LIFESTYLE-SHOWER TIME: Why Do Some People Dislike Taking Showers Or Baths? Don’t They Get Itchy Or Feel Gross?

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Let’s face it, not everyone likes to take a bath/shower especially when they are required to shower twice a day.  This behavior makes me feel ill to my stomach.  I can understand that some people don’t take their showers/baths because they don’t have access to  water, but how about those who have 24 hours access to running water seven days a week, and yet refuse to take their showers/baths?

I can also understand that for some of us who live in the diaspora, taking a shower/bath becomes a daunting task especially during winter months, but if one can get up to go to work during winter months, then one can certainly take showers/baths too.

I perceive people get accustomed to certain things like odor or skin sensations. It is like people who live in filth or very messy environment or homes.  They might have started out being very neat, but somewhere along the path they gave up on neatness.  Then the change of dirtiness emerges, and they get used to it. That mess becomes more tolerable to them.  The mess becomes invisible, so it eventually becomes messier.

For those who hate to shower/bath, a lot depends on how they are raised too.  If the family didn’t bath/shower or required that you did, then you stop paying attention to the smell and sensation. Some people picked up this bad habit of not taking showers/baths from their secondary school or college years, and unfortunately never got out of it.

Human beings perspire on a daily basis, and it is especially worse when we stay active, so I believe we should take our baths/showers on a daily basis, at least once daily.

Taking showers/baths make you feel fresh, revived and ready to face the day, so it should be fun.  Even sometimes when you can’t sleep, and you shower/bath it makes you fall asleep quickly.

What do you think? Do you know anyone who hates to shower/bath? How many times do you shower in a day?



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  1. Lol summar time i do it twice 1 in de midday n 1 in de evenin…. winter time, just av a quick wash at de private part be4 leavin for wrk, a good hot shower after work…

    1. @Rocklyn Love, lol at least you try. But seriously how do you just wash there, and not put water on the rest of your body? Well, you still take one after work, so that can somehow makeup for the “half miss” in the morning.

  2. I live in Norway and i shower all the time I LOVE THE WATER!!! Especially at winter time 2 keep the heat in the morning…up 2 -30, a shower gives u a reality check, no Ghanaian heat!

  3. I take a shower every other day during the summer, and every 3-4 days during the winter. First, because I have extremely dry hair and skin, and taking too many showers makes it worse. Second, we have a well, which is either halfway frozen or dried up depending on the season, so its hard to take as many showers as you want. Showering daily works for some people, showering twice a week works for some people. It all depends on what makes you comfortable and healthy.