bad book because he will take this time and nail you to make you look stupid in front of all.

        Okoro must be crying now because she seems ignorant and foolish now

          1. @nanaama943,I’m right here my dear  i went to gym. I really didn’t want to comment on this topic when I start about that 
            Obolobo yam legs than people start attacking me this preko girl called Jackie never goes wrong 

        1. @Linda, Yvonne is ignorant and foolish most of the time. She irritates the s**t out of me! Sometimes, she sounds so arrogant on Twitter to the point that I begin to wish I was the owner so I can take her a*s out.

          1. @nanaama943, I DON’T FOLLOW ignorant anago people!!! I follow only smart ones. Be smart for once! If you follow someone who follows her and there is a new tweet, you will see that s**t! I can’t stand dogmatics of Okoro. Get a pillow and lay your head down…..

            @Dr. Miyagi, she is very arrogant. she told someone that she will block his ass. Couldn’t she have blocked him without vomiting that sentence? She also wrote that whoever talks behind her is in a perfect position to kiss her ass. Very arrogant and stupid of her to say that. Of course if her brain was intelligent enough, she should have known that it’s typical of celebrities. People talk s**t behind Obama all the time and he knows but he will never say this yet this dimwit wants to compare herself to Obama…

          2. @Maame Yaa,did you say you follow smart people do you think following smart people on twitter will make you smart as well I’m sure your still young, the only thing you should be doing is “reading”  it gives you a certain power that Tv/ twitter never could… Turn off the TV/ stop following so called smart people on twitter cause its not always them and open a book! Cause that will give you more “Knowledge” cause knowledge is Power

          3. @Dr. Miyagi, Maame Yaa’s best friends are her books. As a matter of fact, she is a maths genius. Her brain is loaded! Reading is already part of my life so choose something else. I have the damn knowledge that small brains like you will crave to have! You have NO POINT and you sound ridiculous. Try another approach!!!

          4. @Maame Yaa or what eva u cal urself,u can only see her tweets if those pple u follow retweet her so y are u lying or u thnk u’re the only person on twitter.Jst admit it “U FF HER”. I hate hypos lyk u mmttcchheeewww.

          5. @Dashing Danisha, Here comes another ass kisser of Okoro. So you think being on Twitter means you know everything about it huh? Dickhead!!! Don’t be funny; obviously I call myself Maame Yaa, are u blind?! WTF, I don’t have to follow her to see that!!! I also hate knuckleheads like you….!!!

            I can see you hold a PhD in ‘twitter using” but I bet you fail the twitter course, “who can see my tweets”. Her account is not private or protected, so there are so many ways to see her tweets WITHOUT following her. Give me one reason why I would lie to an invisible cartoon behind a computer? There are many ways people will see her tweets witout following her. Her tweets are public, so public that people who are not on Twitter can even see it.

            Your claim is true if and only if she doesn’t @mention anyone with an initial character (dot, comma etc) and the @mentions too don’t use any characters [and that is one way to see it on twitter]. When you reply to any tweet of anyone you follow, the conversation shows up on your page and your followers can click on it and WILL SEE it all. They don’t need to follow the other person to see that! There are so many people tracking down conversations on Twitter especially that of public figures. Tweets can be sent to cell phones. Google archives twitter.

            Every tweet we’ve ever published is saved for all time forever in the Library of Congress (logically means every tweet is public and saved for records). They pull out old tweets anytime the need arises and they don’t need a follow up to do that. Tons and tons of industry research labs have purchased access to tweets and they have the entire archive. Can your smart*ss tell them to follow Yvonne or get someone to retweet before they can see her tweets? Divorce lawyers, politicians and private investigators can choose to get the tweet history of anyone. Do they need to follow them? Do they need a retweet from someone? Retweeting is just one of the many ways of seeing someone’s tweet but certainly not the only way. That seven letter word twitter is much bigger than all it’s users combined. Once a tweet is out, it’s out for anyone who wishes to see. Deleting it from the page won’t even delete it from the archives. Once again, I DON’T FOLLOW her but I saw it! Bottomline….

          6. @Maame Yaa excuse me, did u say i failed de twitter course n posted a whole f***n lecture abt it.This jst xplains y ur m*****n brain is so shallow n obviously u got enough tym on ur hands.Frm ur comments u kept on switchin personalities lyk u’re confused.I cn see u’re so bitter cuz she blocked u off her twitter bt kp tryin instead of braggin on here *secret a**kisser*.Sori i dnt deal with attention wh***res lyk u so keep it moving BIPOLAR!

          7. @Maame Yaa, excuse me, did u say i failed de twitter course n posted a whole f***n lecture abt it.This jst xplains y ur m*****n brain is so shallow n obviously u got enough tym on ur hands.Frm ur comments u kept on switchin personalities lyk u’re confused.I cn see u’re so bitter cuz she blocked u off her twitter bt kp tryin instead of braggin on here *secret a**kisser*.Sori i dnt deal with attention wh***res lyk u so keep it moving BIPOLAR!

          8. @Dashing Danisha, You’re mad because I educated your dumb ass. Why don’t you prove how shallow my brain is by refuting my point? I do have time on my hands just like I have brain in my head! I’m NEVER confused! I show my face and own up to everything I write! Show your pic and come back again! Cowards hide behind cartoons and spew garbage like this because nobody sees their face. She wish she blocked me but too bad she doesn’t even know I exist on Twitter. Explain bragging in your sentence cos I can’t link it to any of my point. You don’t deal with attention ******, yet you are responding. How dumb can you be?! Look in the mirror, you will see a perfect example of a confused person. I’m done with a TOTAL WASTE OF SPERM like you. Ask your mum, she probably gave birth to you on the highway where accidents happen.

      2. @B.B, Trust me, Okoro and her ilk have finished reading but chick has nothing to say. She loves both Ghana and Nigeria dearly so the only way out was for her to force Africa to be a country….lmao

        1. @Maame Yaa, lol @ your mum gave birth to you on the highway where accidents happen. am going to use it from now on

      1. @edd lee, Oh yes I double checked!!! So you had enough time to check on my make-up-free face and weave-free hair? This is an opportunity of a lifetime!!! Congratulations psycho sicko, you’ve earned the title of a jack*ss! My “ugly” pic is free from make-up and my hair has never bear the pain of a weave, wig and the likes. That is a real chic!!! Grandma’s weave can sweep the streets of Accra for ten days. Never compare me with westernized copy cats!!! If the weave company collapses right now, your grandma will be in some serious trouble. Who takes care of grandma’s wardrobe? That fellow needs to be fired! Too bad there is no fashion police in Ghana. Once again, all her ass kissers can march to the sea with their straws and start sipping. Invite her over and have a nice ass kissing party. Nothing logical comes from ass-kissers. THAT PIC IS UGLY AS HELL!!!

        1. @Maame Yaa, ib3 like you the momoni dey tell koobi she dey m3l ahhh who ever told you, you cute has deceived you woman. stop comparing your dryness to smoothness.

          1. @kojo, well said kojo, wonder what made her said that knowing yvonnes beauty is priceless. She probably got her self blocked by yvonne on twitter thats why she’s being so defensive for nothing.

          2. @kojo, do you know how to read at all??? With all these demented brains in Ghana, Mother must be very sick right now. Read my comment again and again and this time around, pay close attention to this exact words of mine; “Never compare me with westernized copy cats!!!”. I have noticed that all her ass-kissers are very illogical, fallacious and plain stupid. How the hell are you going to tell me to “stop comparing” when it’s quite obvious (from my quote) that I really DON’T want to be compared with thick weave hiding behind make-up? Did you bump your head? If there is anyone to be ashamed, it should be your grandma not me. Who the fuck gives Africa as an answer when asked about nationality? A LOOSER IS A PERSON WHO IS SO CONFUSED ABOUT HER NATIONAL IDENTITY AND AS A RESULT TAKES UP A CONTINENTAL IDENTITY AS A NATIONAL IDENTITY. Ass-kissers are loosers too. That word seems to fit you better so wear it.

            @maame, did u drop out of kindergarten? what is the definition of priceless? when did weave and make-up become priceless? WHAT IS SO DAMN PRICELESS ABOUT WEAVE?! Well, perhaps your hero told you she has other means of paying for them. Other than that, there is nothing priceless about that caricature above. Maybe that could be the logic behind the breast exposure. Your ass-kissing talent and stupidity is what I called priceless because you didn’t buy them, you earned them. Bet me, grandma has given you a round of applause for being on the same ignorant page as her.

        1. @kojo, let me get this straight; did you say “all the yaa [you] know”…..? All (plural) followed by yaa ( a singular)? Repeat that to yourself ten more times. Ei, agya br)fo kankan de3 mo de bi rekum me papa. mo ab)n, ab)n nea )nih) dea nanso wei nyinaa akyire no, mo nya mmer3 de tafere aberewa no to. Why don’t you spend the time you waste on kissing the ass of an irrelevant drama queen to better your grammar and logic? Queen Elizabeth should enact a grammar law that will enable her to arrest the likes of you. Grandma was advised to get a grammar trainer and she got mad! Ask grandma when you go for your next ass-kissing party. If you are going to respond to my shit, then I must tell you that, I have the right to read sentences free from obvious grammatical errors. Who in her right senses will compare herself to an indecent caricature who takes pride in exposing her breast to the enitre world?! NOT ME!!! That is not the definiton of beauty at all, that is the perfect meaning of trash!

          “maayaa all the yaa i know are good looking what happened to you?”
          There is only one premise and only conclusion from your nonsense above. It means that all those that you know are ‘good looking’ so what about those that your irrelevant ass doesn’t know? Does that mean that anyone called yaa that you don’t know is not good looking? If so, then I wear that as a badge of honor because I’m in a damn good company.

          In this century when intellectuals and wise people are kissing the ass of technology, fools like you kiss Breastina’s ass by attacking anyone who criticizes her negatively. Whilst your fellow men are showing their boxing skills in boxing rings to win medals, you foolish fools are here fighting for grandma only to receive dissing as rewards. You’ve got no balls…!

          Malaria is more famous than your invisible grandma. Almost all intellectuals around the world know of Miss Malaria. Yes, malaria has gained an international recognition; something that grandma might be working hard to achieve, a disease has already done it and here you are, making some damn cacophonic noise. Nkwasiafo).

  2. What is wrong with Africa being 1 country. I feel who ever refers 2 our continent as a country does so consciously 2 promote ‘AFRICAN UNITY'(which is long overdue). Shame on u chris 4 not encouragin Yvonne.

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        Easy Mr. Law School graduate. Don’t be too arrogant.  Whats wrong with ” African unity”

      2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, do u really think foreigners are really that ignorant to not know that Africa is multinational? i don’t think so.of course they do know that Africa has different nations.and yet they refer to Africa as one nation,becuz as a matter of fact,naturally we r 1 nation.so the problem is not with the foreigners who refer to Africa as one nation,the problem is with people like u,and some other Africans,who r too imperceptive to perceive that Africa is naturally 1 nation.our current multinational state is a man-made thing,and any man-made thing is artificial,and anything artificial is bound to fade n pass out of existence.but whatever is natural is real/original,and it never dies. get this straight,whether u like it or not,whether u blog about it a quadrillion times or not,Africa is naturally 1 nation.and for the records,u made a fool of urself,not Yvonne Okoro.At least some real perceptive Africans like my brother Eknock r wise enough to know that.u r the ignorant one here.get schooled.

      3. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, do u really think those foreigners r really so ignorant they don’t know Africa is multinational? i don’t think so.of course they do know Africa has many nations,but they refer to Africa as 1 nation cuz in rality,we r naturally 1 nation.so the problem isn’t with foreigners who refer to us as 1 nation,the problem is with guys like uand some other Africans,who r too imperceptive to perceive that Africa is naturally 1 nation.our present multinational state is a man-made thing,and anything man-made is artificial,and whatever is artificial is bound to fade and pass out of existence.but whatever is natural is real/original,and it never dies.so whether u blog about it a quadrillion time,it won’t change the fact that Africa is naturally 1 nation.and for the records,Yvonne Okoro did not make a fool of herself,u did.pls get schooled,u really go need it.thank the Gods some wise real Africans like my bro Eknock r able to understand this fact.

    1. @Eknock, i disagree with u, i dont care about your reasons for someone calling Africa a country. From what i know the definition of a country & a continent is not the same. And whats the point of encouraging ignorance?  

  3. My dear so very well said. It is ignorance but such ignorance is not acceptable in 2012. Perhaps it is even more sad when those of us from countries in Africa help perpetuate this erroneous perception of the continent that is Africa.

    Glam kisses,


      1. @Maame Yaa,what you need to do is hush what do you mean shouldn’t this be part of everything because your not getting the attention you want in twitter so your here to hate my friend sit somewhere and pump that hate syndrome out if you 

        1. @Dr. Miyagi, I don’t follow skanky idiots, that’s why I protect my account so that no idiot will follow me. Only fools will thirst for attention on Twitter. I’m not an attention seeker. I’m only allergic to nonsensical people! This isn’t about hatred so you and your ilk can chill. It’s called criticis!!!. Why are u freaking out because your friend is being critisized? Don’t you do the same to others? If you don’t like what I write about your so called anago friend, take a straw to the sea and sip with her….

          1. @Maame Yaa,oh so now your ghetto imagine is coming out please stay real okay and focus I’m judging you based on your comments and it seems like you got issues with her which has nothing to do with this topic at all and who is my friend? I don’t do friends I only got family 

          2. @Dr. Miyagi, I’m trying to make sense out of this but it seems impossible. Do you realize how pointless you sound all the time? Do you have any issues with Jackie to call her “yam legs”? And what has that got to do with the topic at hand? By the way, what is “ghetto imagine”? Did your moron brain meant image? If so then “in” is too much of a mistake!!! Guess who needs the book now? YOU!!! I could care less about brainess people judging me….

          3. @nanaama943,lol let her continue insulting  want that the Sam person who mention that yvonne okro’s attitude stinks, well it explains why now 

          4. @Maame Yaa,Try and respond intelligently cause you sound really ignorant there are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion. Are you trying to be a hero infront of your friends sitting next to you encouraging that your smart lol you will surely come far at least I understand why your following smart people be conscience that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. Your very interesting thanks once again 

          5. @Dr. Miyagi, I don’t expect anyone who constructs these kind of sentences; “….want that the Sam person who mention that yvonne okro’s attitude stinks…,and Your very interesting thanks once again…ect” to be talking about intelligence at all.

            “…I understand why your following smart people be conscience that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.”
            I don’t know what the heck you mean by this sentence! I hope you don’t deceive yourself that you are knowledgeable? I’m yet to meet any knowledgeable person who constructs such ridiculous and embarrassing sentences. It’s quite normal to make one or two mistakes somewhere, but yours is horrible! Jeez, I don’t want to do anymore injustice to my brain. I will love to know how a person like you will define “ignorance”…:)

            Adea watwer3 yi paa, nyansa a 3w) mu ne s3n?

      2. @Maame Yaa, No because the title of the article Why Are We Supporting The Ignorance Of The Many Foreigners Who Think Africa Is Just One Country don’t sound right ….shows he doesn’t like her which is cool but for the past months he posted issues about them and following okoro’s twitter status makes me feel we Ghanaians dont want to accept her for being half nigerian.  We all make mistakes even lol sarah palin mention africa being a country instead of continent 4years back so why making an issue out of okoro’s? Readers should know she’s not perfect as Google search.

        1. @nanaama943, Where does it state that the piece is about Yvonne Okoro? Or I cited her as one of the recent examples?

          So Sarah Palin made that mistake so we should encourage it right? And I don’t find it very shocking that Sarah made that mistake, after all people from Africa including you do not even see anything wrong with it…

          You know what, why don’t you move to the other articles, this is not for you…

          1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, For you using her photo and mentioning her name alone makes others thinks she’s ignorant… read the readers comment above dissing her on a simple mistake she made.. Fact that palin said same doesn’t mean we should learn but for us to know even highly public figures don’t know all these. I get that all the time, even at work some people ask if i speak africa language lol and knowing too well these white folks just don’t want to accept us.. Your reference today is not too cool you bringing her ego down.. 

          2. @nanaama943, so whose photo did you want me to use ? Amber Rose? People have the right to think whatever they want …that is the beauty of the world we love in. You just have your own thought and even voiced it out freely , yet you don’t want others to think what they want? We all have rights to hold opinions. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t ask people not to have opinions because you don’t agree with it.

          3. @nanaama943, lol my dear i liked how you put your lines together on jessi, that was a perfect example meant for haters. are you by chance related to the roseline and yvonne? Jessi so you the witch in here now i see will becareful with you before i get swallowed.

          4. @edd lee, I’m proud of nanamaa too she defended her self perfectly towards that “THING” you don’t know whether chimps are going to kill you or bewitch you. They’re very open on some levels and much more evil in a certain way as for this chimpanzee only god knows where she came from and where she will be heading 

          5. @nanaama943, thats a perfect example you gave to jessi, her stupid jessi God did your own and now you want to block Roseline’s blessings abi? are you that evil? May God punish you

          6. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, chris for the love of GOD ignore this girl,she is not worth a minute of your time,i wonder what she is still doing here on your BLOG after she said that if you are a lawyer her foot,please ignore her.


          8. @Nanaama943,slow  down my dear  dont allow that girl to get you mad she claim she is somany things and better than everyone and even trying to runs peoples life so ot surprise now she will disappear for a while and find her next target appy that you took your time to read her  and know how she is you too beter and wise for her waist your time at all we all know and see that this topic is all about Y.O. mean title and picture dnt make sense but there are somethings you just need to let go 

          9. @jessi, thats a perfect example you gave to jessi, her stupid jessi God did your own and now you want to block Roseline’s blessings abi? are you that evil? May God punish you.You dont even look that good just like first daughter of kwaku bosam. ugly girl

          10. @jessi, did you checked your horrible photo before posting them on here?? when real humans are talking, horrible ones like you needs to shut it and read.

          11. @jessi, hahahaha kojo i cant stop laughing on here. hmmm is best some people use images or better still recheck their photo’s hmmmmm.

          12. @Dr. Miyagi, bro’s this girl scares me with that bob marley weave and yet comes on here insulting celebrities like she’s perfect. Is she in some kind of village or abroad?

          13. @kojo, hahahaha kojo first daughter of kwaku bosam paa lol am cracking myself up by reading this. hahahaha Jessi do have a problem of reading skills so not surprise she commens any how with craps. you guys leave her alone lol maybe from now on she will learn or better still ESL class wont be a bad idea for her.

          14. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Don’t waste your breathe Chris. Not everybody can be educated. People just go to school these days,no education,no enligtenment,nada! Some people are so myopic it’s sad.

        2. @nanaama943, The Witches in Ghana who are members of the union called Haters of Anything that has to do with Nigeria (HAN) have come out to dance again. What is wrong with being half Ghanian and half Nigerian. Please stop this Witchcraft in the name of blogging. What is her crime?

        3. @nanaama943, And the many such mistakes Palin made is why the press and about everyone else thought she was unqualified to be VP. As a public figure it is even more of ones responsibility to serve as a good role model. Knowing that there are 7 continents of which Africa is one is common general knowledge that shouldn’t be hard to retain. Okoro may have just been generalizing because i know that sometimes i say the same thing to people who ask me where i am from because it eventually gets annoying when you tell someone you are from Ghana and he/she has no idea where that it so i just generalize and say that i am African. It’s easier but i do agree that we shouldn’t do that since it feed their ignorance.

          1. @Abena, Thank you!  I dont understand why Nanaama943, kept on bringing that statement made by Palin up like that was an acceptable mistake.  

          2. @Abena, Palin’s mistake was just too funny. Now we all know even people with standards repeats all this. I feel is good she stated palins name so we know is just not we the africans but rather white people too. excellent nanaama943

          3. @maame, But what does white people making this mistake too have to do with the problem at hand? White people making this mistake does not justify it. The fact is that Africa is a continent not a country and so every human being, including white people, who makes this mistake is wrong and should be accordingly corrected. “People with standards” making this mistake does not make it right.

  4. The problem of Africa being viewed as a country is two fold. Africa is a country where things are pretty much the same from coast to coast, like America” It should read …like the United States. Most people in the States consider it America to the exclusion of Mexico, Canada, Panama, Guatamala or Brazil…I think you get the point. This is the United States OF America, not America. This smacks of continental hubris. Second problem is some of the Africans themselves. I’ve met someone who is from the continent of Africa and I ask where they are from, they often respond with “I’m from Africa.”  (Yvonne Okro issue) This helps reinforce the thought that Africa is just one big gigantic country and it is not. I think we both the African and the people of the States should re-adjust what we are saying when speaking of Africa and America. So I do understand the writer where he is coming from with his topic and why Yvonne Okro name was mentioned in there Well we have lots and lots of countries in Africa (54 to be exact) and some of them have states or provinces in them. There’s even more languages (over 1800). And there are about a bazillion tribes. There is no nation called North Africa but the name is used for the parts of Africa that are farthest to the north. I could be wrong as well so mr writer feel happy to correct me

  5. I think when people refer to africa as a country its not out of ignorance (well for a minority who believe africa is a country ahem…..americans) and it certainly is not for unity. The “white man” uses africa as collective term for the poor people they have to look after. Its mainly out of the lack of respect to recognise us as single nations. for them its like why bother, its only “africa” the third world population we help out.  Also generally when people say africa, they dont mean egypt or algeria or tunisia or any of the northern countries, they are aimed at the sub-saharans.  
    And just to also add, its a shame how fast we are loosing our culture these days, our culture used to be very rich and just beautiful not so much nowadays with people copying the west!!!!

    1. @dove, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a Jamaican living in America and when anyone ask most Jamaicans where their from they’re quick to say Kingston which is the city. Why can’t you be proud to say where in Africa you’re from? I notice that the African women these days have almost lost their true identity of being the most beautiful creatures on earth. Everyone wants to be like an American which is so damn fake. I came to visit Nigeria and I thought I was in New York City because of the way most people look. They’re slowly losing their cultures and respect that we so admire just to perpetrate as westerners. Yvonne is not the only one that has messed up the’re many others too. Another thing I noticed is that the criticism being given to others is so uncalled for and people do not realize that we did not make ourselves. Everyone cannot look the same or else we would have a boring world. Let us embrace each other for who we are and not by how we look.

      My love for Mother Africa is tremendous and I can’t wait to learn more about the different countries and cultures that are there.

  6. There r better things going and u write dis stupid topic? Yeah IM AFRICAN. I said it so go burn de ocean. People like u r ashame of where u come from. So what if she said she african isn’t she? Aren’t u? Get de f outta her with ur bull 

  7. It is even more than sad when people keep making this ignorant statements and then others think it is nothing or it is right . You don’t have to get a degree in geography to know that AFRICA is a continent and not a damn country . Why even make such silly mistake . And to say your nationality is African is pure lame but Africa is not a nation

  8. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i did not have my education in europe, so my view has nothin to do wit what someone else is doin. I only feel dat its about time we live 2gether witout havin 2 wory about artificial line. There r ewes in Togo & Ghana who r erroneously divided by this ‘supernatural lines’. Jxt think we’ve came of age 2 re-draw dis line 2 achieve the good dreams of Kwame Nkrumah.

  9. Trust Chris, if he doesn’t like u, hmmm hmmm…. i wonder why sm1 will say ”am 4rm africa” which means every pope is from Rome. lol. aaaahhhh dumb skull

    1. @jsexy, Ghanian INFERIOTY COMPLEX when anything Nigerian is mentioned. Ghanian bloggers will even eat their chlidren raw without cooking the flesh was they have anything to do with nigeria. Nigeria and Ghana are not in competition in anything. They are one. please don’t transfer your aggression to your sister because of INFERIORITY. And please don’t tell me you have been SLEEPING with Nigerian girls. Every Yvonne Okoro, Tomorrow Yvonne Okoro, Why not schedule a physical fight her and give a break. Or better still take a gun and kill her.

      1. @Jtoni, I like your comment.  Christ go face to face with Yvonne Okoro if you are a man or better yet shot ur self.  Chris is Pathetic always siding Jackie and bashing others. Who is Jackie APPIAH? a human being just as both Yvonne Okoro and Nelson.  You are a leader  and a publisher on this website, be an example and stop the favoritism and show professionalism. 

  10. I thought the article was about africa, so where did all this okoro business come in. we don’t have to take a portion out of a whole article and argue over it, instead of looking at the concept of the article. Africa and not Okoro

    1. @nat,
      Ghanian INFERIOTY COMPLEX whenever anything Nigerian is mentioned. Ghanian bloggers will even eat their chlidren raw without cooking the flesh once it has anything to do with nigeria. Nigeria and Ghana are not in competition in anything. They are one. Please don’t transfer your aggression to your sister because of INFERIORITY. And please don’t tell me you have been SLEEPING with Nigerian girls. My present girlfriend is from Nigeria.Everybody can see MOBILE HATRED. I mean HATRED on two legs.Everyday Yvonne Okoro, Tomorrow Yvonne Okoro, Next day Rosaline Okoro.Why not schedule a physical fight with her and give us a break. Or better still take a gun and shoot her. This will give us a breathing space. Why is your HATRED of anything Nigeria so pronounced? Afterall, she pays taxes in Ghana. Did you attack Rawlings this much with Scottish Surename? This is the kind of thing that destroyed ADOLF HITLER.

      1. @Jtoni, good is a rivalry thing between us and i feel Ghanians needs to stop this discriminating among other nations. Even within tribes we still discriminate.

  11. i thought the article was about the misconception of Africa being a nation while it is actually a continent made up of different countries, people and cultures. Yvonne Okoro made a mistake or perhaps was confused of which nationality she is, and she needs to be corrected, you guys don’t need to eat urselves up with insults. let the ignorant learn today and he/she will become wise tomorrow. is either Yvonne Okoro should visit her geography lessons to be able to differentiate between a continent and a nation or she is consciously saying that to defend her hungry miss Ghana title sister, which am positive that she can text for her a threelion times but will never win.