FOR THOSE WHO CARE: Iyanya Denies Ever Dating Or ‘Chopping Down’ Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, Iyanya & Tonto

In the middle of all the heat flying between Yvonne Nelson  and Tonto Dikeh, the man in the centre of the storm, has boldly come out to deny both women.

This raises questions as to why Yvonne Nelson was lamenting on twitter on facebook to start all this drama. If indeed Iyanya is being true to his words because he has emphatically denied both women saying he is too young for that as his time and affection goes first and foremost to his career.

In an interview with  Hip Hop World Magazine, Iyanya stressed that he is a single guy…

“ Yeah I saw the tweets. First of all I need people to understand that blogs will write they have to write so they can get hits. There’s a price to pay for fame. People have access to you, they can say anything about you. But I just want people to know, before they say a word, do not forget that I have not said anything. I have not told you that I’m dating A or dating B. On this interview, I repeat that I am a single guy married to my music and my hustle. I’m too young for all that, I’m just young and getting it right now.

I remember very well that I made it clear that I’m friends with these mentioned people. I am not dating anybody, and I am not dating anybody as we speak. If you check my tweets, my TL, you’ll see that I refused to say anything about it o reply. I appreciate all the love that I get….”

So we go back to the question of why Yvonne was lamenting about her heartbreak if Iyanya insists he DIDN’T DATE anybody.

If you know how things work in this industry, I am sure you know the card the guy is trying to play on our minds now…SILLY!


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12 thoughts on “FOR THOSE WHO CARE: Iyanya Denies Ever Dating Or ‘Chopping Down’ Yvonne Nelson”

  1. is this news??? first of,who even thought they dated in the first place??? i think yvonne prob took a lil fling or flirt tooooo far…….and its exactly why i never believed they dated. As for tonto,we all know she luvs attention and got what she wanted,stirring up drama and making the whole story loud and everywhere…..girls leave this guy aloooone oooooooo TOM!!!!

  2. chaaiiiiii,so today i get to comment first on a couple of stories….where’s everybody???hehehehehe Dr where are u?? looooooooooool

  3. dis writer is nt very intelligent…did Yvonne ever mention she was dating Iyanya? caught in ur own rumour abi? u pple concluded dat she was dating Iyanya bcos dey were hangin out..well newsflash rumour mongers…d guy has never dated Yvonne so who ever Yvonne was tweeting abt is up to u idle pple it find out!

    • @Pershia, shut up,she was thinking she was dating him,dont be more stupid than i expect you to be,she tweeted that she thought he was the one,she was lamenting and feeling heart broken,playing mind games like a kid,so shut up because you are more stupid than the writer

  4. ofcause i didnt expect him to say he has dated her because miss nelson herself never admitted anywhere that they are dating,what she did say was that oh i like him very much,am inlove with his music,am a big fan and we are friends,that what she has always said expecially to the media in nigeria,but ofcause some of us know that they were chopping eachother.but she was the first to come out and say oh we are just friends so i didnt expect the guy to say otherwise.The next tthing that came out of her was oh i will marry him if he propose to me,that was what confirmed the rumors that they were indeed chopping eachother,i have said this here several times that this girl can lie,she is one of the biggest liars in the movie industry. some years back,she was involved with jon gemain and one other guy i cant remember the name,the media got to know of it and interviewed her,she denied it and said oh we are just friends,even when jon and the other guy came out publicly to admit that yes they have been with her intimately,she still denied it,the same with her skin colour issue,baby girl just dont know when to admit to something and thats her problem,if she does not change then men will only use her and dump her with all that beauty,it is also not true that this guy dumped her for tonto,thats a big fat lie,its possible that he has also been with tonto but he surely didnt dump her for tonto,in any case how could he dumped her if they were not dating in the first place.its also rumored that he is involve with a nigerian musician based in the US which i have seen a photo of both of them together on another site,the guy is just having his fun and if you are soo cheap to fall in his trap and open your legs for him,then thats just your beaf,when people like miss nelson and co know their worth,they will not just get involve with dudes like this guy,mbaa pe kwasiafo ampa.She should blame herself and for God sake stop the lies.

    • @jessi, I second you s even when Miss Yvonne took weight loss pills she denies even though we av all seen she lost dramatic weight. She Dnt kno her worth she is jus an attn whore ready to be fucked to get a pair of Louboutins. That is why I Dnt even pay mind to this so called celebrities they are just full of lies n not good role models.

    • @jessi, she aint gat no worth you reta rd,who the hell is yvonne,there are so many famous actress,they are not involved in such trash,even the tonto is far famous and known round the world,i have seen her being invited to countries in europe,we ghanians just over hype ourselves and raise our self over people who are far better than us,you make tonto feel like a nobody,cos it makes us look like inferior people,over hyping a lesser actress because she is from our country,even the iyanya is far famous than yvonne nelson,i keep upto date with nigeria news,thisman is known internationally,our yonne is not known,we just over hype because we are the mediocres who must behave like inferiors.face the fact,i dont care if yvonne is from ghana,i say the truth,we should stop fooling ourselves saying yvonne is more famous,it just shows our inferiority,even flaunts things she get from those old useless nigerian men and flaunt,she is simply showing her low class,tonto has this things,she has endorsements and friend in holland,you know what that means,she doesnt flaunt doesnt mean she is mate with yvonne,so stop being lowlives comparing yvonne with tonto who bought a car worth 110000 ghana cedi for a friend,she never came outto announce,if you know nothing abt this peeps,just shut upor keep talking trash and looking like fools

      • @mensah, a Nigerian by mensah. Do you know the meaning of mensah?
        I dont blame you. Gooo and get cure of your high fever .

  5. Whatevaaa good for them… But I might say this guy is a bloody lair… Or is he done with Tonto too?? Or is it becos he is comin to ghana this xmas thus why he is makin such statement??? Hmm stupid boi.


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