THE RUN UP SHOW: Closing The Kiki Banson, Becca & Father Issue + The Miss SMS Fiasco…

Higreen,Chris And Ameyaw
Higreen,Chris And Ameyaw

I sat down with Higreen of GhanaCelebrities.Com and Ameyaw Debrah of AmeyawDebrah.Com (who is currently catching fun with me out here in the UK) to record the 2nd episode of THE RUN UP SHOW yesterday…
As Ghanaian Entertainment enthusiasts and bloggers/writers with entrenched amusing opinions, we decided to use the show to discuss and close the recent Becca/Kiki Banso and father hullabaloo.
We also talked about the Roseline Okoro Miss Sms fiasco, taking shots at the side-splitting title which the organizers of Miss Ghana 2012 decided to give out…
After recording THE RUN UP SHOW, we stormed Nandos for some extra hot grilled chicken and chips (photos below). I know I am not doing myself any good. Why go to the gym in the morning and then head to Nandos in the evening to eat those greasy fries? I have an answer; because life is too short to live on salads…LOL
Anyway, watch the 2nd episode of THE RUN UP SHOW below…Remember, the show is all about Fun & Entertainment!
You Can Watch The 1st Episode Of THE RUN UP SHOW By Clicking Here







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