OBS: Whitney Houston, One Direction And Gangnam Style Top Google 2012 Searches

Each day all around the world, we type in words, phrases and sentences into Google to find out things we’ve heard or want to check on…

Google has released its search reports for 2012 and not surprisingly, Singer Whitney Houston, British boyband One Direction and K-pop super hit Gangnam Style topped global searches on Google for 2012.

I am not sure how the song Gangnam Style became so popular all around the world. Even though most of us do not understand what is being said, K-pop seems to have caught our attention with his club banger-Gangnam Style.

If you are living in a cave and have not heard of the global hit-Gangnam Style, check it out below…

Why do you think the song has become so popular? It has gathered nearly 1 billion views on youtube in just 5 months (the most viewed video on youtube so far).

What does this tell our Ghanaian artistes? Be original and be yourself, no need for fake accents…LOL.

It is estimated that,  K-pop has cashed in over 870,000 dollars on  Gangnam Style just from youtube views. The next major source is iTunes, where Gangnam Style has been purchased by three million people which generated roughly $2.6 million 

Also, Psy (K-Pop) is making money through endorsements. It is estimated that in the last six months Psy has made $5 million signing deals to endorse a range of products for brands like Samsung and LG.

So far, Gangnam Style has made $8.8 million for the South Korean musician-Psy (K-pop).




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