Wanlov Vents Against 4syte Music Video Awards-He Thinks ‘Uncle Obama’ Video Is More Popular Than Kaalu Video

Uncle Obama
Uncle Obama

Wanlov took to twitter earlier today to express his displeasure at EL’s Kaalu Video  winning 4syte TV’s most Popular music video over Deborah Vanessa’s ‘Uncle Obama’.

According to Kubolor (senior brother of Deborah Vanessa), he believes Kaalu’s popularity is far below that of Uncle Obama and hence, Uncle Obama should have received the necessary recognition.

Personally, I have no problem with 4syte TV’s choice. Not because I do not like the Uncle Obama song or video but because it was more offensive than funny to many people although it got a lot of attention, most of it was more for notoriety than popularity.

The singers TimeLine got really busy as he received a lot of support on his stance from friends and fans who questioned the system employed by 4syte TV to select winners of the Music Video Awards.

Gabby vanderpuye ‏@gabbyvanderpuye

@wanlov GH awards lose its credibility long time ago, donno why e for bore u sef,not to talk of some group be called 4syte,when them come?

MutomboDaPoet ‏@MutomboDaPoet

Sometimes @wanlov no for waste time on these people.How long we start complain abt the system! Make e just watch what dey come happen give we

@wanlov doug dem cos dem b thief o. E b lyk say dem no no d meaning of d category o. So shun dema matter cos dem b thief o, dem b thief o.

@wanlov tell dem,popularity is when u have a vid on youtube and it has 634,786 views #uncleobama vid The word popularity must b appreciated.

@wanlov I neva know sey Kaalu vid commot saf until one day I dey roam for youtube wey I see am. Uncle Obama vid is always a topic on my TL

FOKN Gypsy Kubolor ‏@wanlov

See som bullshit video e win best female…wot d fok b d meaning of “no away”?!

FOKN Gypsy ٭Kυм°̩٭ ‏@Kwaku_Kumi

If Kaalu won the most popular vid award, how come@deborahvanessa7 ‘s Uncle Obama vid has many views on Youtube dan Kaalu?

So tell me readers, would you have chosen the Uncle Obama video or Kaalu as most popular video and why?




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21 thoughts on “Wanlov Vents Against 4syte Music Video Awards-He Thinks ‘Uncle Obama’ Video Is More Popular Than Kaalu Video”

  1. Dat wanluv n sister shld shut up ova der,is her sister a musician in ghana,da awards is probably for mosicians dat hv worked hard not some jokers who r looking for attention wit stupid songs or jingles cos dat crap is not a song so hoe sit down n shut up!

    • @pat,
      go wey u, the award was 4 most popular video, not best song or artiste or even best video, the word here is popular, and as such kaalu doesnt qualify, both vera, and uncle obama were way more popular both locally and internationally.
      and as much as i think uncle obama is not a quality song the video was very popular and made it to CNN

      • This is music video awards not jokers video award n since debora is not a musician she doesn’t even qualify for nomination,if agyakoo do a funny video n gets a lot of hits on youtube does dat qualify him for a music video award??? JOKERS @gaga,

        • @pat,i want u to pause,go back and read ur comments again….u would realise they dont make sense….this is the point,first,that video was nominated…whether its a joke or not,it was “NOMINATED”….whether she’s a singer or not,her song was “NOMINATED”, PERIOD!!!….Also,agya koo is a comedian,she’s a singer(why are u comparing the two??hellooooo??),and to answer ur question,…..if agya koo does a funny video(as in a funny music video) and gets a lot of hits on youtube,YES! it will qualify him for a music video nomination…If she got nominated for a category as “most popular music”,she deserved the win,cos seriously,this is the first time i really listened to that kaalu video/song,where as everybody knows that uncle obama song(whether its offensive or not)….if the song was that offensive,or she isnt a singer,she shouldnt have been nominated at all..PERIOD! But as popular as that song is,they cant nominate it and say she doesnt deserve the win because the song was offensive…it just dont make sense..!

          • At which awards was the video NOMINATED? Was it in ur dreams or where,go on every blog n check the nominees list,uncle obama didn’t make the cut,it was ketche,EL,D black,Sarkodie,4*4, so u r the one not making sense,if u check those who were nominated,dey r all certified musicians,u dare call dat attention seekinh hoe a singer?was she singing or talking on dat obama track,check ur facts well b4 u mislead ppl with invisible nominations,cos her video didn’t even make the cut.period @honey,

          • @pat, OK so u coming on too HARSH cos i can fck u up right here and now and this SH*T will end.(in my f*cking bronx accent,and take it in that order)…….First of,the article itself really misleads everybody,i think somewhere in that article,the reporter should atleast put it down that she wasnt nominated….cos if he’s gona write a report about wanlov’s yabbing about his sister not winning the award,his main point should be about the fact that wanlov’s sister was not even nominated at all,then we the rest can understand…..Quick question tho,What do u call a certified musicians?? i didnt know musicians get certified,maybe u can school me on that one……as far as going on every blogs, Dont nobody got time for that but u sweety..! Just dont come at me like that nxt time please..!

        • @pat, I think u write without common sense. As long as de video is nominated it qualifies by all standards. Any video nominated stand equal chance of winning de award irrespective of what it was intended for. If due to any reason disqualifies it, it shdn’t be nominated @ all. Once nominated, nothing disqualifies it and shd be accorded its award if it so deserves…. which I believe stand tall in this category. Uncle Obama is de most popular music video GH has ever produced to even catch de whole world’s attention, be it controversial or not!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The video was not NOMINATED for the 4syte award n u cal ask the writer to clarify that cos dey even published the nominees list on this blog too so I don’t know where u stopidity is coming from,how can a video which didn’t even qualify for nomination win,the video is not also shown on any tv except on youtube,kaalu,vera n da rest r all on ghana tv stations so wtf r u talking abt,music in ghana is not abt jokers or youtube views.must be popular on tv first @nasakza,

    • @pat, why will you talk like that if you know the truth ,Deborah’s song went viral on the internet ,honestly I never heard of kkalu until some weeks b back

      • But how can she win when she wasn’t even nominated?most popularly doesn’t mean any joke dats popular on da net doesn’t make it popular in the music industry cos she’s not a musician so dat disqualified her for even a nomination,da award shld hv gone to vera cos is more popular,deborah is not a musician so she n her broda shld shut up,maybe if there’s comedian awards then dey cld be nominated cos dey r both jokers @27calibre(Ф_Ф),

  2. Uncle Obama should have win this award cos it was popular not only in Africa but most of the continents ,the video especially went viral .

    I smell something fishy

  3. nonsense,that disgracefull vido her sister did?how dare him to wont that vido to win an award,people watch it on u tube becouse they can’t belive someone as pretty as her could be that foolish.a vido that was never shown on most tv stations in gh shouldnot be given anyaward,why am i even surprise,the maddness runs in the family.deborah and his brother are a disgrace to gh.

  4. I have to say uncle Obama video wasn’t far better than kaalu but the facts that CNN got involve because of the name Obama and song was released right before the election plus if you check the amount on viewers on YouTube than uncle Obama song had almost 637.343 views and kaalu had 150.440  so if these people where honest enough than uncle Obama should have defiantly won it but these dodgy goats never play by the rules 

  5. hahahahahaha i like where he kissed ajoa smart and the other slapped her. i think ajoas face was funny. seriously that uncle obama music is absolutely, seriously, inevitably stupid.

  6. EL,used to be a presenter on 4syte Tv plus he’s worked with Yfm before(yfm and4syte have a link) so don’t be surprised people. adze wo fie ah oye. they all thieves


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