THE BIG QUESTION: How Can A Woman Not Know The Man Who Got Her Pregnant

Man holding babyThis whole week, I have been at home and have spent a lot of time watching most of the shallow programs on my cable TV.

Out of the many shallow programs which bring no entertainment or add value the lives of viewers, I find Maury’s Show very interesting.

First of all, I have been wondering why people will come on TV and loudly narrate their entire relationship problems and stories for the world to hear and judge them. Sometimes, it even goes beyond mere telling, it catches fights, insults and unnecessary accusations. I am sure these people are given some sort of incentive such as money to come on the show.

From the few hours I spent watching the Maury’s Show, one question kept baffling my mind…How can a woman not know the man who got her pregnant?

There was this episode of a woman who brought her boyfriend on the show, crying her eyes out that the guy was not taking up any fatherly responsible and has not been there for her since the birth of their baby.

This particular girl I am talking about was about 16 years old.

In fact, I felt sorry for her and couldn’t stop thinking about what might have pushed her into getting pregnant in the first place.

What shocked me most and got me pissed was that, a DNA test which was conducted to establish if the boyfriend being accused of not taking up any parental responsibility was indeed the father came out negative…It turned out that, the dude was not even the father of the baby.

I couldn’t just believe it…

How can a woman not know the man who got her pregnant? I asked myself…After all, she opened her legs for the man right? So what am I missing here?

Where are my sisters? How does this happen? A woman gets pregnant and she does not even know who got her pregnant…GOSH

For those who have never seen the Maury Show, see the below video



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3 thoughts on “THE BIG QUESTION: How Can A Woman Not Know The Man Who Got Her Pregnant”

  1. First of all, i know most women are very well and able to tell the father of the baby, unless they are sleeping with too many men @ once or being gang raped, even with that in some cases the women are able to tell.

    Secondly, most women would prefare the man they are in love with,the one with the best character (the one who is loving careing, generous, responsible, or the one with the brightest ) future to father the child,
    and lastly some are just pure stupidity not to know, or just naive

  2. it can happen…i had a lady friend at my former workplace, she slept with her boyfriend on a saturday morning and went out to the movies with a male friend in the evening, one thing led to the other and they ended up at his residence…they had s e x (both s e x e s were done unprotected). She got pregnant and didnt know whether it was her boyfriend or her male friend…she kept it from both of them until she gave birth and did a DNA, it was the male friend…she is engaged to him now…But those times she explains as the worst of her life…not knowing who got her pregnant…hmmmmm

  3. It happens all the time due to fact that some women have multiple of boyfriends and if she sleeps with all of them the same day then it will be difficult to tell who the baby father is. So ladies, try to keep one boyfriend at a time and you will not find yourself in this situation


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