POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Tony Aidoo Says NPP Are “Terrorists” And “Bad Losers”…Ban Them!

blankThe Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has launched a vitriolic attack on the New Patriotic Party describing them as “terrorists” and “bad losers” and wants them banned from Ghana’s body politics.

To him, the NPP’s repetitive conduct over the last four years, “of bringing the electoral process into disrupt could plunge the country into a civil war” if not checked.

The NPP, has since the projection and declaration of the election results insisted the polls have been rigged in favour of President John Mahama. Its flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has refused to concede defeat.

In what could best pass for a replay of history, some disgruntled NPP sympathisers on Sunday afternoon massed up at the premises of the Electoral Commission, but were prevented from gaining entry into the EC’s compound as the police pushed them back with tear gas and barricades.

The sympathisers, some of whom where clad in NPP t-shirts with red bands tied to their heads, run helter-skelter as the police chased them out of the vicinity of the EC.

A similar situation played out in 2008 when supporters of the NDC thronged the EC premises to protest an alleged alteration of figures from the NPP in the Ashanti Region, to help the party win the elections.

Prior to the incident, the NPP leadership, had catalogued a litany of accusations against the EC and the NDC, alleging their connivance to alter electoral figures in favour of the NDC.

According to the NPP, there were a number of malpractices in some constituencies which gave it cause for concern about the credibility of media projections which put the NDC ahead and believed the governing party colluded with EC officials to commit electoral fraud across the country including over-reporting the number of ballots cast for NDC candidates.

But speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday, Dr Tony Aidoo described the NPP’s claims are “frivolous” which should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“For all their [NPP] intellectual bigotry they don’t know the law. They don’t have any democratic credentials; they are terrorists,” he said.

He continued; “the NPP are bad losers; their repetitive conduct of bringing the electoral process into disrupt could plunge the country into a civil war”.

Whiles stressing that they are unmoved by the NPP’s “empty threats”, the former Deputy Defence Minister in the erstwhile Rawlings regime, also pointed out that any action taken by the NPP will be an exercise in futility since the verdict of Ghanaians is more paramount than a political party.

“…they (NPP) must respect the choice of the electorate…they are not the only repository of knowledge…They [NPP] are not our rulers by divine providence, it is the people of Ghana who choose a leader. If they are in power everything is ok but if they are not in power everything is wrong,” he said.



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10 thoughts on “POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Tony Aidoo Says NPP Are “Terrorists” And “Bad Losers”…Ban Them!”

  1. Nana should go to hell with his allegation against electoral commission ,he lost due to his disrespect towards Alan kyeremanteng and the otumfour ,his disrespect towards the elders of asante kingdom lead to his defeat ,how dare him compare chief akyim to otumfour father of Ghana chiefs nana addo should go to hell .he lost face down period .

    He was warn to apologize to the elders n he refused his arrogance was beyond stupidity

  2. And this is coming from the same person who called Mensa Otabil all kind of names, what is the ndc afraid of? The NPP hasnt even started and they are panicking. mahama wants everybody to think he won the elections free and fair, this demon anti christ tony aidoo is calling for the banning of NPP, if any party shd be banned, it shd be the criminally minded thieving party like the ndc, tony aidoo better prepare for what is coming to him, Power has really gone to DOGS.

      • @nanaama943, Have yall heard afari gyan left the country on sunday to United States, but was returned to ghana the immigration on arrival, lol, they told him there was no peace in ghana n needs to go back to answer questions, good job Americans.

  3. The corruption party E dey be keke (NDC) should rather been Banned from ghana… wat nonsense…. which party is more criminal in ghana??? Ghanians r not being fair 4 my likin….. I dont fink Nana will insist to go to court if he didnt notice anythin fishy about this election… U ppl shld let him be…. he want justice… Justice is needed… tcheww

  4. Ghanaians really don’t know our history, how can anybody company NDC to NPP in terms of criminality. This NDC party was founded with the blood and the money of the ppl of Ghana, the entirety of the party is fraud. Who doesn’t know the blood shed by these Criminals? 
    I honestly don’t know why some “things” like Tony Aidoo, David Annan, Felix Kwaakye, Peter Otukonor are even given any media attention at all……..#Wont you recognize a bad nut when u see one??


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