VIDEO: Random Ridiculousness-Ghanaian Football Fan Expresses His Opinion…’Breaking’ The English Like Hell

1 min

Ghanaian Man

‘English no be by force’ but to this self appointed Ghanaian coach, he must speak English on TV to impress his girlfriend.

Though you can spot that ‘Mr Gentleman’ is very good with Twi, he kept ‘breaking’ the English into pieces. And then at some stage, he stopped and said ‘brofo no mfa’…LOL

What the heck!


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  1. Seriously, I think he is better than many I have watched. He really tried a lot. The problem of course is as BB said ne L ne R ye seriously ne plobrem LOL. I couldn’t help laughing!!! LOL

  2. I think the interviewer just wasting time cos he/she is enjoying the “under 20 prayers” lmaooooooooooooo omg!!!!! Prayers paaaaa!!!! cant stop laughing