Videos: Which Political Party Has The Best Campaign Song?

1 min

It’s as if in every election year, the musicians suddenly become very important to the activities of  politicians.

Trust Ghanaian musicians to be exploited in election years. Like it has happened over the past few elections, musicians are approached to record songs for the political parties. Some are paid and others get run over…

This year, the politician-musician relationship appears to have intensified with several musicians recording songs for the two main political parties in Ghana; the NPP and the NDC.

The two parties have invaded the TV screens with commercials, some of which are very unnecessary and in bad taste.

Campaign music videos have now become like a competition. I have lost count of the number of  the number of election music videos I see on my television screens.

Since I have been made to believe that some of these songs can affect the voting pattern of voters, I have decided to bring two of the songs to you. Maybe you can change your mind after watching. LOL.