PHOTO: Yvonne Nelson Aspires To Be Like Lady Gaga?

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Yvonne Nelson-Lady Gaga
Yvonne Nelson-Lady Gaga

Who in their right sense would ever aspire to be like lady Gaga? I am shocked that Yvonne Nelson has found lady Gaga a desirable person to the extent that she is influencing her recent weight loss and style…REALLY?

Yvonne Nelson Bikini
Yvonne Nelson Bikini


Yvonne Nelson-Lady Gaga


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  1. i prefer thicker yvonne, but dis is ok as long as she doesnt lose more. But y r Ghana’s so called celebs trying to lose weight these days

      1. @gaga, WELL, I don’t give a cedi for whoever, much as gaga is not my thing, i think Chris should learn how to place his topics or headings if we should have a born again blog/ger

  2. eiiii asem nieeee this lady gaga looks scary……… she wanna be like lady gaga, nadia wanna be like Beyonce… well i prefer BEYONCE

    1. @Q,Amazing how you guys discriminate in your articles! One loses weight! Yay! she looks awesome,another does it , she is anorexic and all of sudden weight gain is not a good thing and is not a good role model for growing up young women who can’t accept their curvy bodies (Have heard it all on this website) OR  is it because the other is fat, so weight gain is good for her?? Is it  discrimination,nepotism or favoritism or what? Such a blatant bias! Can you guys be objective for once? Everyone has pretty much the right  to be the size they feel comfortable with or feel good in their own skin. Jennifer hudson dropped from a size 16 to a 6 or 8 whatever cos she wanted to and felt good about it !Monique is curvy and thick and feels good about it…So it is her  own skin and what she feels comfortable in! SMH

      Disclaimer: No names have been mentioned so far in the comment apart from the examples…no insults please!

  3. I love Yvonne but I think she needs to take a seat. I think she’s going through some tough times; she proposed indirectly to Iyanya in a magazine and a few days later she tweeted about how love is conditional these days and she’s tired. maybe Iyanya doesnt want a commitment or she’s been dumped. anyhow,she needs to chill and not make a mess of herself.

    1. @s3m3nhyia, what Yvonne said abt that guy is nothing new.I have heard it countless of time even nicloe kidman said the same thing about hugh jackman.It doesn’t mean a thing.I think ppl need to get of her case and let her breathe cause we are suffocating her too much in this country

  4. this gal Yvonne Nelson is confuse and desperate…stop using lose weight tablet cos no one is interested how u starve ur self to get skinny bones figure …..

    1. @ticia, I believe you are the desperate one here. Knowing that you go around looking for stories about  her so you can write stupid stuffs about her.

      Good or bad, she is living her life, what are you doing to yourself? hating on her for no reason and even if you’ve got reasons I believe Yvonne doesn’t give a monkey about what people like you say or write about her.

      Like I wrote on the other post, keep hating on her and you’ll see where your life will end you.

      Sad, pathetic, jealousy, desperate looser  is who you are. Have a life and stop hating cos it won’t help you.

  5. oh no yvonne, u re loosing control, i hope this thing of u being like gaga isnt true,
    lets not pretend that we do not believe that all these celebrity stuff n every other thing will pass away. dont 4get who u really are ofcoarse u aint lady gaga.