Love & Relationship: Am I Just Old School Or What? My Boyfriend Says I Should Wear Thongs All The Time But I Prefer To Go ‘Commando’…

Dear GC Readers,
During high school, my friends and I were the ‘commando’ princesses.  I loathed putting on underwear then since I felt more comfortable going ‘commando’.
If I carried nothing at all from my school days, I know I took with me the ‘commando’ habit. Apart from the fact that I am used to wearing no underwear, I also feel very comfortable without it.
You will only catch me wearing an underwear when I am going for shopping where I intend to try some stuff on or when it is that time of the month.  Even then, I go for the old granny panties which I find comfortable too.
For some weeks now, my boyfriend has been knocking my head and pushing me to start wearing thongs. I have tried the many he has bought and to be frank, they are totally uncomfortable.
I am not sure if it is because I am not used to it that is making me feel so uncomfortable or is it the same for all women?
And also, is there anything wrong with going ‘commando’ or just wearing the normal panties?  Why can’t guys just leave us to wear what we feel comfortable in?  I know I do not tell him what boxers to wear and what not to wear…
Foriwaa/ Chicago/USA…

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