PHOTOS: Star Actress Jackie Appiah Shoots New Movie ‘Standing Still’ In America

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Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Star Actress Jackie Appiah is currently in the United States working on her new movie ‘Standing Still’. GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, Jackie Appiah plays a lead role in ‘Standing Still’ as a house wife whose husband unfortunately got shot and fell into coma…

As the only source of strength, Jackie had to take care of their three children alongside working hard to support the entire family…

Check out the below on-set photos…



Jackie Appiah


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  1. this gal dey be keke…quality speaks for it self…Jackie Appiah u are one of the good and respectable actress in Ghana…u shine like a star n u will for ever shine…some actress will try hard to be like u but will never get the quality u have…

  2. The more you hate her the more she goes higher and higher in her work and that is all that matters. We love you girl, live your life and keep doing what you know how do do best and that is shooting good movies for us. Stay bless

    1. @Mike,@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i heard u were contemplating whether to sell off your blog well if u ask me i dont care . Dont forget u are not the only entertainment blogging site. we have others like ameyahdebrah and besides i dont see what useful benefit your website has for our dear country and what value is it adding to peoples lives

      are you the same mike that sent this to chris just today at 01:44?if you are the same mike,then may i ask what you are doing here?cos i thaught that the normal thing to do after such comment to chris is to disappear from here since you see nothing good in his work,you are the very kind of person that i think is not needed here and i hope chris does somethng about you soon.

  3. Jacky love your movies just finished watching ” growns pride” the one you were speaking like a Gambian, you really deseave an award for that movie. Hope this one too will be good 

  4. Jakie appeah You are doing well for your country Ghana , you the the best,  I love growns pride beautiful movies and beautiful acting you put there

  5. Jackie you keep going higher , keep it up and enjoy yourself, don’t think of anything is do your job well and forget bad mouths. We are right behind you. 99 percent love you theb10 percent does not matter

  6. Hollywood production indeed jus gaveus a break so anytin stupid film shoot in de USA is Hollywood production????? U guys re soooo very funni I jus thank God I dont spend my time watching those they call movies.

  7. why are pics posted here anytime Jackie shoots a new movie n not the same for other actors? does she send it personally or what? and secondly last week was nadia’s bday but didnt see any post here for her, just thinking if it wld ve bn the same if it was jackie’s bday,,, hmmm i just asked harmless qtns wai

  8. I hear a jealous bird chirping smh, hollywood prod. or not, shes doing what she loves to do and not just for the money n fame like some of her colleagues, whose only purpose in the game is to ho themselves to the highest bidder so they can show off. Werk it Jackie.