The Battle Of The Hips & Body Contours: Joselyn Dumas Vrs Toolz…

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Toolz And Joselyn Dumas
Toolz And Joselyn Dumas

African women are known for their curves and contours. Even though we do not have many of our African celebrities bearing these unique and alluring features, Ghana is blessed with the fine hips and shape of TV personality/Actress-Joselyn Dumas…
When you go to Nigeria, Toolz, also a TV personality seems to the Queen of body contours (though Mercy Johnson is a fierce competitor)…
I love the fact that these women have embraced the African in them, and have successfully made it even a marquee.
There are certain African celebrities who would have not embraced this, but rather would have been fighting themselves to loose weight if they had such bold body contours.
Who has what kicks you out of your chair? Joselyn Dumas or Toolz…. 🙂
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