Should YouTube Views Be Used To Determine How Popular A Video Is In Ghana?


After the 4th Syte Music Video Awards, controversial musician, Wanlov came out publicly to vent his spleen on the organisers of the annual awards.

Ever since the awards, I have been asking myself: What makes any video popular if not how many views the video gets on YouTube? I was one of the few people who shared Wanlov’s stand before he even came out strongly to register his displeasure on his sister’s behalf.

What was Wanlov’s problem with the organisers?

This is it and as simple as this. According to him even though Deborah Vanessa (his biological sister) released his ‘Uncle Obama’ music video on the same day EL released his ‘Kaalu’ video, she failed to get nominations in the award whiles the latter picked the Most Popular Music Video.

At the time of his rant, as many as 636,151 views have been recorded for the ‘Uncle Obama’ video as against 82,283 views for EL’s ‘Kaalu’ video. Even D-Black’s ‘Vera’ which was in the same category with EL has about 377,465.

By the above views, clearly EL’s ‘Kaalu’ video has no business being adjudged as the Most Popular Video in Ghana for 2012 unless the organisers had different criteria than the ‘mere’ views on YouTube.

You do not need to have a good or popular song to win a video award. The two songs don’t send any tangible or important message to the patrons out as they are just ordinary songs with meaningless lyrics.

There is honesty in Wanlov’s rants for the simple reason is that, when ‘Uncle Obama’ video was released, it went viral on the internet to the extent of many accusing the singer of being paid to compose the song for President Obama.

The popularity of the video offered her the opportunity to be interviewed and featured on CNN.

I would probably be living on another planet if I fail to notice the substance and relevance of the YouTube video channel.

If YouTube views of videos are not important when awarding most popular music videos, then what do we base our criteria on? You can not tell me the organizers used the number of times a video was aired on TV-since the more you pay, the more air time you can buy for your video.

Should YouTube views be used to determine how popular a video is? If NO, how can the popularity of videos be determined in Ghana for ‘popular’ music video awards?




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21 thoughts on “Should YouTube Views Be Used To Determine How Popular A Video Is In Ghana?”

  1. Well lets be honest here having so much views  (hits) does not really win you an award I mean with “Obama”song she made noise on CNN not the fact that it was a good song but because of the name “Obama” plus the video did not really show anything about Africa and “kaalu” did the reason. Why they maybe choose “kaalu” could be as followed 

    1. how good is the video is? creative the video is vocal/timing/flow/sync? 
    3. the originality in ur song, lyrics/music/meanings? 

    I don’t think that they take Vanessa and her brother seriously I mean to have a mental brother who goes around pulling his pants talking crappy things what he has achieve in life or making songs with no meaning behind it is all part of it and seems like little sister followed her brother footsteps to bring the female version that’s my opinion  

      • @Resplendent,well I do understand but looking at her video and listening to her lyrics tells me that she did not 
        Write it but probably her brother, to me this was a big shame to ghana music industry. Unnecessary publicity stunt. 60 sec of fame on CNN is not a big deal I don’t no if she and her brother are Are half gypsy,half romanian and quarter Ghanaian but this song/video could never have won an award 

        • @Dr. Miyagi, I agree with you. I think it was her brother that wrote the song for her. If Deborah was smart she wouldn’t have recorded the song. I think maybe her brother’s definition of ‘banana’ was dick. The song is so childish!

          • @Resplendent,
            to be honest, i dont think debbie did the song with the intention of being serious i think for her it was just a joke that will give she and her bro more publicity. Ppl need to realise that these ppl r not being serious with most of their actions, so u can criticize all u want and they will still not change. U know y? cos u r giving them what they want, publicity

          • @gaga,well I agree with you but don’t you think it’s GC and other media!a that are giving them publicity 
            Her sister came with some outrageous song/video, it is stupid or very noticeable for the sake of getting attention and its sees like her mission has been completed cause the media is still talking about it 

  2. This shows how in Ghana everything is messed up ,how can you give the award to kalu which does not make sense and useless way of making video whilst BLack’s music is ten times better than the so call kalu …I hope kubolor refused to bribe the stupid organisers who were in charge ….

    I am not surprised this is in Ghana where police is been paid through bribery.
    I quiet remember even immigration officers in kotoka demand money from me ,Ghana never changes ,give bribe and you can control the whole country.

    • @27calibre(Ф_Ф), See EL works wit Vibe n they all move to Yfm meaning he’s in de 4syte family alreali hence any group he’s in he gonna win tas GH 4 u they never goin to change a damn thing always stealing their way out.

      • @Constance, another corrupt way of Ghanaians to whom you know ,oo because this guy is humble or is my brother let me consider him ,this are some of the things that’s are keeping us at the backstage of the world platform ,patriotism,nepotism if me and you did not speak against this it will hunt us in future..

        • @27calibre(Ф_Ф), Yes 4 me I’ve never trusted ANY AWARD system in GH bcos there have always been the thing of ‘He’s who wins don’t deserve it n de proper winner leaving EMPTY handed lol WE always want to be like the whiteman,but WE re still refusing to change our mentality and as such WE surely have a long way to go. Instead of us fostering THAT THE BEST MEN WIN in our AWARD system they re still taking bribes 4rm nominees n WHO U KNOW attitude…n I know 4 sure that tis isn’t ONLY in our AWARDS,but also in the SCHOOLS,OFFICES n wat ve u n THIS MUST STOP!

  3. I am not surprised Yvonne okoro even got the gut to say something about just recent miss Ghana thing ,because she knows in Ghana everything is about bribes so she tried as much as possible to bribe them but the organisers were soo smart to ignore her ,I dont the reason she was ignored maybe because she is from Africa…

    Ghana stand up against corruption (Bribery)


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