LIFESTYLE: What Influences Your Fashion Style?



You cannot run away from the fact that, many of us are fashion copy cats and as such, our sense of fashion is totally or heavily influenced by certain celebrities we find fashionable.

There are times I have seen my friends look great and when I push further to find out how they came by such great style, I have been disappointed to hear, “Kim Kardashian wore something like that in a magazine and I decided to go for it too”.

Though most of us do not notice this, our sense of fashion is that of others. The people we see in magazines, on TV and even on billboards influence what we think are fashionable as well as the clothes or bags we buy.

I have a friend who proudly says “if you can’t beat them, just join them”. Therefore, she has all the latest fashion magazines and all she does is to look for who is wearing what so she can get the same dress (or a replica of it if it is too expensive).

With the above having been said, a recent fashion survey conducted and published at Quibblo revealed that people’s clothing choices are also influenced by the clothes’ looks and style-that is  if the shades of the dress shirts are perfect for their skin tone, if the dresses are sexy enough for the women, among others.

Personally, my fashion sense is influenced by how comfortable I feel in a dress. I am surely not a copy cat and I am not influenced by price too. I am not one of those who will buy a dress or bag because of the brand name or tagged price. For me, it is about how comfortable I will feel in it…

What about you? What influences your fashion style?


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1 thought on “LIFESTYLE: What Influences Your Fashion Style?”

  1. One thing I hate is to copy cat “I create my own style so I can style on them” I always say that old school is better than new school, I love my urban wear but yet I make it look so classy I think it would be dumb to have 1 type of style. To me a balance of urban wear and classy is perfect. You need to know how to mix up the medicine with that said dress with your age and leave that childish style behind 


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