New Movie: Watch The Teaser Of The Movie Lydia Forson Went To Shoot In Sierra Leone Feat. Desmond Elliot, Morris Sesay, Bobby Obodo & Others-KAMARA’S TREE

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Few months ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com mentioned that Actress Lydia Forson was shooting a new movie in Sierra Leone alongside Nollywood super star-Desmond Elliot and several other talented African actors.

A teaser of the movie ‘Kamara’s Tree’ has been released and we have it here for you guys…

Kamara’s Tree‘ tells a story of a family which “after many years of not all being under the same roof, the family of extremely diverse characters gather in Freetown, Sierra Leone to celebrate the wedding of their eccentric kid sister. Secrets and an uninvited guests threaten the day, as the family is thrown into a chaos.”

Watch the teaser of Kamara’s Tree below


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  1. African is really standing up I have to say I been watching allot of movies Desmond Elliot produced and dude is truly blessed and skilled keep up the good work movie looks good I love airline babes as well another good movie 

    1. @Dr. Miyagi, 2 reasons why im not watching this movie, #1 it has one of those kanu girls in it(i swear they’re the worst actresses that appeared on the surface of the earth) and for some funny reasons,desmond looooooooove to work with them both. #2 this movie has about 4-5 five pple named kamara,what the hell is up with that??loooool and tooooo much screaming and yelling…besides didnt desmond make the same story movie with “in the cupboard”.???hmmmmm i digress. 1 reason why i might watch tho is, LYDIA FORSON and thats aaaaaaaaaaaaall.

  2. Yes, Desmond seem to be on point. So far, I think he is doing a good work with his movies. Though, you have some more work to do on editing sounds etc, I think we will surely get there one day sooner.