Yvonne Nelson Goes BALD…

Yvonne Nelson Going Bald
Yvonne Nelson Going Bald

This is one of the reasons why you should never leave your girlfriend for any celebrity you see merely on TV…LOL

Apart from the fact that they constantly enhance their looks with thick make-up and other stuff,  most of them have hidden insecurities…You do not want to come face to face with some of these people when they just wake up from bed.

If you are a woman and you think you are the only going bald as a result of the chemicals and weaves that you glue on, you are wrong…Several of these celebrities are hiding their true self and they are swimming in the same water with you.

A close shot of Yvonne Nelson’s hair shows that, the actress is not far from becoming Naomi Campbell…GOING BALD.

Girlfriend better cut down on those fake hair or else…

Yvonne Nelson Going Bald
Yvonne Nelson Going Bald
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell


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17 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson Goes BALD…”

  1. Both ladies(Yvonne & Naomi) are gorgeous and will still be gorgeous even if they go totally BALD. There will always be a wig to cover that baldness. 😛

  2. Too much hair glue…….I dunno y most of de ladies dun lyk wearing de lace front wifout glue. If we can’t wear de hair wifout de glues den we shld just learn how to remove extensions wif glue from our hair to avoid dis kinna damange.

  3. Chris will condemn weaves and still come and promote weave sellers for monwy.
    when he hates somebody, trouble for the one. everything he will do to pull u down. it is a shame. But i see that yvonne’s hair looks like she just touched up . all the ladies should know immediate touch up makes your hair thin. It looks better when she washes again. but even that, so what? not all women have beautiful long hair just as not all men are smart…the smart ones won’t write this kind of nonsense article. so leave people who are just trying to enhance their hair alone.
    abi them send you from evil forest to dey worry yvonne? nonsense
    thank you. i don say my own

    • @miss ghana, thank you!! You have hit the nail right on the head. I dont even know what Chris has against Yvonne Nelson. I also think she just had a touch up ooo!! It happens to every lady who uses cream relaxer!! Its NKROASESEM.

      Chris I am sure you just admire the girl cuz whether you like it or not she is pretty and taller than you adup3 kwraa. As for that one no amount of yo hating her will change that!!!! hahahahahah

  4. lol Ghanacelebrities ya followup stories be funny as hell she not even bald and I don’t think she’s going bald either she has more hair on the sides of her hair than I do…..alot of girls struggle with hair right at that spot


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