The Battle Of The Hips & Body Contours: Joselyn Dumas Vrs Toolz…

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Toolz And Joselyn Dumas
Toolz And Joselyn Dumas

African women are known for their curves and contours. Even though we do not have many of our African celebrities bearing these unique and alluring features, Ghana is blessed with the fine hips and shape of TV personality/Actress-Joselyn Dumas…
When you go to Nigeria, Toolz, also a TV personality seems to the Queen of body contours (though Mercy Johnson is a fierce competitor)…
I love the fact that these women have embraced the African in them, and have successfully made it even a marquee.
There are certain African celebrities who would have not embraced this, but rather would have been fighting themselves to loose weight if they had such bold body contours.
Who has what kicks you out of your chair? Joselyn Dumas or Toolz…. 🙂
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  1. omg that naija girl is a killer wtf i love dumas bt damn who is dat girl??? she’s dark n thick just the way i like it………

  2. I will go for miss Dumas why because she got it all the waist the stomach and the beauty as for tools that’s all fat if she takes her clothes of you will see all that stretch mark and fat hanging  out plus Dumas got the nice sweet legs as for tools Naaaa…….. I’m not feeling those bankye legs better yet rugby legs 

  3. pls the real toolz is the one on stage. she is kinda fat a little bit. Her pictures are mostly photoshopped to give her that small waist. she is a thick and curvy woman however i think joselyn shape is better. i see Toolz kinda body everyday.  

  4. You always choose ghanaians,lol…its normal with you,if it was even tools and yvonne nelson,u will still choose yvonne nelson,stop being childish and say the truth,u cant see nigerians behaving lyk dat,i have been there,i have seen arguments and they end up choosing ghanaians,but u,u will always want to hate them,feeling inferior bcos it is nigeria,grow up pls,without doubts london/nigerian tools is no mate in body with joselyn,tools is far beta,i always look to read comments and see how u paint ghana jealous and childish

  5. you are right, how can they say that tooz is fat when her curves are well defind look at joslyn she is a bit saggy not that she ins’t good looking but plaese people be reallistic toolz is better