Love & Relationship: I Have A Baby With A Girl I Don’t Love, Her Family Wants Me To Marry Her But I Want Her To Leave Me Alone So I Will Freely Live My Life…

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Dear GC Readers,

Firstly, I am sending my regards to you all. The problem I have now is that have a beautiful baby girl with one girl I impregnated whom I don’t love. I know some people may be asking why having sex with someone you don’t love. I do not know the answer to that.

Please I need your help because I might be pushed to get married when am not prepared. I don’t want to jump into marriage as if it’s a job contract I am signing expecting that one day it will expire. If I can’t love her now, what are the possibilities that I’ll love her?

Right now her parents are planning to bring her over to my house. I don’t think I’ll be at peace with her in marriage. How I wish she can understand and let me leave my life and be free. But she’s not the type, she’s fond of me un-necessarily. What can I do please?



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    1. @Teejay,hahahahaha, that cracked me up,
      but coming back to the issue, what da hell???? have condoms been created for monkeys, so silly, i feel for your baby maannnnn, irresponsible parents.  What kind of advice do you really want, the best advice would be to take care of your baby, don’t let yours and your other half (lool) silly selves to pollute her upbringing.


  1. seriously…….. i find it hard to understand SOME MEN. I know this is not the time to criticise as the harm has already been caused, but i will still ask: If you claim you dnt love someone, how on earth did u get involved with her, let alone put her in the family way?

    All i will advice him to do is to sit the girl in question down and talk to her in a matured way. After all, what is marriage if there is no happiness? Idnt also think the said mother would marry someone who wouldnt make her happy. He shdnt forget the welfare of the child involved. It happens almost all the time that children involved in such situations rather suffer the consequencies. Next time, WATCH BEFORE YOU LEAP

  2. U see how some guys end up sleeping with gurls dey do not love?? U r runnin away from marriage cos u didn love her b4… ?? what is de main reason why u do not love her?? Is she shaka Zulu or she is not attracted to u…?? U dont love her bcos u havent made ur mind to do so… the moment u sit down to think about this gurl as a grown man n de future, am sure u start developin love for her… and am sure u liked her thats why u slept with her… what makes u slept with her?? start communicatin with her without quarrellin… give her a try n am sure things gonna work out… Or r u afraid u wont be able to sleep around or play ur games wen she step into urlife… dear dwag such life n face reality…. cos no parents will watch their daughter to be ignore by a guy whom impregnated her\.. and am not even sure de gurl will accept that… U must learn how to love her… love grows strongly if u give it a chance….. give that a try ok without causin her much pain…. cos it not easy to becme a single mother huh…. BE A MAN…am done

  3. you have a baby with a girl you dont love,but you loved her apple enough to eat it without any protection?stupid talk,absolute rubbish.

  4. how come i never get to meet these kind of guys,i swear i would have cut off your stupid sausage,put in the toilet and flush it off nonsence

    1. @jessi, maame plz its rude to cut sumone’s sausage.sincerely the fault might come from the gal,maybe she did self arrangement “ahohyehy3”.and resulted in the pregnancy. gals are expect dnt 4get

  5. as expected the women are been overly sentimental, ganging up on the guy insulting, and throwing reason out the window. no wonder we have the type of problems we have in our communities…we are always reacting instead of thinking..

    you cant correct a mistake or problem with another people.. The guy obviously does not love the girl in question yet went ahead and had a baby with her out of wedlock. a deed frowned upon by society and seen as a problem…
    The deed has already been done instead of advising and coming up with ways to make sure the child is brought up in a obviously deserving loving environment that the child needs instead of an environment filled with resentment, hate, misery, spitefulness etc etc, you all are pushing.insulting and forcing the guy to guy marry the girl in question..

    marrying that girl would even be a bigger mistake and problem than the first one.( though I don’t see the first one as a mistake because making babies should not be a is the natural order of things).you cant force people to do things out of their wishes and desires. love should beget love and not hate or fear..something society always fails to learn. the repercussions and consequences of such an act always plays out.

    no one is going to be happy in that relationship. there will be hatred, resentment, and misery. the guy might turn into a psychopath and malevolent towards the girl.he would also probably turn into a serial cheater and wife beater which is usually what happens. the woman would be unhappy, miserable and resentful as well in the long run for marrying a man who doesn’t love her or care if she exists. most times the child bears all the burnt of this relationship as the child would be looked upon as some sort of curse to both parties life… the father will hate the child instead of loving it and the mother will eventual resent her child.

    my point is no one really wins in this situation. not the father, mother or child. well you could say society won because it was able to force a marriage albeit a miserable one. but honestly did society really win? marriage should not be a punishment or a form of contract.

    we should always strife to solve a problem no matter how painful by looking at its essence and its core and not from its form. form is an illusion.

  6. You both mature guys so kindly sit her down and explain with vital reasons to her as to why just can’t marry her but be sure to do it in a spirit of gentleness less you provoke her and all plans fade cos gals can be crazy at times when provoked. Asking why you had sex with her in the first place won’t solve this problem cos it’s everywhere in our societies and it’s just unfortunate your hit and run opportunity couldn’t worked out. My greatest concern is the child.

  7. This is reason why i always advice Ladies that they need to STOP creating soul ties by sexing guys Sex isn’t better than love its about time you Let the men know in upfront that you are not having sex before marriage. If that’s all he wants, he will be gone. No need to waste time your life and time on him 

  8. silly boy so u r one of the stupid men who go abt using girls 4 sex….don’t luv her don’t touch her. sit the lady down n explain things to her and the most important thing is take very good care of your child. Don’t ever sleep with any girl you are not sure abt. b’cus a women’s cry n tongue is very sharp. go and apologise.

  9. hmmmm… my advise to u is to pray to God n ask for forgiveness, i wonder the big talk u used on this gal b4 u got her on bed and now ur running frm ur responsibility…. i know for sure u dated her for longer b4 she got pregnant… start looking at the quality this gal have n think of ur daughter after that give her a chance n delete that mind of not loving her out of ur mind n married her sure God will give u new hrt to love her..

  10. This is the most stupid guy I have seen in my life twety something years of existance. WTF re u saying tat u will nt marry her if I was tat gal u will marry by force so tat when u die n return u will fu*k people that u love total rubbish.Now u want freedom my ass u won’t get so who’s gonna to marry ur baby mommy?? useless boy!!